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Beware: Nearly Half of Voters Think Media Fabricate Anti-Trump Stories


Beware: Nearly Half of Voters Think Media Fabricate Anti-Trump Stories

Julia Conley, staff writer

Trump's anti-media crusade is working, with 85 percent of his supporters saying they distrust the press


The media has been so full of it for so long that it is reasonable to be skeptical of everything the corporate media says. Russiagate is fake anyway. Just another example.

What is for real anymore? Going down the rabbit hole.


Trump knows if you tell a lie often enough people begin to believe it.


I remind myself while driving that 50% of all drivers are below average. That rule seems to apply here as well. So if you look at it that way, 46% isn’t half bad . :sunglasses:


This just shows to what extent conspiracy theories have taken hold. Rather than being able to distinguish between journalists getting something wrong and fabricating many people are looking at in simple black and white terms and believe everything is fabricated. Those who trust the established news media appear to accept nuance and complexity in news reporting whereas those to don’t trust the established news media appear to reject nuance and complexity. So, are there major corporations fabricating news or not? Or are these major corporations trying to report the news accurately but for one reason or another sometimes get it wrong? And does level of education affect perception of the whether news is being fabricated or not? One characteristic of Trump voters is a lower level of educational achievement than Clinton voters. Is lack of higher education the main explanation behind this polling result?


Show me the percentage of the adult US population who neither read the news nor watch it on television. I’m guessing it is 50% or higher. Need I mention those who depend on Fox News?


Let’s face it corporate deep state “news” organizations are pure propaganda. They hate Trump for doing an end run around them and communicating directly to the people via twitter. The other day another legacy deep state outlet, Amy Goodman, was going on about how John McCain(!?) is ragging on Trump, and his anti-globalist populism. This is the same Amy Goodman who has covered the slime that walks… John McCain for years. It all is so disgusting. Of course people are not believing this crappy media. YouTube and the internet are breaking up the narrative monopoly and I say not soon enough!


The MSM lost credibility with me a long time ago. It doesn’t matter if they are fabricating, parroting their corporate masters, or ‘merely’ leaving out stories that might upset us, like how many civilians we killed today overseas. Or how many cops are out their killing people. Significant climate story? You won’t hear anything about it.

The MSM is not trusted by all kinds of people, for a long list of reasons. That the Trump faction is one of them shouldn’t surprise anybody.


US media are first and foremost the proponents of their owners’ class interests. To the extent that some media accounts offer a different take on a story than others, that may indicate a clash of interests between owners; but rest assured that class solidarity will prevail in the long term.

“When elephants (Apple v. Microsoft, Wells Fargo v. Citibank) fight, the grass (retail consumers) gets trampled.”
–African proverb

I haven’t trusted media since Nov. 22, 1963.


Your last line hits hard. To this day I can take you to the place I was standing on that day.


We are now going to see a torrent of leftists agreeing with Trump’s “fake news” accusations against the media so it is time for a couple clarifications:

  1. The only common ground the right wing/Trumpian critique of the commercial media has with the traditional leftist (Chomsky, Herman FAIR, etc.) critique of the commercial media is that they both criticize the commercial media. Otherwise, their analysis is completely different. One accuses the media of fabricated accounts, the other acknowledges that the commercial news media keeps to facts, but only the facts convenient to their sponsor’s interests.

  2. The right-wing Russian government is not a friend of any international-leftist. Their collusion with the US hard right to engage in psychological manipulation of gullible voters in the 2016 US election is a fact - although of course, there are plenty of other facts that aren’t discussed.

  3. Life is complicated and required that we keep at least 2-3 ideas in our minds at the same time. Just because a public figure attacks an opponent of ours does not make that figure a friend or ally.


The US left is becoming indistinguishable from the right. They have completely gone down the rabbit hole of conspiratorial fantasy.


Sitting in 3rd Grade at a parochial school. My folks had a portrait of JFK on a wall in our living room.


If, the documented “Serial Liar” has anything whatsoever to do with these poll results, you can be assured it’s fake news.


Well, if the “Russian election hacking/meddling” stories are on the subject of Trump, which they basically are, then that’s a huge amount of fake news regards Trump in the NYTimes on MSNBC.

And yes, such fake news in “real” newspapers can make people question very real horrifying news about Trump, or his cabinet, or policies he’s implementing.


" I haven’t trusted media since Nov. 22, 1963."

And that the corporate, media cannot be trusted to tell the truth, is not a conspiracy theory ( by the way, that term was invented by the CIA) but an unequivocal fact, no matter what one believes about the JFK assassination.


No one ever forgets, do they?


Trump has learned well from his fellow white nationalist… To quote Adolf Hitler: " make the lie big, make it simple, and keep saying it and eventually they will believe it."


“No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public." H.L Mencken


They are all commies. President Trump please save us!