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Beware! Monsanto Turns Its Attention to the Produce Aisle


Beware! Monsanto Turns Its Attention to the Produce Aisle

Genna Reed

Taxpayer-funded research should benefit the public, right? Sadly, that often isn’t the case when it comes to seeds. With a majority of the world’s seeds now owned by very few companies, it’s even more disturbing that publicly funded research on non-genetically engineered hybrids is resulting not in new varieties that are available to everyone, but in patented seeds controlled by big seed companies.


Monsanto has apparently begun to wake up to the fact that billions of people around the world are finally getting informed about their toxic history and deadly consequences of this coupled with 'constant growth'. Starve the beast - vote with your purchases - explore seed exchanges and discover the rainbow of diversity. Heres one for starters: Seed savers Exchange


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Thanks for the tip. If we in the 99% are minimally alert, it will be much more difficult for the 1% to prevail. So thanks for alerting me to the existence of this organization.


Monsanto has one main goal and that is to control the world's food supply.
And it is doing that by genetically mutating organisms and then patenting them and trying
to buy up all the seed. And they are also making it difficult for people to save seeds.
They are one insidious piece of garbage.


I think it was monopolist J.D. Rockefeller who said:

"Control Oil and you control the world's economy.
Control Food and you control the whole world."

(if my memory serves.)
Mon-SaTan is attempting to control all of us. They have phucks out here in the Pacific since the 90's scurrying all over the rain forests, getting plant patents from Uncle Sam on organisms they had nothing to do with. They also have a seed mafia going on.

Most of their GMOs are dangerous. For example, their BT corn caused cancer in lab rats at high doses. It was banned in human food because of this, but got in the human food supply anyway. Source: Jeremy Rifkin, The Biotech Century. Also in the Philippine Inquirer this week, many GMO frankenfruits that are exceedingly sweet are now suspected as the cause of the explosion of diabetes. Gene splicers say they are in competition with candy makers for food market share, so make abominations like Cotton-Candy Grapes. Whatever you do, don't put this shit in your mouth!

This company is EVIL.