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Beware the Slippery Slope of Facebook Censorship


Beware the Slippery Slope of Facebook Censorship

Matt Taibbi

You may have seen a story this week detailing how Facebook shut down a series of accounts. As noted by Politico, Facebook claimed these accounts “sought to inflame social and political tensions in the United States, and said their activity was similar — and in some cases connected — to that of Russian accounts during the 2016 election.”

Similar? What does “similar” mean?


See the many comments by CD readers over the past few days on the “Further” story that cheered on FB censorship. How does that saying go? When you stand for everything, you stand for nothing. This perfectly describes U.S. progressives.


I never thought that I would wax nostalgic for the days when Facebook’s main purpose was to show off its users’ plates at Olive Garden. Sniff, I’m getting misty eyed as I type. OK, who ordered the fossilized fettuccine alfredo?


"Today’s disclosure is further evidence that the Kremlin continues to exploit platforms like Facebook to sow division and spread disinformation… I also expect Facebook, along with other platform companies, will continue to identify Russian troll activity and to work with Congress…”

This quote by Warner is despicable but typical of Democrats. Along the lines of using the phrase “conspiracy theory” to automatically discredit anyone who disagrees with the government’s ideology, we have now come to the point where Democrats, gleeful of the progress the Mueller investigation has made, are now naming every idea they disagree with as a “Kremlin plot,” regardless of how inane and unrelated the ideas are.

Of course, most dutiful citizen’s are wary of seeming out of place by inviting red-baiting criticism by establishing anything like an independent, observation-based opinion on these events.

As I pointed out, they have already said that not only was Bernie not effectively engineered out of the primary (and to say so is by definition a conspiracy theory and therefore immediately proved wrong,) REGARDLESS of the voters’ personal part in being subjected to the rigging, but it is now regarded as a Russian plot to even state that any of the primaries were rigged.

Anything Hillary did wrong is automatically washed clean by the fact that they can blame the Russians, REGARDLESS of the fact that, even if correct, all the Russians did was release actual data and emails.

Congratulations, morons! Trump acted the clown every time he used the phrase “witch hunt,” but you went ahead and did him the favor of turning it into a witch hunt.

Congratulations again, morons! Trump acted the clown every time he threw a temper tantrum about “fake news”, but you went and gave him a great deal of credibility by acting as if events we have no reason to dispute are “also” fake news.


This country is so fucked.


The internet has to be censored.
American propaganda isn’t strong enough.


Hi nephewsam, my thoughts exactly. O fling ne would hope that the “exceptional nation,” would show proof , and not just accusations. But then, without an enemy, how would America or the UK function?


HU nephews -----------oh sorry 33 days with high heat and no AC. THAT SENTENCE SHOULD READ …OH… I HAVE NO IDEA: 0 Maybe Oh F me one would hope… : (


I agree that these big Internet companies should be broken up. Facebook owns four the five largest social media platforms. And it will only get worse, Zuckerberg’s biggest concern is a social media company in China which does basically what Facebook does but much more and it more or less a stop place for all of a person’s financial transactions. He is trying to expand Facebook into other areas should this company spread beyond China. Antitrust laws either should be used to break up these internet giants or the anti-trust laws should be rewritten to do so. Facebook has about 2 billion subscribers and cannot possibly prevent the spread of all the misinformation posted on it now matter how many new people it hires.


Wowzie. Parallel universe some little? Do - seriously - review the page you mention. Thank you for the clear reveal of trollish posting. Notable and worthy


For the sake of Democracy, the U.S. won’t rest until its internet becomes like Communist China.


Cheers for Taibbi on this one. It’s spooky to watch the parallels between the current Democratic Party and Joe McCarthy and Dick Nixon’s Republicans in the 50s.


Indeed. If you took a centrist from that time and had them run today they would immediately be called a communist by the Repubs and a “pie in the sky” naive candidate by the Dems. Hell it might happen even if you took a conservative from that era.


Not really. Progressives do not stand for hate speech. But thank you playing False Equivalency.


Not really. But you keep trolling, comrade.


Ok, comrade. Take your meds.


Yeah. No. But thank you for playing false equivalency.


Yeah maybe I am exaggerating. The cable model is much more likely to happen.


First they started censoring Facebook but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t have a Facebook account…

Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc. are already intertwined with the corporate state. Read Surveillance Valley by Yasha Levine. It’s all in the book. It already happened.



And read Margaret Kimberly at BAR while you still can: