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Beware, Pete Buttigieg Is a Sharp Corporate Tool

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/21/beware-pete-buttigieg-sharp-corporate-tool


I think most of us on CD have had Mayor Pete’s number from quite early on, but it never hurts to be reminded when there are so many chunks in the sausage machine…

For me the real deal is simply GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS! (And I don’t hit caps lock often.)


Mayor Deceit talks real pretty.
So did Barack Obama.

And ObamaCare was supposedly a step toward single payer.
Now we’re hearing about settling for fixing ObamaCare.

In my Buttigieg-ment, I’ll pass on this corporate shill.


Norman, as always, much appreciated.


I’d rather Buttigieg over Biden as the leading candidate for the party’s moderate wing. He’s like biden, but without the age problems in the general.

He’s like Biden, alright.
I’m sure that’ll get that d-party turn out up.

Buttigieg/Klobuchar 2020
“Corporate $$, But Gay & Female!”


Listening to Buttigieg, you get the sense that he is actually running mostly to take down Bernie and Warren than he is in any race against Trump.


Leave it to corporate America to cough up another turd. The D party establishment has been anxiously looking for a backup to Job Biden and Biden predictably self-destructs. Buttigieg the opportunist knows this and this is his way of applying for the job. The fact that he can so easily be bought before the primaries have even begun shows he is just the same old bullshit politician in a new oily wrapper.

As I’ve long maintained, the Democrats aren’t stupid; they’re just for sale. Winning is secondary to keeping the money coming in. In fact, the party probably takes in more money running as a phony opposition party.


Krystal Ball had an interesting comment about comparing Julian to Pete. When Julan was aggressive against Biden (I personally thought it was awkward and bad form) he was roundly criticized by the media but when Pete is mean the press rates him as doing a good job:

I don’t like Julian either but I’d take him.way before I would Pete who I find despicable.


“Listening to Buttigieg, you get the sense that he is actually running mostly to take down Bernie and Warren than he is in any race against Trump.”

Well come on - establishment Dem’s need someone who can mouth Dem. establishment talking points without sounding decrepit or half-senile.


Krystal Ball is SOOOOO SHARP - strongly recommend readers link from Dara’s post and get to know her if you haven’t!

Also great on “Why Centrism Sucks” episode of Rolling Stone’s ‘Useful Idiots’ w/Matt Taibbi and Katy Halper (show worth listening to for it’s own sake):





It might seem as if these tech and financial ‘investments’ of millions in Buttigieg are a silly waste of money since he has no chance of securing the nomination. They know that, of course. But they also know that millions of people have heard his think-tank-polished views on MFA and foreign policy during the debates - that’s what they’re paying for. The more voices the public hears from the corporate side, the better their chances of controlling the narrative on MFA, and others on their wish list. Planting these (expensive) seeds now of quixotic ‘socialism’ will bloom into the accepted and practical choice of centrism next year.

Imagine if the script was flipped - 10 progressives piling on and drowning out two corporate lackeys. I do believe MFA, unions, taxing wealth, pulling back on empire, green new deal, etc would be seen in an entirely different light if, say, the already hapless Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar were on the same stage as:

The Squad
Medea Benjamin
Jimmy Dore

As you can see, I had to dip outside the circle of DC politicians to fill the dais with true progressives. That’s how few occupy the swamp.


Nathan Robinson - in his Current Affairs - got some off Buttigieg’s ideological weasly-ness in March:


This might be a moment to review the idea of diversity between candidates. The problem here is not that Buttigieg is identical to Biden. It is not even particularly important that Buttigieg might be sharp, if he actually is, or that Biden is clearly less so than he was. Ronald Reagan was able to let his vice president run the country while he did grandpa takes for the press with his senile dementia fairly advanced.

The state is quite willing to not turn the running of government over to elected leaders. It is only really the pretense of legitimacy through popular representation that they require. And, as wealth and income become less equal, they appear less and less invested in that.

If we gather that and take it in, we ought to see that it is not that big a deal in terms of the lives of people that Donald Trump is a pretentious ass or that Barack Obama is slick and conniving. The larger differences to policy will all have to do with who these people have affiliated with to gain influence and position.

That’s most of what a majority of Americans are angling at, wisely or unwisely, when they say that the parties are the same or the elections a sham. Elections come to feel more and more like choosing the color of curtains on the torture chamber.


“ObamaCare was supposedly a step toward single payer.”

Dunno, Skeptic - was it represented as a “step”?

A decade ago, single payer advocates were shut out of Obama’s healthcare summit - “single payer health insurance [was] off the table”…

…And then, on passage of Obamacare…:
“I am not the first President to take up this cause [of healthcare for all US’rs], but I am determined to be the last.”

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Some say otherwise:


I like Buttigieg, but like Obama, he is naive. He thinks that things just need a few tweaks, but that the existing systems are fine. He seemingly has a very superficial understanding of the evils (capitalism & Republicanism) that exist.

Being mayor of Indianapolis must not be a very important job if you can take 7 months off from it to go over to Afghanistan to accomplish nothing. (Sorry for being impolite.)


South Bend. But, yes, it seemed much more a boutique, resume-polishing deployment than a burning need on his part to defend the Fatherland.