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Beware Donald Trump's Electoral Cleansing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/03/beware-donald-trumps-electoral-cleansing


Frum’s theory rests on a single basis: that the economy alone determines the outcome of the presidential election. I trust Alan Lichtman’s 13-key theory instead, leaving the economy one of 13 factors.

That does not mean, of course, that Trumpists would not attempt to sell the “stab-in-the-back” story. Furthermore, more than a few national Republican officeholders will be happy to get distance between themselves and the Trumps. He’s a scoundrel and they know it.

How COVID plays in the November election is another story. Dems would be wiser to accept a later start date to the pandemic since Trump made enough mistakes even within a week of when he claims to have accepted its presence. If Dems want to push back to January warnings, they will align themselves with the eggheads once more–which Trump’s base loves to revile.

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Trump recently tasked his drug cartel cronies to have a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of 2020.

Those cronies will have the vaccine ready to distribute by October 15 and Trump will deploy military to set up a tent in every county in the US to provide a complimentary vaccinate to anybody who wants one.

Two days after the election the headlines will read: VACCINE INEFFECTIVE. By then Trump will have another term.


I agree with Frum’s assessment that the federal government has stopped fighting Covid 19 because they feel those dying are the poor undesirables . The task force is gone. Their brave new world is one without seniors, immigrants and black and brown peoples.


@RoyceGW: If the above is what you believe, you are deluded. SCIENCE has established COVID-19 deaths in the US as far back as Jan. 2020, and Trump’s admin. has admitted to having intel on it back then. So why should the Dems NOT align themselves with SCIENCE and EPIDEMIOLOGICAL EVIDENCE?

If you don’t believe what you’re saying (because I can’t believe you’re so misinformed/misguided) then we have a different problem here–a troll problem. Is the “GW” in your name an homage to Bush The Lesser?

This is an excellent piece of analysis, and it is no accident that Mike Lofgren wrote it. Also it is not just coincidental that David Frum, one of the more intelligent and insightful figures among the NeoCons and right-wingers, made the statements on TV that he did. As far as electoral politics are concerned; the more competent among the Republicans are well aware that they have not polled a majority for any of their Presidential candidates since 1992, and in fact the trends have gotten increasingly worse for them. And that is in the heavily suppressed and trimmed electorate, among whom Republican operatives and officials work tirelessly and assiduously to remove as many possible voters who oppose them as possible.

In a general electoral milieu, in which there is no chance of winning by “fair” means, the obvious choice is to use the most draconian anti-democratic means possible, and to cloak these repressive and dishonest methods in a veneer of democracy. Of the 7 elections since 1992; 1 was determined by a uniquely bizarre Supreme Court decision in 2000; 2 were won by minority tallies that won only via the Electoral College (2 of the 4 times this occurred in the modern history of U.S. elections) in 2000 and 2016; 1 was won one by a Democrat, Bill Clinton, when a right-wing candidate, H. Ross Perot, split the conservative vote in 1992; 1 featured a supposed breakdown of computer tallying equipment in Ohio and had the count moved to a server system in Chattanooga Tennessee controlled by Karl Rove and surprise surprise Bush won the Ohio vote, despite being behind by 6 points in exit polls, and Rove’s IT guru Robert Connell (an antiabortion rights extremist) was subpoenaed to testify about these events, but he died in yet another “mysterious” plane crash a couple of days before his testimony. All of these elections featured massive operations, to suppress the vote of Democratic party supporters, by various Republican operatives, including the Secretaries of State of the 30 states where Republican operatives control the voting process, operations that have grown in size and intensity as the reliable Republican voting base has shrunk as a proportion of the electorate.

The only way Trump can win is by vigorously applying voter suppression, stopping mail-in voting, and utilizing massive election fraud in the “computerized” vote tallying; so don’t be surprised by any draconian measures. Sacrificing various groups to Covid-19 and/or the consequences of the economic breakdown (that was actually well underway before the Covid-19 closures began) is just one more factor in the political calculations of Trump and his minions. He is also eager to destroy, dismember, and privatize the Post Office; both to provide more riches for his pals and to make it impossible to conduct mail-in voting. The real job of the Trump regime is to enable the most vicious sectors of finance capital to continue looting the U.S. They will do anything they can to further this goal. This includes the imposition of Martial law and conducting an election that will more closely resemble a charade in the Philippines, El Salvador, South Vietnam, or Uganda than it does even the deeply flawed elections in the U.S. in recent years.


Maybe I wasn’t clear.

I do NOT doubt scientific knowledge on COVID and the date of its impact in any way. My suggestion was that the Dems play dumb about the start date for a tactical advantage against Trump. If my suggestion is dumb, I’ll own that. The suggestion welcomes criticism.


Everything Trump does benefits Putin.


You lost me at “David Frum”. Really CD, an article quoting David Frum in a positive light? You are rapidly turning into Crooks&Liars, VOX, or HuffPost.

How would a Putin plant act differently than Trump?
I have noticed that people in Washington, Republicans and Dems alike, act like Trump is, “As dumb as a box of rocks.”
Actions Speak Louder Than Words. He spoke to Putin, just before screaming at the Governor’s and ordering them to Dominate the Protesters.
Putin Play book. He will continue to destroy America, while Congress lets him.

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tRump’s too fvcking stoopid for such a diabolical strategy. There has never been doubt that tRump will not go quietly into that good night. He’ll need to be taken down. The question is whether there are any patriots left in this country to sacrifice themselves to save the republic. I don’t think that patriot exists.

Unfortunately, you’re making a false assumption–that all that matters to the populace is a “vaccine” for this virus. You’re doing what Trump is doing—pigeonholing people. Americans can have more than one thought or need simultaneously.

In fact, as I am an ER Nurse who recently left NY (Albany)–I can tell you that facts on the ground are far different than you clearly believe.

The media and government (is there any difference at this point?) have pushed a narrative that C-19 is so terribly lethal. I can speak from front line, on the spot, as it happened, in the “epicenter” experience.

  1. We saw a version of the flu, that was slightly more painful than the average flu epidemic that we see every single year. Every. Single. Year. 40 MILLION EVERY SINGLE YEAR die of the seasonal flu. Old, young, male, female, with co morbidities, without co morbidities.

But you have no problem with that number. You’ve got a problem with “5 million ‘cases’” and 100K deaths in over 8 months.

  1. I say 8 months because the flu season started last September, and we were seeing this weird, more painful but SHORTER DURATION “flu” that tested negative with the red tops that we use for this assay. The illness we saw started fast, hit hard, and dissipated quickly. The seasonal flu can kick your butt for 3 weeks. So no. I don’t believe that C19 is or ever was anything even close to the same lethality as the SEASONAL FLU.

  2. How were we testing in the ER and ICU for a virus that “didn’t exist” prior to this outbreak? Hmmm? Have you asked yourself this question?

I can tell you. We didn’t. We were told to “assume that anyone with these symptoms—fever, headache, joint pain, nausea, lack of taste” were C19 positive.

Then—we were administering CAT SCANS every single day of these people’s lungs to see if there were “ground glass” appearance. THAT was the “TEST” for C19 from January to April.

The tests that you see now? THOSE ARE THE SAME RED TOPS THAT WE USE FOR FLU A AND B. There is no distinction. NONE. If you test positive with this red top, you are testing positive for the FLU. No “additional test” has been developed. PERIOD.

Do you know how many humans die each year? I mean, the ones that are reported? 57 MILLION. Every year. The FLU is the one single thing that I, as an ER Nurse—fear. I don’t even wear a mask on my offtime. I barely wear it in the ER.

Want to know why? Because our census went from 36 bedded and 80 in the waiting room every day every hour----to 11 patients ALL DAY LONG.

So much for “bodies piling up in the streets” and refridgerated trucks in the parking lot—and those tents? We sat outside and played cards. Nobody was there. NOBODY.

Those tests that you all lined up for to swab your cheek? Those are DNA tests. NOT virus load. To do a saliva viral load test takes WEEKS and a more specialized test than driving up and getting a swab of your cheek cells.

Want to know what we did with those swabs? Those are turned into insurance companies and other interested parties—to determine all of the things that you lie about in your triage assessments. Do you do drugs? Do you smoke? Do you have diabetes? Are you a high risk for insurers?

I think you need to get your head straight on this situation----because those of us who knew—were afraid for our JOBS----we could see the writing on the wall with this—nurses and doctors falling like dominoes with the furloughs and layoffs. So much for being “overwhelmed”, eh?

How about that Navy ship that Trump welcomed with such fanfare to NY Harbor? Quietly sailing away, in the dead of night…with fewer than 5 patients ever beeing seen. And those turned out to be “not sick” either.

Cases of infection DO NOT equal SICKNESS. Anybody over the age of 12 most likely has the herpes virus lying dormant. Ever have a cold sore? You’ve got herpes. DOES THIS EQUATE TO BEING CONSTANTLY SICK? No.

Please people. Learn some pathophysiology and do some real digging on the realities of this “pandemic”.

We saw “C19” as far back as October 2019. I was an ER RN in Albany, NY–and we saw this weird constellation of symptoms that presented precisely as the seasonal flu—but tested negative with the red top flu swabs we use.

I became ill along with a majority of my colleagues in the ER—with the same flu bug–the losing taste symptom is something not common with seasonal flu, but that was the only distinction. I was fine on Friday morning, by Friday evening I felt like I got hit by a truck. This lasted for 4 days. It was much more painful (joint pain) than any flu I had ever had. By the 5th day—I was perfectly fine.

I am 55, with lung disease from asthma, a non smoker and ER Nurse exposed for 18 years to everything under the sun. I saw NO deaths or even severe illnesses from this “C19”.

I am not a Democrat nor a Republican. I am a critical thinker that takes information and parses it for EVIDENCE (like you said). It’s what nurses are trained to do. Evidence Based Practice. Show me PROOF and I will listen.

This scare mongering about C19 being so lethal? Did even one of you ask a medical professional what they were actually seeing? Besides LAYOFFS OF NURSES AND DOCTORS of course.

The tents were bogus. We used them to sit around and play cards.
The “Navy ship” was useless, never used and left the harbor in the dead of night.
The “refridgerated trucks” never were used (if they even existed in the context of sitting outside ERs…because they never sat in our parking lot at a Level 1 trauma center in Albany).

This was hyped up to accomplish several goals.

  1. People need to fear each other and not the government. The people need to beg the government to protect them. From all of the baddies that we used to call “neighbors”. How about all those Karens taking cellphone pics of me walking my dog in OPEN AIR with no one around…and no mask…sending that to the police? It serves no one but the government that people fear even having intimate relations with their partners.

  2. Shedding of jobs. Before this “pandemic” (see my argument on the 40 MILLION PEOPLE WHO DIE EVERY YEAR OF SEASONAL FLU)—the minimum wage was being successfully argued to be raised to $15/hr. Barely a living wage—but you cannot EVER cut into the stockholders’ profits. Ever.

We shed 40 million jobs. Some low paying, yes…but some very high paying, like mine. What is happening now is that there is fierce competition between applicants for “reopening” jobs with “decreased capacity” due to …you guessed it…a fake “preventative” measure for the seasonal flu.

It’s now a race for “how low can you go to secure this job?” You won’t take a 25% decrease in your hourly pay that you’ve worked for 25 years to attain? well----here’s a new grad nurse willing to take 50% lower! There! Nurses I know are taking jobs for almost half of what they made prior to this “pandemic”-----and the hospitals are sitting on MOUNTAINS of cash plus the money that they stole from the taxpayers to “reimburse” them for their “losses”.

Just a caveat—we were paid 3x more for admitting a “C19” patient-----whether they were POSITIVE OR NOT so we slapped a "R/O COVID admission on them so we could reap the 3x reimbursement from insurers.****

  1. African American, elderly, those with co morbidities, people in prisons–I mean nursing homes—where there are no open windows allowed, no going outside allowed, no visitors allowed----these people are immunocompromised and ANY virus can and does kill them with ease.

African Americans are, by and large, stuck in a cycle of poverty—without access to healthy food choices, adequate medical care or community outreach for health. They have a higher propensity to consume fast foods (cheap) or “historical and cultural” foods—if anybody actually understands why African Americans prefer certain foods—please read a history book. These foods were the “cast offs” of the white slave owners—the items that they would not eat and would throw away. Like a farmer would with his animals. It’s descpicable that anybody would make fun or taunt an African American for consuming these foods—when this was all that was allowed them.

Nursing homes are literally bubbles. When you place an already weakened immune system into a bubble—you get an even WEAKER immune system. People need to get outside, eat some dirt, touch many things—in order to force their immune system to create strong defences.

I excuse those that have transplants, immune diseases like HIV and leukemia and are under forced immunosuppression. I also excuse those that have—for whatever reason----compromised immune systems.

This includes people who have underlying issues. Because----your immune system is already overtaxed fighting your underlying disease. Wanna know why people with COPD die of C19 and the flu? Because their immune system is already constantly fighting…every day…the bacteria and viruses (there are over a million viruses in this world that we know of)…that are trying to kill this person.

THINK people. Take a class on pathophysiology.