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Beyond Attacking Trump, Sanders Says Biden Campaign Must 'Give People a Reason to Vote for Joe'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/14/beyond-attacking-trump-sanders-says-biden-campaign-must-give-people-reason-vote-joe


Many CD posters and mainstream media operatives have been saying this for many months.


Bernie, says we must give people a reason to vote for Joe? You mean like we cannot allow Trump a second term? I have lost all respect for Bernie! If Bernie had any integrity he would say: " I cannot support this Wall Street Stooge and war monger who is not my friend and helped to throw me under the political, bus!"


“Biden would not do any of these things, stop lying. He has spent his entire career as a right-wing neoliberal doing the exact opposite.”



And if Biden loses, the DNC will blame Bernie and his supporters for the loss. Even though they have given the citizens no reason to vote for their more effective evil party. Bernie is like the victim of domestic violence who keeps returning for more beatings while enabling and supporting the one who is beating him down. Yes Bernie keeps talking about making things better, but then hangs out with those who are hell bent on destroying everything with their neoliberal policies, which they will NEVER change. Some of us understand that is akin to Bernie spouting empty platitudes to placate the so-called progressives who will roll over on command and vote for their own destruction.


Here’s the thing:

If Biden talks about his proposals, he’s going to turn off one group or another within his tattered patchwork, aka the d-party base. He can’t appeal to white women in the suburbs and Latino groups at the same time – because they want different things. Hell, the former is afraid of the latter.

And this isn’t just Biden’s problem, it’s the problem for an entire country shoehorned into one of two camps. Two camps who both have to appeal to a thin slice of swing voters – and who end up promising that mushy middle the same pablum.

That’s where the Rs hold the advantage, a much more well-defined base of rural, white, religious voters.
Meanwhile, the Ds have told me to get into the same tent with Joe Manchin, STFU, and hand over a donation. Fuck that.


And they have been attacked for daring to criticize Biden, the Democrat god with dementia the DNC forced upon the citizens in this election cycle. And god forbid should anyone dare to criticize Bernie for his hypocrisy in supporting the ongoing destruction by his neo-liberal buddies while pretending to care about our future.


Too bad Bernie does not seem to know that! Bernie is either politically, ignorant as hell; or he is a sheepdog and a con who has told Progressives what they want to hear.


In other words there is no real reason to vote for Biden because he won’t offer the citizens anything they actually need. Bernie’s irony is amazing. As Biden has stated numerous times: NOTHING WILL CHANGE under my administration. Now, that is change you can believe in.


Bernie’s violating Cornel West’s maxim: “I’ll vote for him but I’m not going to lie for him.”




The “lets move right and for every voter we lose on the left we will pick up two Republicans” is the lamest most idiotic strategy I have ever heard of. It stupidity taken to the extreme even as it an abandonment of over half the voter base.

The ONLY reason it was done was to get Corporate dollars and to ensure the 1 percent Corporate state always had all of the power. This the fundamental reason why I on board with many others who suggest the Democrats are the most effective evil.

The architects of that strategy ,including Bill Clinton have done more to betray the left then any Republican yet people claiming to be on the left suggest that the left and progressives have to vote Biden.



“For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.” Chuck Schumer (2016)

This is the group that Biden and the DNC want in order to water down any shift Left.

The group Biden and the DNC have been ignoring (in fact wish would disappear) are the Progressives.\

Anything Political Epiphany Biden might have at this point would probably be contrary to positions hes supported for 40+ years - Who’d buy it?


Or the basis for multiple parties.

Shirley, you’re being facetious.

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Sadly, the Dems are partly right. After Reaganism put the forever fear into them, they joined the Rs at the hip and kept pushing the country to the right. Bill Clinton won by exclaiming that the era of big government is over. That was the zeitgeist for a moment there.

But the forever fear of Reagan’s ghost has backfired on the Dems, rather badly, too. Because the era of big government wasn’t over, not by a long shot. In actuality, the era of big military spending, big healthcare spending, big climate chaos, big corporate bail outs, big deficits, and big pandemics was just getting started. Now it’s in full bloom.

The American people know this.

Yet many of them are tribally committed to Reaganism, trickle down, racism, and fear. They’re called Republicans. Of course, quite a few in that tribe would take real solutions like single payer healthcare, a living wage, free college tuition, and even green jobs. Except their alternative is Republican Lite offering failed facsimiles of real solutions, like RomneyCare.

A lot of others are tribally committed to Reaganism, trickle down, racism, and fear, too. They just kinda pretend they’re not. They’re called Democrats. A lot of them don’t like those things like Reaganism at all, but vote for them anyway. They’re called noseholder Democrats who embrace learned helplessness.

And then there’s the type with a foot in both tribes. They’re pretty much in the first tribe, but willing to taste that Republican Lite once in awhile. Then, realizing that it doesn’t taste great, it’s not less filling, and it’s not much different than full calorie Republican, they switch back.

Others are in neither tribe. And we need a goddam party of our own.


Thanks for bringing this up, now if you could just tell people that expanding Medicare by even a second more than Social Security without leaving GATS first, kills it and explain why.

This is why.:
also read



That’s the incoherent yet consistent before/after schizophrenia of the d-party.

Before elections:
We always move to the right to appeal to moderates – you progressives have nowhere else to go.

After elections:
What, we lost? – you ingrate progressives went somewhere else!


Here are some reasons to vote for Joe:

The unDemocratic party has subverted the election process and fraudulently thrust a not-in-the-top-of-his-class, lying, befuddled, tool of the deep state in the foremost position to become President. So, in order to show your fealty and total submission, you should cast your vote for old, say-anything, sociopathic lizard-eyes (even though the fix is already in, and half the votes will be counted by Microsoft and the Pentagon). They’ll know if you didn’t. So vote for Joe to make sure you’re one of the many chalked up as compliant.

Or maybe you’re someone suffering from dementia too, and you want to make sure people who are mentally impaired aren’t discriminated against and so should be able to hold jobs like surgeon, or air-traffic controller. Those people should have just as much a right to be behind the wheel in 85mph, rush- hour traffic on the free-way as anyone else. Vote for Joe because the Republicans had their turn with Reagan, so it’s only fair.

Or maybe, you’ve just succumbed to the realization that the world is run by gangsters and that the ones in the State Department and Pentagon who’ve been working overtime for 4 years promoting neo-McCarthyism deserve to have their puppet, just out of respect for their tireless effort. You know, the ones who’ve spent their entire 30 year careers being loyal to their empire, I mean country. Vote for Joe because, he’s good at manipulation.

Or maybe, you’d like to see how much Hunter could REALLY rake in when his dad is extorting more than just some little two-bit state like Ukraine. Vote for Joe because, well, you know, Nepotism is just the way it is.

I could go on, but why should I? The best excuses are the ones people tell themselves.


Biden is running his campaign like Hillary’s thinking the left has no where to go but vote for Biden. He can offer the left shit and still expect it to vote Biden. Corporations win. People lose.

I’m not going to vote for the Democrats again. The DNC is horribly corrupt. It’s time for a strong third party. If a strong progressive third party emerges. I’m sure a strong right wing fourth party will emerge eventually. Maybe we’ll end up with a democracy.