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Beware Of My Starving/ and My Rage


Beware Of My Starving/ and My Rage

Once more, Israel veers ever farther from the beacon of democracy it ludicrously claims to be: Its ultra-nationalist Defense Minister has objected to the airing of the work of revered Poet of Palestine Mahmoud Darwish, vilifying it as akin to Hitler's “Mein Kampf.” The deeply humanistic Darwish, who for decades explored exile and dispossession, would be appalled. "How large the revolution," he once wrote. "How small the state."


Thank you for this piece Abby! We see only a tiny fraction of Israeli/Zionist extremism and racism and organized official violence against Palestinians in the US, thanks to a corrupted media/press and sycophant traitor politicians that have sold themselves and our sovereignty to Israeli extremism cheap…


Is it just me, or does someone else think that the Nazi’s V1s landed in Israel. Over and over…


Write it down!
I am a poet.
My words are dangerous
lock me up
like all poets
carry a truth
hold a key
that can open
your hearts.

for Mahmoud Darwish, RIP


The tragedy of the dispossessed Palestinian people and the despair they must feel as they theoretically’ look through the bars of their captivity and see their captors living the good life is too sad to dwell on. And we support and befriend those captors so we are complicit in this crime. We stand almost alone among the nations of the world in not condemning Israel’s continued usurpation of Palestinian land. Boycott and divestment was able to change apartheid in South Africa. In America some states have made this policy illegal. Our Constitutional rights are sacrificed to continue to support this unhealthy partnership. We should stand with the rest of the world on the side of the victims, not the perpetrators.


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Obviously this idiot has never read Mein Kampf or he’d know better than to say such patently stupid things.


Humans are all born with a degree of empathy. The structure of a given society can either nurture that empathy or drown it away by emphasizing the self and the supremacy of the indvidual or of the state.

When a nation state or people embrace the concept that they are exceptional and over and above all others a collective insanity starts to creep in as empathy for the other drowned away . Old Warrior states from history such as the Spartans would seek to remove all empathy from its citizens and in particular the males as this made them better at killing.

Adolf Hitler who wrote Mein Kampf embraced the concept of the Aryan as supermen and other races as lesser species. The person comparing this poets writing to Mein Kampf is projecting his own ideology on another.