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'Beyond a Redline': Trump Might Just Launch Surprise Attack on Syria


'Beyond a Redline': Trump Might Just Launch Surprise Attack on Syria

Common Dreams staff

Does President Donald Trump assume his administration can just launch a surprise, unilateral military attack against Syria?

"I'm not saying I'm doing anything one way or another, but I'm certainly not going to be telling you." —President Donald TrumpThe clear impression he left during a Wednesday afternoon press conference at the White House, as he stood alongside Jordan’s King Abdullah II, is that he can—and that he just might—but that he won't tell "you" about it.


Remember when Congress used to be the ones to Declare War?


I'm guessing that Israel is getting itchy, wants to acquire its promised increase in lebensraum sooner than later.


When approval ratings go this low for an unpopular President, typical-Plan-B recommends to start a war and rally the country 'round the flag. All current attention will shift from Russia-gate, Flynn-gate, emoluments-clause-impeachment-plans, and executive incompetence-to the Asian theater of operations.

Trump made the threat that he just might use NUKES AGAINST NORTH KOREA.

DR. John D. Gartner, psychological expert diagnosed Trump with classic signs of “malignant narcissism.”

"Narcissism impairs his ability to see reality,"

The time has come to say it: there is something psychologically wrong with the President.

Top psychotherapist affiliated with the esteemed Johns Hopkins University Medical School said Trump "is dangerously mentally ill and temperamentally incapable of being president.”




From Truthout:

When children in the US, such as in Flint, continue to be poisoned by lead in their drinking water it is difficult to believe Trump Inc. cares about the children in Syria. They are after regime change once again.


With the number of lies that are spewed as truth, it is impossible to know the truth from the untruths. I simply "follow the money". President Assad would have a whole lot more to lose than gain from such a foolish attack. So who would gain? Well the rebels would gain b y sacrificing some collateral damage to get the US involved with boots on the ground in their behalf!


I also remember when they handed that power away


He might be successful in Syria, because his attack on the U.S.A. is going well so far.


Mm-hmm, and in Congress, it's business as usual.


Yeah, let's start another war and ask questions later: Another Dangerous Rush to Judgment in Syria


This would be a great way to take the spotlight off the sociopath idiots who run this country.


Penetrating, irrefutable logic. Or maybe he's a murderous tyrant.


"This is the biggest test yet of the Trump presidency," Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said in a statement. "The president has an opportunity to punish Assad in a way that President Obama never would. This is the moment for President Trump to prove to everyone that when it comes to foreign policy and standing up to dictators, he is not President Obama. I don't believe this President will make the same mistakes of his predecessor when it comes to Assad."

AIPAC money, well spent.


Certainly with everything he's not having going it's time to try a war.


"total lack of any strategic coherence in his foreign policy."

I am glad somebody noticed. But he has already been elected. This is a dire situation.


Anything less than another storming of the Bastille will probably not change a darn thing.


Is this all a distraction from his Russian connections? When in trouble politically why not pick a fight abroad.


Only for fighting terrorists like ISIS. For regime change in Syria, congress needs to approve the military intervention for that purpose. Thats the next step. Obama tried but republicans blocked him. Trump wont have a problem.

Cant believe most Americans will buy this nonsense but they will.


Better check with Russia before thinking about regime change. Syria is Russia's only ally in the region except for Iran and Russia has military bases in Syria. Regime change has to be negotiated. There is no viable option of the US carrying that out alone.


Lot of oil in the Golan Heights that they cant drill until the US/UN formally recognizes the annexation. Genie Energy has been awarded the drilling rights. They are owned/run by Cheney, Murdoch, Summers, Woolsley, Jacob Rothschild.

In addition Israel wants a pipeline from its gas fields through Syrian/Lebanon maritime waters to Turkey to supply Europe and compete with Russias pipeline through the Ukraine to Europe