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Beware of Milo the Wounded Tiger


Beware of Milo the Wounded Tiger

Lacy MacAuley

Milo Yiannopoulos is like a wounded tiger right now. I have pity for him, but I still know that, given the chance, he would gladly strike me down.


Sorry, Milo isn't deserving of compassion on this because he has built a career out of exploiting hate against countless people.

There should be no direct cause and effect connection drawn between being a victim of sexual abuse and engaging in hate and profiting from hate against others not deemed normal by such haters, whose culture (speaking of that alt-right culture of hate) he has enthusiastically engaged in, and worked to expand and normalize.

I will have compassion the day this opportunistic peddler of hate completely disavows that hate, and seeks to compel compassion for others who have been victims of his hate.

Until then, best to regard him the snake he still is.


Masks people acquire to hide what their childhood has made them acquire many forms.
For some it just takes on a constant disparaging of others without any self reflection.
It is a constant projection outward. It has many names.

I lived with such a person for `16 years.
She could not see the love I was trying to give.
She did not once notice anything I gave up.
She still has no idea who I am.

I tried to leave on more than one occasion after she began exacting her insanity on my new born daughter.
The court system is too corrupt and byzantine - that discussion is for Ralph Nader's post today.
But it was not just the courts. Every elder I spoke to in the community laughed at me.
Some mocked me for my fate.
She continues to have possession of my daughter. I have been trying for sixteen years.

The problem is, that the people ride the coattails of this form of projection for their own selfish benefit.
That is what Milo has done.
That is what people who support him have done.

The other night, on Bill Maher, it was obvious how the man makes his living. Milo's bully persona was in full flow.
Not once did Maher call Yiannopolous out on his bi-polar, narcissistic garbage.
Somehow this passes as acceptable.

It is not so much as to give support to those who are incapable of suffering the bully.
It that people who are can see the effect of this behavior let it completely overcome the moment.

One time Maher did interject and say something to defence of gays.
But the bluster, verbosity and dominance of this monster was never once abated.
The moment, space and time, is completely under their overpowering behavior.
It is this moment that needs to be corrected.

That is actually violence.
It is not free speech.
Yiannopolous attacked Scahil
Maher said nothing.
He attacked some of the victories the most vulnerable have achieved in the past decade.
Maher did not counter .Maher did not have any skin in the game. Yiannapolous did not need to be stopped.

On the other hand, a man's non violent genuine anger for a true and constant crime being committed on ones he loves is characterized as insufferable, and he may face serious consequence for simply raising his voice. My own attorney told me I have anger issues when I railed against the system, in private, to him, about my daughter.

We have gotten the society we deserve.

Some of those who have suffered grevious abuse as children grow up and leave their own demons behind, and learn to love.

Some just double down on their own monstrosity.

Bare your neck for the such a cutthroat, Ms. MaCauley?
No thanks.


Regardless, Milo is a shitgeist and I sincerely hope that his fame flames out sooner rather than later.


Thank you. I agree. No one is entitled to be a professional "victim" and to use others to attack. If this is the case ( for real) with his money he can hire a counselor . I do not buy any of this either.


"Somehow, Yiannopoulos makes a bit more sense now. His young heart was torn and his young mind was rattled."

I think there's something a bit distasteful about speculatively reducing this person's entire personality to his status as a victim.

Maybe reducing people to a single aspect of their identity is, as many on the Right complain, a problematic tendency.


Victims need to to be told flat out that unless they seek treatment there will be no sympathy and society must discredit and shun them to protect society until they do the work that those in treatment must do to recover. If we react any other way we are afflicted with Stockholm Syndrome and will keep getting what we have always been getting..

There is no question that Hitler was a victim of abuse and Trump is a victim of abuse. Perhaps not sexual abuse, but all forms of abuse contribute to sociopathic (or worse) behavior that characterize Hitler, Trump, Yianopoulous and other victims who we empower.


He is actually correct when he says "...it’s not pedophilia to commit a sexual act with a child who is past puberty" That is called child sexual assault or child molestation. Pedophilia is a psychological state of seeing children as sexual beings. You actually cannot be imprisoned for pedophilia since it is a thought not a crime. Child sexual assault including child pornography are descriptions in the criminal justice system and lands you in jail. Not all child molesters are pedophiles and not all pedophiles are child molesters. Remember our current president saying this to a ten year old girl, "I am going to be dating her in 10 years." Conflating the two subjects limits psychologists ability to study pedophilia. Who wants to be associated with fund something so "ichy" plus who the hell would volunteer as a subject for the study? Psychologist are forced to study only those who have been incarcerated for child sexual assault which drastically skews any findings.


Milo has spent a considerable amount of time mocking and condemning the victims of sexual abuse, including boys raped by priests:

Milo's New Act is Phony (changed for foul word in headline)


I don't believe a word Milo says - and I say that knowing that not believing victims can be a problem. But Milo is a jackal that with no ethical bounds. He would make up a self-pity story just to take a stab at his opponent, his opponent being ethics and decency.


I don't believe for a second that Milo was ever interested in free speech - it was a vehicle he used to exploit the easily corruptible and weak-minded. That said, I disagree with authors' suggestions that 'safe-spaces' and 'trigger warnings' are a solution to anything. Although I don't believe Milo was sincere in anything he did or said, he did exploit reasonable criticisms against PC culture to push his vile agenda. By using hisdownfall as an opportunity to retrench into weak-mindedness and PC excess we will be ripe for the next Milo to take his place.