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Beyond Banning the Bump Stock: "Go After the Guns Themselves'


Beyond Banning the Bump Stock: "Go After the Guns Themselves'

Julia Conley, staff writer

"You have to go after the guns themselves. Guns are the problem."


Guns make it easy to kill. But so do bombs, biochemical and radiological agents, knives, baseball bats, etc., etc.

What are we doing to stop the violence inherent in our breakneck competitive, hate filled society where authoritarians, conservatives, private tyrannies, invading armies, war profiteers, heartless banks and corporations and other reactionary, criminal and violent people rule?

A society that kills poor people in other countries that have caused us no harm? One that has no regard for its citizens unless they happen to be the 1%? One that glorifies war and militarism giving over half of our tax revenue to agencies dedicated to killing, spying, subterfuge, domination and destroying democracy worldwide?


We need the Australian solution of not banning all guns, but making it very, very difficult to buy and own them. The Vegas shooter would have passed any currently proposed restrictions. He had no criminal background, was white and prosperous, and could probably have gotten a license to own or sell fully-automatic weapons. Nothing short of the Australian solution would have made a difference in preventing this shooting. Proof that what they did works is that they have not had a single mass-shooting incident since the one in 1996. The constitutional originalists are full of it, because they keep leaving the first words off of their reading of the Second Amendment, “…A well-regulated militia (national guard) being necessary…”. It’s not a blank check for gun ownership. We need to start insisting it be treated that way.


There was no national guard back then. A militia was made up of civilian volunteers who owned guns.


Guns are NOT the problem, crazy people are the problem! If you remove the guns, then they will use knives and machetes!


I support the right to own guns for self defense. I don’t own one myself but I would like to in the event a gun was pulled on me. That seems to offer a better chance to continue living.


Not much money in bump stocks or hand crank trigger actuators so not much downside in making them illegal.


Guns are made for killing whether it be man or beast. Assault rifles like the ones plastered all over the walls in the photo, have NO PLACE in anyone’s home. They are not toys to go out and blast at targets to get a “thrill” and at $1500 or more a pop for an AR-15 without ammo, buying one is absurd. Use that money to fill food banks, or give to any number of worthy charities to HELP YOUR FELLOW MAN rather than own a weapon that can kill him/her/children/animals. If a gun owner wants to shoot an animal to put food on the table and has no other means to do so, then fine but an AR-15 is NOT for hunting. Hand guns with 32 bullet clips are over the top and unnecessary. Guns also do not belong in the hands of youth who manage to shoot and maim their friends and relatives regularly or go into schools to blast away at students/teachers.

Will the insanity ever stop? And the NRA dares to spew its BS after the massacre in Las Vegas…no shame, no integrity, no compassion…just going for the MONEY at the expense of human lives. Their $50,000 “donation” each to members of Congress that accept that money TOTALLY DEVALUES THE INHERENT WORTH OF ALL LIFE.

It is a culture of fear that is fostered by the NRA and the current POTUS that propels people to stockpile lethal weapons, which denies and negates the potential good in our fellow men/women.


Oh bullshit. You are either ignorant or in willful denial or…one of Rex Tillerson’s fucking morons.
Just look at the statistics. More guns equals more gun violence and more gun deaths. Countries with fewer guns have far less gun violence and it is proportional; the fewer the guns the fewer the incidents of gun violence.


And those guns were few and far between being powder and ball muskets that shot maybe three in three minutes with a limited range to boot. Many of the “patriots” who fought in the Revolutionary War did so with sickles, rakes, bats, and whatever farm implements or tools they could find and carry. The colonial Minutemen (militias) had muskets and the British had the hardware but not the depth of spirit needed to persist…IMO. Somehow I cannot fathom that the “founders” even dreamed of the weapons around today being in the hands of each and every person that wanted and could afford one when they crafted the Second Amendment. They were fighting a war not out shooting target practice…


This is really stupid. This is why liberals in this country should give up trying to run for office, and why I will probably never vote again.

The shrill cry of “BAN ALL GUNS!” is just that… a shrill cry that angers a good portion of the electorate and produces nothing. Please stop. These kinds of statements cause the gun owning proponents to dig in their heels and call their congressmen, donate to the NRA and buy more weapons.

Beyond the political culture that will prevent the wholesale collection of weapons from the populace, there is the 5th amendment that says you cannot take property from someone without due compensation. With 300 million guns of all types in the nation even at a reasonable purchase of $100 a piece is $30 billion. Where is the political will to cough up that amount, and forget about the endless stream of lawsuits that will happen when the collectors sue the government over undue compensation over the fact that $100 for their $10,000 custom over under isn’t just renumeration.

Personally I think this is easier than most people think. If you want to get people to quit or reduce an activity, you don’t ban the item, you tax the consumable.

Don’t want people to smoke? Don’t ban Zippo’s, tax tobacco. Don’t want people to drive? Don’t ban or tax cars ( we already tariff imported cars and and it doesn’t slow people from buying Mercedes and Toyotas and Hondas en masse ), increase the tax on fuel. Don’t want people to drink? Raise the tax on liquor.

Don’t want people to shoot? Tax ammunition, especially smaller caliber ammunition. To the point people stop buying it. The French Lebel rifle is a great rifle. You can’t shoot it. Demand for the ammunition waned until its manufacture ceased. Sure, there are some guys who can make the ammo in their garage, but they are few and far between. Guns without ammunition are paperweights.

So, please stop these kinds of comments and statements. They don’t help, and in fact probably make things worse.


The problem isn’t bump stocks

It’s gun stocks


So it’s “liberals” that are the problem. It is a culture of fear that generates gun sales…not “liberals” that you so blithely blame/condemn. The NRA is always in the market to hire people with your ethic.


I see you stopped reading at “liberals”.

But that’s OK, you can substitute “Democratic Party leadership” or “Limousine Left Coast Liberals” or “Baby Boomer Hippies”. Any way you put it, it’s the failure of leadership of the current opposition to the GOP that is the problem. The ones that use the same identity politics that lose, the ones that refer to the center of the US as “flyover country”, the ones that refuse to even try to counter the GOPs highly successful gerrymandering scheme, the ones that only run campaigns every four years for the Presidency… yeah those “liberals”. Instead of examining and trying to figure out why Democrats/progressive keep losing elections, they double down on the same stupid statements that have been losing propositions for 20+ years, and even try to stifle new ideas and fresh faces.

I bet you stopped reading at the first “liberal”.


Not so…read the entire diatribe.


A firearm such as a .22 fitting in a purse or a pocket that only shoots 6 bullets and each one with a trigger pull is one thing, an assault weapon is yet another…which was the point I was trying to make.


Guns are a major part of the problem. But the thing that actually kills people is the bullet. Go after the ammo, too. Ammo and reloading supplies should be:

  1. kept under lock and key in all places where they can be purchased.
  2. available in limited quantity to hunters with a valid hunting license upon turning in the spent cartridges from previous year. This will require verification of license and whether or not cartridges or shells have already been issued.
  3. available in almost unlimited quantity at certified firing ranges and events with all spent cartridges and unused cartridges turned in upon departure.
  4. taxed heavily.
  5. banned if prone to tumbling.
    All magazines/clips for rifles limited to three rounds, shotguns limited to five rounds and pistols limited to eight.
    In addition to banning bump stocks, ban “hell fire” trigger mechanisms and any other device that enables automatic-like rapid fire.

Let the braying begin.


Another way of describing the intent of the founders would be to say that American citizens were guaranteed the right to possess weapons that were the equal of the weapons that they would face. In those days those of the Redcoats and Hessians. A case might even be be made that their weapons were superior to those of the Redcoats ( Kentucky Long Rifle ).

Moreover amendment law is not fixed in time but a living document that guarantees said rights to each generation. Freedom of speech is not limited to hand printed newspapers for example.

It is delusional to expect that some 150 million guns bought before registration was necessary would be turned in. The end result would be that the only groups that would be left without guns would be Liberals and Progressives. That reality is inescapable. The conservative right and wing nut NRA would keep their guns and that would be that!


I doubt if a person with a knife will do as much damage as someone with an automatic weapon!


All guns of private citizens need to be banned!