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Beware of Another Reichstag Fire


Beware of Another Reichstag Fire

Helene Sinnreich

As various commentators compare President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, a flurry of responses has claimed that this is an inappropriate comparison because the Nazi regime murdered millions of men, women and children. It is important to remember, however, that when Hitler came to power in 1933, he did not begin with murder.


Although I am no holocaust scholar, I studied Bernays and Goebbels extensively in college. Since then the GOP has increasingly embraced the tactics launched by these master propagandists, the Democrats to a lesser degree. Both Bernays and Goebbels would be proud to see how Trump has frighteningly refined their pioneering work more than any other Murkin ever has.


Both sides of the Congress have been preparing the way for a demagogue for several years with the anti-terrorism laws, the NSA spy apparatus, the Civil Asset Forfeiture laws, and the new Ministry of Truth law that Obama signed off as a parting gift to the nation just before he left office. All of these laws are unconstitutional . Now all that remains is the for right man at the right time to step into the Oval Office and declare a false state of emergency and impose martial law all across the land. There's no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump is that man.


For most scholars, it is not difficult to see how, in the current climate, with a president whose activities closely parallel those of historic authoritarian leaders, a single crisis might be used to solidify authoritarian power. - Helene Sinnreich

Thank you, Helene.

It is certain that there will be some incident or crises, domestically or abroad, that the Trump regime will use to justify increased 'emergency' powers, further oppression domestically, and militarism abroad. We can look to the 9/11 attacks or the Boston Marathon bombing to see how a crises can be used to get many in the public to accept imposition of police state practices. The example of US journalists racing to be the first in line to get in-bed(ed) with the US military during Bush's terror war shows just how quickly the US media will willing embrace becoming a propaganda mouthpiece of the military/government.

We must begin preparing for the inevitable modern day equivalent of the 'Reichstag Fire'.


It happened 15 years, 5 months, 17 days ago.


And now we await another...............


All signs point to an attempt to establish an authoritarian regime. One only has to read the op-eds in the NY Times to be informed of this. I think pretty much all Democrats now have concluded that this is what is going on. There are few if any signs indicating anything else. Bannon pretty much stated his intentions. Tens of millions of people are now determined to resist. We are seeing more protests than any time since the Vietnam War. And members of Congress are being deluged with phone calls and e-mails. Trump seems to have about a third of the population on his side. The best hope at the present seems to be that his alleged connections to Russia will finally be revealed and the information will be so damaging that he will be impeached and be removed from office. Most likely the evidence exists but whether it will ever be brought into the open remains a big question. If Trump isn't impeached and removed from office people will have to keep resisting as long as he is in office to support the free press, to support the court system, to support science, and to strongly oppose attacks on any group of people such as Muslims.


PNAC had 9/11

What date will DDT dial up?


Adolf Hitlers slogan: " Germany above all" and Trumps slogan: "America First" are eerily so close that one has to wonder what is next? I would bet some kind of false flag blamed on the Muslims similar to 9/11.


And supported by the Captured Media full tilt.


Bad idea. That means we would all fall into an extremist Theocracy under wack-job President Pence. Things look grim now, but Pence is a nightmare we don't want to wake up in, according to people from Indiana that say as governor he tried to declare Social Security unconstitutional and tried to jail gays and force them to be retrained.

If you had another plan what would it be?




The next False Flag will probably be in proportion to the amount of threat that We the People manage to muster up, in our own defense, against this half century plus long effort to subjugate us.

Witness of the enormous support generated by Bernie's Campaign, lead them to brutally shut it down, cold.

Occupy, before that, met the same Nationally coordinated fate.

In my view, nothing is Beyond the Pale to the PTB, whether a Nuke, or a Plague, if it will serve to prolong their control over the US Poulace.

And THEIR side of the story is all the Captured Media will tell, concerning these events, much as what they feed us on every anniversary of 9/11.


One thing at least is clear. The dignified silence employed by House and Senate Democrats during last night's performance by Trump will not be enough to stop the coming power grab, particularly since most of them have been complicit in setting up the foundation for Trump's rule: the pointless wars, the mass surveillance, the prosecution of whistleblowers, the death of habeas corpus at Guantanamo. My hope is that the millions who have taken to the streets against Trump can form a national Indivisable party bridging the present chasm between segments of the working and unemployed classes.


It has already happened in the US. Anyone remember 911? Torture in Gitmo and other black holes around the world? Civilian cops in full on military garb driving humvees? Presidential assassainations? Drones? Anyone know the name Bush? Obama? Clinton?


Free press? What century have you been living in? Our so-called free press ( most likely you are referring to the propaganda organ of the US gov't/Deep State known as the MSM/NPR) drummed us right into the Iraq War and every Middle East "invasion since; not to mention all the unrest in Central and S. America prior to that. I voted Jill Stein.


Today I heard reports that Trump will allow the Generals to sign off on these special force attacks-so he won't have to deal with the fall out. The US just killed numerous children in Yemen and it gets hardly a mention in the media?????????????

I will never forget the horror of witnessing the media fall in line after 9/11---on 9/10 Bush was a fumbling illegitimate president-after 9/11 Bush was the best president ever????