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Beware the Moderate Extremists in Syria and at Home


Beware the Moderate Extremists in Syria and at Home

Peter Bloom

The question of how and whether to bomb Syria continues to dominate headlines around the world. For much of the Western political establishment, it is seen as a necessary and urgent measure to fight terrorism domestically and internationally.


Lets be clear - anyone willing to kill other people to achieve their political ends is NOT a moderate! That includes obviously the well-armed militaries of the US, Saudi Arabia, the UK, France etc. "Destroying that village in order to save it" has been a dismal failure in terms of advancing human rights, democracy or any improved quality of life since it was used in Vietnam or in Algeria by the French, or the countless countries Obama has launched drone assassinations...


Moderate: see Ahmed Chalibi


Beware the conflations of actual intent of massive economic powers and the rhetoric they employ through their bought and paid for representatives in government. The short circuit is exemplified by the case of Iraq where US corporations went in 'to rebuild', as if that were not of the destruction continuum, simply because it was rhetorically posed as such, to the exclusion of an entire society and its capacity to envision and balance.

It is excruciating to witness the hubris of the construct founded on 'externalized' costs - that is, whatever it wants to pretend does not exist by sheer brute force, inevitably counters that delusional premise. In turn, sheer brute force, with exponentially skewed metrics, methods and motives simply tightens the self-referential mirror world. It has reached the point that in order to attempt to generate some thread of a crumb of evidence that it is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, cannot bear to even put down the mirror for fear and terror that it will be seen for what it is. Full blown destruction because it has nothing left but the insane hyper-expansion of delusional, toxic monoculture arguments and methodologies.

If even half of what has been invested in killing, destroying, deluding, and striking out at everything that does not enter into its voiding of life, we could see full diversity needed to re-cultivate and restore.


Cited in the article:
“Western leaders complained that the Russians bombed Western-backed "moderate rebels" opposed to Assad. But AP implies that in this case "moderate rebels" being bombed by Russia are Turkish-backed "Islamic militants" fighting U.S.-backed Kurdish forces for control of the Syria-Turkey border.”

Damn, i laughed! If the Earth and humanity were not being murdered, this would be great comedy.


There is a nagging question that never gets answered, has there been and is there a deliberate attempt to further fragment the Middle East region. After World War One the movement for a greater Syria encompassing a large part of the Arab world was quashed by the British and French, creating instead states with leaders chosen by them.

Perhaps the most visible recent action supporting this "conspiracy theory" was how we treated and are treating the Kurds, essentially making them independent of Baghdad. Now we hear voices talking slicing off a bit of Syria for the Kurds. Of course, Israel also took a bit of Syria with his occupation of the Golan Heights.

Reading comments, you frequently hear those who speak of the fragmentation of Syria as inevitable, that it will never again be the Syria it once was. From Greater Syria, the dream of Arab visionaries, to Syria minus the Golan Heights, to Syria with a chunk taken out of it by the Kurds and maybe a Sunni faction.

It's all a done deal except if its not.

Maybe there is another stirring that says the people of the Middle East have suffered greatly from this fragmentation wave, and restoring the borders of nations is the foundation for peace and progress.

Not likely, most would agree. Doesn't make it a bad idea.


The bomb bay doors of bipartisanship

Benn spits on his dad's grave



"Yet the rhetoric loves to convey the idea this is a great struggle of civilization's idea and defeating ISIS will take all the great military's of the world defeat. Why not the public seems capable of believing anything."

Your post is proof-positive that posters with minimal education--those who can't differentiate between a plural noun--militaries--and its possessive context, military's, is pushing the "blame the public" Talking Point that, as I so often feel the need to mention, is the #1 meme repeated often in these threads. And most of the time it's used to take the spotlight off the REAL demons who are making policies that are injurious to life in all of its splendid forms and expressions.

Boiler room Intelligence Agents with military clearance are the ones who are TASKED with repeating this same talking point.



Nope. Doesn't mean anything anymore.


You make spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors all the time. Your mean spirit and hypocrisy shine through, once again.


This is a Muslim problem to solve. Either "real" Muslims band to put a stop to extremists or their whole religion ceases to be trusted or credible. The so-called moderate Muslim nations in the area have huge armies and a tone of money from selling oil to the world. It should be their fight, not ours.

ISIS wants us to storm their lands so they can once again point to the West as being in a holy war against all if Islam. Sadly the other Muslim nations in the area are not taking up the fight and contribute to the image of us against them. We cannot and should not take the bait...again and again as we always seem to do. How dumb are we?

Obama and Congress should insist that we will help them defeat ISIS et al, ONLY on the condition that other Muslim armies engage. If we offer any troops they must be on no more than a three to one basis, one US soldier for each Muslim soldier on the ground. That removes the ability of extremists to claim the West is out to get all of Islam.

I'm sure higher powers understand this in the back of their minds but I'm not sure they have the actual smarts to either engage ALONG SIDE a Muslim army or just let them kill each other off.

joethevoter dot org


This is a forum for ideas, not wanna-be English teachers to lecture about spelling. Do you have a legitimate comment on-topic to offer or all your efforts expended trying to prove your superiority?


THAT IS PRECISELY MY POINT!!!!! SR constantly attacks people for meaningless spelling and grammar mistakes.


For example, a few minute later, i'm reading in another thread, and here's SR attacking a different poster, for another simple spelling / grammar mistake: