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Beware of Presidents Promising 'No More War' at Election Time

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/17/beware-presidents-promising-no-more-war-election-time

So rather than seeking out grassroots activists from communities of color, many of whom reject both Democrat and Republican corporate Parties, CommonDreams features advocates for Randian Libertarianism who, tellingly, feel that Biden/Harris are more likely to help them remain free of getting government restrictions. Pretty f’d up


Ah, the false flag of 9/11, the gift that keeps on giving.
The only truth surrounding Trumps policies, is you can be assured they will benefit the rich and deal misery to the poor.


False Flags:…Ah yes, that is what has built this great MAGA country…

  1. 9/11 False Flag.
  2. Pearl Harbor…maybe.
  3. Gulf of Tonkin…hmm…
  4. Donald Trump… yes the Carnival Con-Man… tell em what they want to hear and then do something else…very transactional…
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Actually John F. Kennedy did what Lyndon Johnson did, only on a smaller scale: he first indicated he didn’t want to escalate the War in Vietnam, but later increased the number of “advisors” in Vietnam - many that carried out combat missions - to 16000 from Eisenhower’s 1000. Additionally he supplied the South Vietnam army with about all the weapons it could want and authorized the use of Napalm. Johnson usually gets most of the blame for the disastrous Vietnam War, but US involvement in it really started with Truman and escalated from there until Nixon finally ended it for the most part (after he pepper-bombed North Vietnam cities).

So Common Dreams is now publishing op eds by libertarians?.


“Natalie Dowzicky is the manager of libertarianism[dot]org.”

CATO Institute’s “libertarianism[dot]org” now brought to you by Common Dreams.


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