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Beware: Someone Is Trying to Convince You That Bernie Can't Win


Beware: Someone Is Trying to Convince You That Bernie Can't Win

RoseAnn DeMoro

Gas-light-ing (gas-lighting) v. 1. a form of mental abuse in which information is twisted or spun 2. false information presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own perception and reality. Adj. gas-lit misled into accepting false information for the purpose of social control.

Perhaps you’ve noticed. Some people and institutions are working feverishly to convince us that real social change is not possible.


Bernie Sanders represents a grave threat to the status quo and therefore must be destroyed by the duopoly/oligarchy/1%. His candidacy is real. His moral compass is functional and his integrity is intact, unlike all the other (except Jill Stein) wannabee shills for the war-machine/MICC, banker/financial parasites, and worship of Mammon above all else - the money-debt system/mechanism of greed and usury built over centuries to make and keep the people wage and interest slaves, serfs, to the uber-wealthy and their obscene lifestyles and arrogant destructive ambitions.

Sanders so-far brilliant campaign has predictably been sabotaged by those who fear his power using the corrupt bought-and-paid for media/press as their instrument to hide the truth and misrepresent political strength and falsify "polls". The PUBLIC airwaves have been sold-off to political corporate whores and corporate pirates whose only goal is more profits and serving the 1%.

IF we stand together and demand coverage, vote en masse in primaries, stand in the streets, we just might make a run at saving our democracy and government, ostensibly, Of, By and FOR the People! They are few, but powerful and control vast wealth, and are utterly corrupt, but we are many and work for the Common Good, and IF we work together for issues, we could forge a grand alliance to block the plans of the machine politics of BOTH parties who sold themselves cheap and believe we cannot find unity.....we have a strong leader of courage and integrity, let's prove them wrong!


Beware: Someone needs to take a course in American politics and SMPD electoral systems. Yes, HRC has her little war puppies out to convince people to abandon Sanders--it's called "lesser evil" politics. But there's plenty of people who claim he can't win merely as an observation, not as a mode of agitation. I can assure you no one on the Left wants HRC to win so much as a church drawing. That observation is based on an understanding of how Democrats have rigged their nomination process.

But because you've opted to write this crap, every hatter's going to conflate the different camps and scream "conspiracy!!!!!" to high heaven. As if we need more around here.

There are ways to point out that part of the dirty pool of campaigning are these kinds of tactics without basically coming out and saying that anyone who takes this position is ergo a abusive manipulator. That, to me, is a form of abusive manipulation.

By the way, DeMoro, before you start pounding on the easy targets that are mass media, you might want to have long talks with your AFL-CIO stablemates first about who's supporting who. They're doing as much damage to Sanders as anyone.


There is so much negativity towards Hilary, that if there is anyone who can't win the general election, it is her. She does have the bankers and the Democratic old guard behind her, but there is a tremendous level of hate directed towards her from the right. And she has no grassroots support from either party. It will be a disaster if Hilary wins the nomination because that would mean that Trump, Cruz, or one of the other time-bombs will become President.

Bernie has a much better chance of winning against any of the Republican candidates than Hilary does. After all, Republican Ike Eisenhower with the Interstate highway system and his comments against the MIC was more of a socialist than Bernie. And that is the primary right-wing complaint.

Although I think that Jill Stein would make a better President, I think Bernie has the best chance to win against the Republican machine.


Have you noticed that you are basically using the same "can't win" logic to Stein as DeMoro is arguing against re Sanders?


I hope your tongue is firmly in your cheek when you assert that Ike was more of a socialist than Bernie.

Eisenhower didn’t champion the interstate highway system because he was a socialist; he saw the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways (as it was known in the 1950s) as a more efficient way to transport troops and military supplies should there ever be a foreign invasion or a national emergency.

And despite his warnings about the MIC, let’s also remember that Eisenhower was the primary enabler of Allen Dulles, the mastermind of CIA covert operations.


I prefer Stein, and your comparison is correct — to a point.
But, besides the "gaslighting" the electoral AND media systems prevent 3rd parties form even having their ideas heard.

So The argument fails in that in not being heard Stein has trouble collecting funds and getting crowds anywhere near the size of Bernie's. Sadly. Things like IRV and public election funding might change that, but not yet.

If Sanders fails in the primaries, I'd like to see a sizable number of followers flock to the
Green Party with registration plus support — no matter how they ultimately vote in November.

The nation needs to SEE the number of people who have a new agenda to combat the gaslighting. If Sanders has no more rallies, then HOW can we know WHO remains committed to Change?? Green Registration IS the way.

If Sanders should win the nomination by some miracle, I'd like to see him offer a cabinet position to Stein to help move the agenda and solidarity movement forward, justifying Green support in spite of any current differences.


I am not convinced that the big money people see Bernie as that much of threat but I am convinced that the DNC really fears he would lose the general election because he has labeled himself as a socialist. Should it ever appear that he could actually win the nomination I think you will see many attacks on him by the Democratic establishment.


Fascinating, absolutely fascinating ....

DeMoro is arguing re Sanders precisely the case i have been arguing for years, literally, re Stein, and Nader before her - that the "can't win" is deliberately propagated by the DP to defuse enthusiasm for a candidate that is perceived as threatening to TPTB - apparently i am not the only one who has recognized the intent and power of that meme ... And her answer is basically the same as mine - anyone on a ballot can win if enough folks vote for 'em - which is why I never jumped on the "Sanders can't win" bandwagon ...

So where was she when the same crap was being thrown at Nader, Stein when both of them conveyed an even more robust version of the "powerful' message that Sanders has found so much resonance with? And will she apply that same enthusiasm to Stein, say, if Sanders doesn't get the nomination? Wanna lay bets? Will we see NNU "house parties for her?

So here is the question, that i perennially pose, - how did all those folks hear about Sanders and his message if the "media" and or DP machinery didn't spread the word - and if it is DP leaning outlets that are spreading the word, what does that say about their perception of Sanders as being a "threat" to the DP machinery that, with RP machinery, has been screwing us over for ages ....

She is absolutely correct - the tide for change in a progressive direction has been rising, the DP knows it and knew, as it did with O, (and tried to do with Occupy) that it has to co-opt it or risk massive deflection to prog 3rd parties like the Greens ...

Ironic that the very weapon that the DP used to defuse enthusiasm for the Greens - "can't win" is now perceived as being used against a DP candidate ...

Well, DeMoro, i will keep this piece and remind you and all of it when the "can't win" label is stuck on another Green ...

Beware, someone is trying to convince you that Stein can't win ...


Thanks Rose...a nice summation. From your lips (or laptop) to progressive ears I hope. To leftie and liberal and working class, middle class and poor ears too.

Progressives have forgotten how to be people who matter. To be connected to other people except on paper. I watch at how so many professional progressives think it is their job to pretend that they aren't progressives. They seem unable or unwilling to support a progressive candidate for the presidency.

They may have written articles in praise of Sanders' progressive positions over the years but now they want to pretend they aren't being published in progressive outlets but are in line for a job in the mainstream media.

Can progressives remember how to support a progressive candidate? Can progressives want to win for once?

Some people gaslight. Some people turn out the lights and use a flashlight in the dark to illuminate only the flaws, imagined or otherwise.

Some are delusional or serving an agenda (by whatever name they use) to make false comparisons with can't win token candidates.

Some are just used to losing and carved out a niche for themselves.

Others just really want Sanders the most progressive candidate to win instead of the usual status quo candidates. That would be exciting! To have a progressive in the White House for the first time would be extraordinary.

It amazes me that progressives while looking at the efforts of the fat cats to stymie Sanders, that they don't remember what they profess and support and organize support for the most progressive candidate ever to come along in a presidential race.

What are they waiting for? Sanders has the record to back up what he says he will do. What do they want from a national candidate? He needs to be electable to a broad spectrum of people across the country. Professional progressives should turn up the lights and take a good look at what we will get if Sanders loses.


I apologize if my message came across that Jill can't win.

It is not that Jill can't win. It is that the deck is stacked against ANY third-party candidate so it is an uphill battle.
But that will not stop me for voting for a third party candidate, as I have done in every election since the defeat of George McGovern.
If Bernie does not get the Democratic nomination, I will will be working to get Jill elected. And with the choice between her and Hilary/Trump/Cruz/Bush/etc, she DOES have the ability to win, but it will be harder than getting a major party candidate elected.


So why are the media systems giving coverage to Sanders and not Stein? Because he's a Dem? Because he gets crowds? And how did the crowds find out about him? Because he "spread the word"? And how did he do that? The media systems AND the DP - and why did the DP do that? Because it felt threatened by Sanders or because it felt threatened by the potential of a 3rd party to eat its lunch on the prog scene?

As for the electoral system - Stein was on enough state ballots in '12 to get enough EC votes to win -

Look, DeMoro, and others recognize the power of the "can't win" meme - they know it can derail any candidate if enough folks fall for it - and the irony is, they or others will turn it around and use it, again, on a 3rd party candidate - when they have basically argued, correctly, that it can be defused by the simple act of refusing to believe it and supporting the candidate they want .. The double irony is that many of the folk have openly admitted that they think Stein would be a better candidate, but are supporting Sanders because she "can't win" ...

Does no one see how absurd this all is, and whose interests it serves?


Do you vote for a third party? Or is it that you will vote for Stein?

The reality is that Stein is not really a candidate for president. She has often stated that she is there to raise issues which are often ignored in campaigns. That is why much of what Sanders and she say are similar.

However only 161,000 people voted for Stein in the last election. That is not a viable candidacy by any measure. What Green supporters fail to see is that they generate support for a third party but it is almost irrelevant who is their candidate. That is not a serious electability for a candidate is it?

Why would Stein have the ability to win? Seriously? Even here on CD despite many vocal supporters, nobody says anything about Stein except her name. She is irrelevant even to the Greens themselves. They want a third party and Stein herself doesn't really exist as a PERSON!!! I doubt that many Greens even know all that much about her themselves. She isn't really a candidate even to them. The third party is their candidate. Thanks but that may be enough for a a tiny fraction of our population but it isn't really a serious presidential position.

You say she does have the ability to win but why is that? We know nothing about her or her qualifications. Just her name and that she represents the third party Greens. That's it.

Odd that isn't it?


Stein has a great platform but no experience in national government. If Sanders isn't nominated I'll vote for her but she IS NOT a better candidate than Sanders, who has a lifetime of experience at all levels of government.

I don't want a mechanic who scores well in theoretical car repair but has no experience actually fixing cars, I want an experienced mechanic who knows what they're doing.

That's Sanders, not Stein.


So if Sanders gets the nomination, you will not vote for Stein? Why? Because you think he is the "better" candidate, and if so, why? Or because she "can't win" ...

Of course "the deck is stacked", but the same thing is being said about Sanders ....

Of course it would be "harder", but isn't that the problem - we don't like to do things that are "harder" even when we acknowledge they are better?


Part of the gas-lighting is having data of this nature reconfigured into tomes that lock all Americans into the Trump camp as if the 30% or less who support fascism-lite characterize the full spectrum of this nation!

"A report, circulated by Media Matters, found that on one network alone Donald Trump has been given 81 minutes of coverage compared to less than one minute for Sanders, even though, as The Nation’s John Nichols notes, Sanders has broader support among Democratic voters than Trump does among Republicans in the first voting state, Iowa."

The deceptions are maddening and regurgitated 24/7.


I think we are witnessing the time of Gil Scott-Heron's 'The Revolution Will Not be Televised' and it is because we are smack in the middle of this phenomenon that it cannot be seen, especially by those who are our moral conscience like Chris Hedges, who dismiss Sanders as being a sheepdog for the Democratic Party Establishment, or worse an actual cog of the Establishment itself fooling us once again. (Come on Chris, wake up and smell the ocean).

There is evidence. Sanders has a double digit lead in polls of people under 45. Online polls, with a younger demographic, voted support of Bernie that was 80% and higher after both Democratic debates. I watched a C-span call-in show this morning. Of Democratic callers, 8 supported Bernie; 1 Hillary. One said Bernie was his first choice and Trump his second. A supporter of Trump that called in said Sanders was his second choice. Anecdotal yes, but still surprising given that Trump and Sanders are on the farthest opposites of the candidate political spectrum.

Every article I've read in the establishment media (Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post) about the Democratic primary has been dismissive and sometimes even disparaging of Sanders. Yet, the comment sections are 20 to 1 or 30 to 1 and higher in his support. Who are the Hillary supporters? Where can we find them? The discussion panels of news shows supposedly giving uncolored commentary--Begala, Grantham, Franks, McCaskill--all are Hillary surrogates. Bernie's surrogates--Jeff Weaver, Larry Cohen, Nina Turner, Tad Devine--no longer get a place at the table.

Hell, the media has already given the Democratic nomination to Hillary and are making sure Bernie gets no support from any of their mouthpieces (no journalists there). MSNBC is the worst. Under the pseudo progressive mantles of Chris Mathews, Chris Hayes, and Lawrence O'Donnell, we're getting what their check-signers tell them to say. Rachel Maddow tries harder than the others and sometimes she seems pained, as if she were not allowed to talk freely. The one person who gave Bernie positive coverage on MSNBC, Ed Schultz, had his show cancelled months ago.

The media blackout, or perhaps more accurately described as dismissive coverage of Bernie's campaign is actually good news for our democracy currently on life support. It is proof that the Establishment is running scared of a true people's candidate. My gaslight, like yours Ms. DeMoro, is burning steady.


Lifetime of experience in gov't - isn't that the problem - what does it mean to have worked in, and co-operated with, a perpetually dysfunctioning establishment ...

And what experience has Sanders had in "fixing" anything?

Frankly, I think Sanders "experience" is something we do not need more of ...

Yup, in officially joining the DP, he "knew what he was doing" - blunting any potential for any real "political revolution", in voting for the ACA, he knew what he was doing, further entrenching private insurance in the delivery of healthcare, in voting for the F-35, he knew what he was doing, supporting a BS military boondoggle, for "jobs", in supporting Israel throughout its genocidal campaigns, he knew what he was doing to the Palestinians ...

Maybe its because i know what he is doing and perhaps even more that he knows what he is doing that I much prefer Stein ..

So if you prefer him because he "knows what he is doing" - well, what can i say ....

And if experience is so important, why pick Stein over a Dem, say Hillary, who also has a
lifetime of experience" - doesn't that mean she "knows what she is doing" as well?


You're confusing Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatters with those who hate. That kind of grammatical inexperience lends critical readers to consider "the source" of your subtle attack on Ms. De Moro and what else was it, the analogy to domestic abuse? Hit a nerve, did it?


They probably will, most are mad.