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Beware the Moderate Democrat

Beware the Moderate Democrat

Les Leopold

The "moderate."

Such a soothing political word. It conjures up a reasonable, considerate person who seeks the middle ground between ideological extremists: Works well with others, crosses the aisle to make good policy, knows how to win incremental change rather than issuing jarring proclamations that jump too far ahead of the electorate. A moderate is pragmatic, gets things done and doesn't let the perfect become the enemy of the good.

Oh, in these troubled times, aren't such moderates desperately needed?


There’s no such thing as a Moderate Democrat.

Actually, they’re simply Republican Lites in denial.


Leopold sez:
“Trump may look incredibly weak now, but a Wall Street-backed Democratic ‘moderate’ with a natural base of 3.8 percent could give the worst president in American history a real chance.”

Gee, if only there were a real-world example of something like this having happened …


That currently describes the majority of the democratic leadership. People like Nancy and Chuck, and so far all of the hapless, helpless tools that have thrown their hat into the 2020 ring would, prior to the late 1960’s, been considered Nixonian Republicans.
Since the awful days of Nixon, the GOP has moved to far right, and the Democrats have moved right along with them to moderate right.
Yes, that means currently there is not a major polical party that represents the nations polical majority, progressives. And until progressives realize this and either take over the Democratic Party again, or start their own, the USA will continue to be lead by a well financed minority.
A feudal system by any other name


I realize that the 2020 “race” has just started and there will be more “contestants” to enter in the coming months. With the few that have entered I can already discount the following; Bloomberg, Schultz, Gillibrand, S Brown, Booker, and uncle Joe. If push came to shove I (at least at this time) could probably support K Harris, definitely support B Sanders and more than likely Warren. Beto can keep his Kennedyesque rock & roll ass in Texas arguing with the rest of the rednecks there. As I said, it’s still early yet.


I think the most burning question for Progressives everywhere is how can we hijack the Democratic Party? An Independent Party has no chance as corporate media will never give real Progressives a voice. Millions could march in the streets, but the media would simply focus on some faux issue like a Kardashian botox enhancement or the Trump Circus.
I think it is important to get everyone to join the Democratic Party only to transform it into a Party that represents the 99% (or in case of this poll, the 74%!). The fact that our corporate media will never give unbiased coverage to anyone deemed “anti-corporate”, the public will remain in the dark about actual alternatives to corporate enslavement. Perhaps social media can overcome this, but Wall Street is working at breakneck speed to eliminate any internet support that doesn’t pledge an allegiance to the Great Western Narrative.
Only if we’re able to reach out to the majority of Americans to dispel the myth of a functioning democracy and the solutions required to achieve our own emancipation, can we hope to field candidates that can finally represent us. If enough registered Democratic voters band together, we have a chance to cleanse the Party of corporate sycophants for good! Because if the current political system doesn’t work for us, then a violent revolution will be our only salvation.


Totally agree. The Dems have forgotten their roots of FDR & LBJ, that is the MAIN reason we have Trump. Voters didn’t like or trust Clinton (and the Dem party) so they voted for an ass hole who promised to “make America great again”, and look where we’re at.


The d-party has yet to put up a candidate who can beat Trump.
The only hope they have at this point is a recession.
At this point, I’ll be voting third party again.
The Ds would rather lose with a moderate than win with a true liberal.


So many of you here say a third party has no chance.

It’s that way of thinking that keeps people registered to the Deceitful Duopoly, and voting LOTE’s time after time.

You all need to WTFU and support the only real progressive party that’s in existence.

The Green Party.


The “moderate Democrat” is a soldout cog in the wheels of the status-quo and corporate state, without any substance or courage to fight for the Common Good. Only a thin veneer of smarmy empty words…we all saw how the campaign of the “Great Progressive Fraud” used progressives and our issues to get elected then immediately showed his true colors on so many issues; that same mindset and betrayal was responsible for the DNC sabotage of Sanders to install the widely hated Red Queen - probably the only person trump could have beaten…that group are still in control of the party and mechanisms. The stench of betrayal is ripe in the entrenched DINO establishment and its operators we all know by their actions, the best politicians money can buy!

The problem is time is running out and the building a new party or breathing life into the moribund Greens will not happen in time to avert catastrophe, IMO. We must use the existing mechanisms - for the now, while building others (if there is any future) - to defeat the treasonous rule by wealth and power, the for-profit war-machine, corporate fascist domination and subversion of democratic elections, even as odious as that reality is. The calls for a third party, or not voting or whatever has long since become irrelevant (except as provocateurs who intentionally (or ignorantly) sabotage any that might make a difference, as we slide into the utterly rotten ignorant world of trump & co and openly fascist, racist, corporatist and right-wing dominance…the time is running out.

Voices denouncing any person in politics who doesn’t meet absurd expectations is cutting-off one’s nose to spite the face. I mean Bernie Sanders of course who is demonized and trashed for his perceived betrayals and failures to not “be all he can be” or whatever BS of the day, usually from people who fail to propose anything even remotely viable to defeat and eventually destroy the enemy of a sustainable and just future, our republic and our sovereignty threatened by subversion by a specific foreign power that has turned our politics on their head to serve their racist and warmongering agenda!


HI patricia_scully------it’s so hard to tell who is lying as some of them do not show their, “true colors,” until after they’re elected. Although looking back, whoa ----those songs tell a lot it seems.
Time has an online thing about campaign songs, so this is what I got just from the titles, although I don’t know all of
of these songs.
1993: Bill Clinton "Don’t Stop( thinking about tomorrow. )Well that fits, I’m sure his date book was always full. : )

1993 Ross Perot Patsy Cline’s song," I’m Crazy." Hmmmm

2000GW Bush: "I Won’t Back Down. " by Tom Petty… although Bush did back down because apparently Tom Petty sued him. : ) And in his real life GW joined the Texas Air NatioGal guard and then just walk away and nothing happened-----so maybe it was not backing down, although he did with Petty---- it was more like backing away. : )

2008 Obama" Signed , Sealed and Delivered." yeah that fits, we just didn’t know that he signed with Wall St. and the banks and with not us. : (

2008 John McCain: “Take A Chance On Me,” well but they had to take the fey Sarah from Alaska too.
Maybe we should all pay more attention to campaign songs.

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Maybe Bernie could adopt as his campaign song, The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”


Hi Emphyrio: I think you just invented a new democracy category with the idea of COG.
We go from demoCRAT to demoCOG. Keep using that because it’s a very clear term of non-endearment. I like how it sounds and it’s a very clear. : )

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HI SteveWoodward, I like that! Maybe there should be a SONG-A-THON contest for best Candidate song-----although I am just reacting to the title, so I will go find it on the internet in lyrics now, and get back to you…but it sounds good so far. What would you suggest for JOE who is BIDEN his time as he thinks it’s his turn : ) Be back in a minute

“There’s nothing in the middle of the road but yellow stripes and dead Armadillos.”
–Jim Hightower

Thanks Jim for providing me with high cover as a fellow true progressive native Texan. We may be rare but we ain’t extinct yet.


HI SteveWoodward----well that song got depressing pretty fast.
"We’ll be fighting in the streets
with our children at our feet
And the morals that they worship will be gone,
And the men who spurned us on
sit in judgement of all wrong
they decide and the shotgun sings the song.

This sounds promising. and then the chorus:

I’m tipping my hat to the new Constitution
take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar to play just like yesterday
And I get on my knees and pray
we don’t get fooled again
we don’t get fooled again.

( it was taking too long to type them all but then the song s
it kind of sounds like we’re back where we started ! : 0 Especially at the end.
Meet the new boss
same as the old boss.********
Hmmm I still like Bernie, but it sounds like the song is saying : no new ideas and nothing changes but the faces… so Hmm I like Bernie and couldn’t vote for him because Hillary and the AP told my set that the Hillary had won. SO a lot of voters were fooled again-----but----

If nothing changes is the theme--------that is just too depressing----------so what does the song say to you?


Election, shmee’lection. Here we are, across the threshold of a three-fold convergence and out into a perfect storm: 1) environmental collapse; 2) economic collapse; and, 3) increased international political instability. Will the 2020 election matter in the short run? Yes, but only in the sense that it’s arguably better to elect the least-objectionable asshole the system offers. After all, “anyone but Trump” is just about as rational as it is simple. But lesser-of-two-evil voting hasn’t worked in my lifetime. Will the 2020 election matter in the long run? Personally, I doubt it. But I’ll lay out my cards for all to see: I don’t think the Big Collapse is coming; I think it’s upon us. I don’t think there is a long run. I don’t even think there’s a medium run. You think there’s hunger now? Just wait.

Consider the three factors above. First, the ecosphere. Oceans warming faster than expected. Ice melting faster than expected. Storms strengthening and damage costs soaring. Coral dying. Starfish melting. Coasts flooding. Garbage gyres. Lethal urban air. Fires raging through our forests. Desertification. Deforestation. Extinction. Not “in the future.” Not “in twelve years.” Now.

Economics. Those who “run” our economy get vastly wealthier every time they crash the system. Next time they crash it, they pocket the funds for Social Security and Medicare and SNAP and Medicaid. They liquidate our social welfare programs, pocket the funds, impose austerity, and strengthen the police and mainstream propaganda states. Homelessness and hunger surge, although there will be plenty of fentanyl. Infrastructure crumbles further; disasters ensue. The middle class will be reduced to essential nomenklatura for the fascist state, and the U.S. will no longer be a “first world” country. There will be no more “first world”–it will be a “third world” struggle for the 99% (or more). And that’s not even getting into international economics.

International relations. Climate-driven refugees. Resource wars (old, like the Congo; and new, like Venezuela–just stay tuned). Refugees from Islamism. Refugees from narco-terrorism. Refuges from neoliberal capitalism. Thirsty. Hungy. Dispossessed. The death throes of American imperialism and the rise of Chinese imperialism hedged by global financial elites. ISIS. Boko Haram. White supremecists. Theocrats. Fascists. Lines in the sand. New nukes, old nukes, big nukes, “useable” nukes… A Christian-ized U.S. military “just following orders.” This is our hemisphere!"

Much of this has been facilitated by our political, democratic failure. We failed over the course of fifty years (and really much longer) to stem the corruption and decay of our institutions and now those institutions lack the moral decency and power to reverse course or even begin to address the Big Collapse. We were warned. We were warned time and again. We failed. And now it’s too late. We could replace every politician with a progressive at this point, and the Collapse will still come.

Ah, shit. When does the game start?


Fear the “moderate Democrats” more then you do the Republicans, for they are the greater enemy.

The Porgressive movement grows stronger with each Republican President and Socialism is now openly discussed among the population. If you want to see that ended vote on eof these Centrists in.


ya mean carbuncle joe

I meant the Puppy Bowl. I just need puppies.