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Beware Billionaires Bearing Gifts

Beware Billionaires Bearing Gifts

Leo Gerard

There’s a new Koch organization in town. Instead of trying to buy politicians to do the bidding of billionaires, as Charles and David Koch have historically done, this foundation will support community groups trying to cure the miseries of eons—everything from poverty to addiction.

Agree with this story completely. Lets not forget, when they give money as gifts, they get to chose where it goes and how it is applied, as the story shows. When the money is collected as taxes, society gets to chose where it goes and how it is applied. I see this as a control issue for the 1%, they want it done their way.


Mr. Gerrard is on to something and…Canadian Journalist and Author Linda McQuaig wrote about ten years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9RjfUPN7rw
Mr. Blair M. Phillips
Retired Autoworker

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You have it exactly right. They should pay their fair share of taxes and then the vast majority of people should decide how tax money is used.


Thank you for the link.

So Leo do you still like billionaires who protect workers by blocking wealth transfer to the 1%?

So what did Ryan do with that campaign 1/2 million dollars. Hadn’t he already announce he was not running for office. I thought there were rules/laws about how you use that money?

Great article