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Beyond Background Checks, Nearly 200 House Democrats Sign on for Federal Assault Weapons Ban

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/14/beyond-background-checks-nearly-200-house-democrats-sign-federal-assault-weapons-ban

I’m 72 y/o and we never had this problem in the 50’s, 60’s, or even the 70’s. sure there were shootings but few and far between. It’s all these crazy motherfuckers that want to be modern “cowboys” and think every town now is like Dodge City that have to have not one or even two guns but like 10 or more. Fucking insane.

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Mental health issues are definitely a large part of the problem. There was a killing during a gas station robbery in our city of 35,000 in the sixties. A shotgun was used, but I suppose they could have used an M1 rifle if they had one.

We went through this ban before. Anyone who wanted one, got one, legally or illegally after the ban. There are so many AR’s and AK’s out there anyone who wants one will have one.
I guess some have to have a feel good piece of legislation to feel that something is going to change. It won’t…

But in the sixties how many murders were there? Not to mention “mass shootings” which is a term never heard then. By the way, most murderers in jail are NOT mentally ill.

Edit to add: and also there WERE quite a few mental health facilities and hospitals then. Now like none, they go to jail or the street. It’s all a matter of what we spend our tax money on.

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Great point. There were few murders since then, less than many other cities that size.
The Texas tower shooting was the first mass shooting I recall.


The murder rate has been steadily dropping in this country for two decades.

But you’re right, the number of mass shootings (4 dead, shooter possibly included) have skyrocketed.
Same thing with suicide by firearm. suicides represent the majority of gun deaths.

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Steny Hoyer talking about having the guts to stand up to special interests?

That is the new gold standard for hypocrisy.

You’ve given me an idea on how to fight climate change. Simply tell all these gun nuts that global warming has been linked to small penises.

Oh, so I guess the weather underground and the days of rage during the 70s isn’t jogging your memory? It should, hence the reason your discourse is dishonest

I see where your argument is going…stop while your naively ahead.

True. And bans do not work. Columbine happened during the first assault weapons ban, along with Paducah

Yeah right, go back to sleep.