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Beware the Norwegian Menace


Beware the Norwegian Menace

Ann Jones
Should We Build a Wall to Keep Them Out?
"Keep in mind that all Norwegians have the right to universal public health care, universal public education through professional schools or university and beyond, care of the elderly and disabled, paid parental leave for mothers and fathers, subsidized early childhood education (from age 1), affordable housing, state of the art public transport, and a raft of other services that take the worry out of daily life. " (Photo: Mariusz Kluzniak/flickr/cc)


Well we CAN dream, can’t we.  But not to worry — this is all just ‘Fake News’, right??


No problem. To the Nazis the Norwegians are still members of the superior Aryan race along with the Germans. Nothing else matters. Trump was speaking to his base, as always. You can imagine Richard Spencer’s ears perk up when he heard Trump’s welcoming remark about the Norwegians. Yet another sign that Trump is on board and can be trusted to use his powers as president to make America white again (aka make American great again).


"remember ‘Nambia’”?

Of course I remember – Nambia borders Gamibia to the south east.


Great piece of writing. F-52’s huh? Wow.


Thank you, Ann Jones, for a very well-written look at how a government, and an economy, should be run! Government should exist for the common good


Seeing how often he fails to speak in complete sentences or express complete thoughts, didn’t Trump mean young Norweigen FEMALE immigrants ?


Only the porn stars of his fantasies, I think…


In the fall of 2016 we had the great pleasure of going to Norway and meeting distant relatives and many wonderful people! Frankly, Americans have so far to go I don’t think they could understand what was happening to them if even modest forms of Norwegian life came to pass.

My Norwegian is bad, but no problem, many young people we’re glad to talk to us and help however they could. In Sogndahl, ( where my family is from ) there’s more diversity than in the Wisconsin town we live near! We asked them about daily life and for a bit more in taxes you received way more in return! People looked healthy, roads in good repair, schools looked to be in good shape, water clean and there was a sense that people weren’t stressing about… everything!

It would be hard for those Americans who have watched Fox News and voted father knows best forever… to accept that things not only could be different, but should be! Instead of guns and useless military expenditures we should take care of the folks who are this country, not the ones up on the pedestal, deserving or otherwise.


Beware the Norwegian Menace is sanity.


One can get a feel for Norway and the differences if they watch Lillyhammer on Netflix. They care about their workers and country. I doubt that many Norwegians would want to give up what they have to move here. The only thing I could see is that they didn’t like the cold. Norway is a cold place. And I bet there are other warmer better places to move than the USA.


Norway looks like A blueprint to metamorphise America into the Nation it could and should be-
Capitalism would have to take A back seat for any hope of this happening…
What A dream…


Of course it is. After all, we know that america is now the best in the world now that Trump is in charge. So how could some little country be better than us? Only fakes news could be telling us that we are not the best.


Think for a moment, what are taxes for if not to improve the living standards of all people in that society. Other countries have that figured out. In the US our government serves the wealthy class and no other.

“… Norwegians are peculiar enough to be grateful … because taxes fund the country’s universal public welfare system, which guarantees that strikingly high standard of living to a whole societyall Norwegians have the right to universal public health care, universal public education through professional schools or university and beyond, care of the elderly and disabled, paid parental leave for mothers and fathers, subsidized early childhood education (from age 1), affordable housing, state of the art public transport, … The catch is – and I can already hear the thundering footsteps of the Republican herd as it heads in panic for its top secret bunker – if Norwegians can’t trust the government, they kick it out and elect another. … ****Norwegian governments spoil their citizens…**”


An excellent article Ann Jones- You have much to say and know how to say it…
Thank you!


Of course it is important to keep in mind the population of Norway which is a little over 5 million. That is slightly more than the combined population of Brooklyn and Manhattan. And it gave the world Anders Breivik, right wing extremist who killed 92 people in a bombing and shooting rampage. Jones portrait of Norway sounds a little like a RP piece. From what I can tell the populist right wing Progress Party in Norway has been gaining strength in recent years. In some ways things there don’t sound that different then here.


What has the size of the population have to do with it? The United States of America is over 25 times the SIZE of the USA meaning that many times more resources. The State of Montana is larger then Norway and the State of Montana has less people then Norway. The people of Montana are not better off then the people of Norway and the State has a higher poverty rate then many States in the USA with more people.

As to mass murders . All Countries have violent people who are prepared to kill others to advance an agenda. Norway does not have a mass murder every second day. The City of Chicago sees more murders in a year then have occurred in Norway in the past DECADES including that Breivik shooting. Peole in Norway are still horrified by what happened on that day. In the USA they just move on to the next .


New York City has sharply reduced its homicide rate over several decades from about 2,000 a year to about 200 a year. I think Chicago is atypical of the US where violent crime rates have dropped greatly since the 1980s as have the rates for most crimes. What Norway seems to have is a growing right wing movement against Muslims which is the same thing occurring throughout Western Europe. It is is basically the same white nationalist movement that Trump is part of. In both the US and Norway we are seeing increased racism and nationalism. In that respect the countries are similar. Apparently there are people in Norway who feel that country is only for white people just as there are many people here who feel that way.


That there a segment of ANY nations population that are racists is a given. Our species has dealt with that for generations.

Norway addresses this in a way that most countries do not and the lesson they teach is how it can be done through good Governence and addressing issues of wealth inequality. I much prefer the way Norway deals with it even as those racists still exist then does New York City. Crime and the crime rate is only one part of the problem. There are any number of other issues some touched in the article such as education, inequality, environmental protections, wage parity , workers rights, prisoners rights and so on and so forth where Norway takes the lead.

The high crime rates, mass shootings, poverty, enviromental destruction, war mongering all existed in the USA before Donald Trump.They will exist AFTER him unless there systemic change and no that does not mean “vote democrat”.


A better description of Norway’s political parties is here: http://www.nsd.uib.no/european_election_database/country/norway/parties.html

Note too that ‘liberal’ unless prefixed with ‘social’, outside of the U.S. means, ‘small’ government, free market and free trade economics, lower taxes and privatisation of public utilities and services.

Also Trump may have seen the episode of Season Five of ‘VEEP’ (made before Trump’s election), where ‘Norwegians’ stand in for ‘white’.