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Beyond Bernie Sanders: 'There's a New Sheriff in Town... You'


Beyond Bernie Sanders: 'There's a New Sheriff in Town... You'

Jon Queally, staff writer

<p>PORTLAND, Maine—Speaking to an overflow crowd at the <a href="/news/2017/04/17/sanders-and-perez-launch-nationwide-come-together-fight-back-tour">kick-off of their eight-city nationwide tour</a>, Sen.


"We are the majority," Sanders continued. "It is time we flexed our muscles. It is time we got involved in a way that we have never done before. It is time to make the political revolution."

Right on! I'm with you all the way, Senator Sanders!


The D-Party is smart to piggyback off of grass roots energy.

The grass roots would be smart to remember the D-Party habit of talking hope and change and delivering nope and same.

Dear Grass Roots:

You know why drug prices are going through the roof? Because Obamacare was built on an agreement to allow it to happen. You know what Hilary said about Medicare-for-All? It's never gonna happen. You know what the D-Party establishment said about free tuition at state colleges? Promising free stuff is socialism. You know why Tom Perez is front and center at the DNC instead of Keith Ellison? Because a rich D-Party donor demanded it and the D-Party caved.

Bear all of that in mind before you jump on the D-Party bandwagon. They've been punching hippies for a long time now.


It’s all of you, but of course, we as a party decided to continue on with DWS’s policies as far as taking corporate cash. Oh, and we’re against Citizens United (not really) but will continue to take corporate cash (although our last candidate for president pretended to be against money in politics, even though she was against “dark” money in politics) and we’ll pretend that that doesn’t lead to policies that all of you oppose. Let’s all pretend we can represent Wall Street (which benefits from people and institutions going into debt to Wall Street) and working people at the same time. There’s no evidence that the party at the national level wants to change or has changed. They’re using the credibility that Sanders has with people, which he has earned, and he’s letting them. I guess he assumes that by doing this, Perez and the DNC will change. We’ll see, but there’s no reason to assume anything in Perez’s favor. The Obama and Clinton crowd chose him for good reason, even if many want to pretend that doesn’t matter, and I hope that if the DNC continues to refuse to change much of anything, that he’ll have a breaking point.

Oh, this Perez guy asked for everyone at the DNC to resign, and some made a big deal of that. Was there a mass exodus of corporate hacks and a retooling of the party? People are cynical for good reason about this type of stuff and it’s going to take more than a bunch of words in a speech to change people’s minds. If anyone doesn’t understand that, then they’re part of the con or a willing dupe.

I'm guessing the typical posters will come here to attack "the left" shortly for not simply falling in line and not being happy with words in a speech.


My sister asked me to go with her to see Sanders, Perez and the New Democratic party later this week in Irving, Texas, but I declined. For one thing, when Sanders endorsed Clinton for president, I had to dissent. But the big issue for me now and in the foreseeable future, is the position of the Democratic party, or any party, relative to the military/war machine in this country. You will note, that there was not one mention of this subject in the essay by Mr. Queally. That is not because he chose to omit the issue, it is that the party spokesmen failed to raise it. Until we wrest back control of the military from those who view war, killing and violence as answers to all problems, we are lost. This killing and violence has to stop. If/when it does stop, then will we be able to end this economy that thrives on selling armaments and throwing away vast sums of money that should and must be used for useful and peaceful endeavors. I know--it is a tall order, maybe impossible. Until the Democrats show us a different and better path--which would not have happened under a President Clinton--I will not contribute one cent or one vote to them. Furthermore, I will not contribute any more to organizations fighting climate change and other similar issues until something changes about our propensity in the USA to use violence and death to deal with the world at large.


Yeah, anyone who thinks the Democrats are reforming themselves hasn't been paying attention. They will use and abuse Sanders and his supporters to get back in power, and then continue the DLC/New Democrat, neoliberal agenda of deregulation, wars of regime change, massive corporate mergers and privatize everything. The fact that they are sending Sanders around with Perez shows that the Democrats know they need to change their message, but that does not mean they will change their agenda.


There's no evidence at all, none, that they have any plans to change policies. Their "leader" in the House said this, clear as day. Sanders is smart and has been involved in politics for a long time. He is aware of what they are doing, but I think he hopes they see the light. At this point, they haven't, and they've done nothing to earn anyone's trust. Radically change course policy wise, stop taking corporate cash, or piss off. I am not voting for them anyone simply because they aren't Trump or Bush or whatever. I need them to be FOR something, and they can't even articulate what their party stands for without relying on bumper stickers. Sanders can, Perez can't, and there's a reason for that.


"Sanders said that what the progressive grassroots movement and a "radically transformed Democratic Party" must now do in tandem is send a clear message to lawmakers like Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage, right-wing governors across the country, and Trump and the Republican leadership in Congress..."

The Democratic Party might only be "'radically transformed'" by progressive demands for power sharing as the price of its support. Using the DNC machine to make the right liberal friendly Perez the party chair is not power sharing; a right liberal dominated 'transitional' DNC team is not power sharing; Schumer and Pelosi meeting to construct their version of a progressive agenda is not power sharing.

Sanders calls for a radical transformation - but it doesn't have a chance short of Sanders' anti-right-liberal progressives constituting themselves as a distinct bloc. Perez praising anti-Republican resistance while sweeping under the rug the fact that Sanders support was an insurrection against the Democratic Party? Because 'yeah! we're all on the same side, us Democrats, against Trump, aren't we, progressives? we're all progressives now, huh?'

Sorry Sanders is willing to assume this role, but I don't blame him - indeed, it is up to progressives to act to force the Perez's and the Sanders to yield power.


With all due respect, it should be clear by now that the establishment of the D-Party puts on nothing more than a dog and pony show every now and then to woo progressives. Afterward, they punch the hippies and Bernie Bros who don't fall in line behind their neoliberal corporate agenda. This movie has been playing for three decades.

I would have preferred Bernie take up the mantle of leadership outside the D-Party and harness grass roots energy to build an independent movement. Nonetheless, we need to do it with or without him.

"Radical transformation" is precisely what's needed. And it ain't going to happen with the rich donors to the D-Party calling the shots. Personally, I'll leave the presidential part of the ballot blank in 2020 if it's just a matter of propping up the duopoly for 4 more years. Been there, done that, screw that.


"I'm guessing the typical posters will come here to attack "the left" shortly for not simply falling in line and not being happy with words in a speech."

Not so much posters on this site - more telling, imo, is ostensible progressives of an ostensibly new Democratic Party shutting up the progressive flank they praise...as long as it restricts itself to anti-Trump speech.

After progressive complaints of non-representation on a DNC "transition" committee charged with articulating a future party direction, "Ellison told the Huffington Post that he was proud to see a few allies on the committee, and on Twitter, he criticized progressives who were prioritizing party purity while President Trump was introducing an austere budget."



They need to stop trying to put lipstick on this pig of a party. It is not a party for you or me. It is billionaire Zionist Haim Saban's party (their largest donor and Clinton BFF). Everyone else is just supposed to sit down, shut up and get out of his way. Well NO MORE. They can party by themselves as far as the real progressives are concerned. We are leaving en mass, hopefully joining me in a much revamped Green Party to send the not-so progressive Democratic Party the way of the Whigs to the ash bin of history. Come join the rest of us PO'd Bernicrats in making the Greens the true home of common people seeking real progressive change. Oh, and by the way, we want to tax the billionaires like Saban out of existence. If you have enough money to buy the political process, you have too much money. #Demexit 2017.


This is so true. The lack of interest by the Democratic party in unplugging the war machine should be regarded by all progressives as a billboard-sized red flag in pursuing social reform at home. Domestic policy and foreign policy are joined at the hip. A party cannot play reformist at home as it continues to support fascism and endless war on a global scale. Bombs and missiles have no place in a truly progressive platform. Until the Democrats (and Bernie Sanders) actively pursue peace on a worldwide basis, their promises of turning progressive at home should be taken with a truckload of salt.


Yeah, that grassroots stuff worked so well this last time. WE will NEVER get everything that we want from ANY party. EVER. Everyone needs to learn what are their binding ideals and what are not. Either progressives will go with the Dems or we will not. The show is not over yet since there is very little we can do anyway since 45 seems to be digging in and no one able to stop him.


Power is not going peacefully into the night!


Probably Bernie speaks last, since if he spoke first, much of the audience would leave in order to avoid Perez's cringe-worthy rhetoric.


"I would have preferred Bernie take up the mantle of leadership outside the D-Party and harness grass roots energy to build an independent movement."

I'm afraid that is just not Sanders...or U.S. political culture, in my view. Sanders threw into relief and - within the framework of the campaign - united the great number of voters far to the left of Democrats that nonetheless...vote Democrat...and that did vote Democrat in the last election. Somewhere I read an exit poll showing that roughly 80% of self-identified "progressives" voted for Clinton - about the same % as voted for Obama.

But - regardless of his power as a leader, or his functioning as a lightening rod for a proto-insurrection against the right liberal dominated Democratic Party - that does mean the majority of Sanders supporters who voted for Clinton would follow him out of the party.

As to making an independent party...I have always voted Green, though without being committed to their central belief in an independent party. My vision would be - as I've posted a ridiculous number of times - progressives - essentially, the Sanders bloc of progressive Democrats and independents normally blackmailed into voting Democrat - constituting themselves as a bloc and, rather than simply working to elect progressives (Our Revolution style), demanding formal and binding power sharing with the Democratic Party as the price of their support.

In other words, such a group would function as a party as is normal in a parliamentary coalition government.


Jackson may have finished the sentence, but not the thought (within the Democratic Party). This paragraph describes all the things that particular Democrat may believe in, but a good deal of it is not reflected in the Party's most recent platform or any since the Clinton the First.

The Democratic Party is over, or it should be. It has been losing power for decades, and when they actually get their hands on some, they don't know how to wield it and inevitably blow it. The Democrats have become a permanent minority party because they think like one.

Any chance for an electoral solution was lost when the DNC took out the best candidate in the field, it's own Bernie Sanders. Organizing an actual people's movement demanding the democratizing of our institutions, including the Constitution, is the best option to obtain the necessary changes to attempt survival in rapidly deteriorating physical and social environments.

The Democratic Party has a long history of co-opting movements; it just can't help itself. It should be in the nature of a political party to seek power; bringing thousands of active organizers, their friends, and supporters into their ranks is smart. What's outrageous is making those people promises the Party had(s) no intention of keeping, while using them as a source of funding and votes. This is what's happening now. The energy powering the resistance is being transferred into an electoral strategy, which is doomed to fail because the machinery is still in the hands of the Party elite, who refuse to acknowledge they had anything to do with Sanders loss.

From the beginning, Sanders has prefaced the word 'movement' with 'political'. Social, economic and environmental justice workers make a distinction between an actual people's movement and political campaigns. The work Sanders/Our Revolution is doing is good; making attempts to stop digging deeper the very big hole in which We the People find ourselves and offer a vision of a more just society is very simply work that must be done. It is still wholly within the Democratic Party electoral arena--a campaign, not a movement. It is only a fraction of what needs to be done for We the People to actual attain authentic participatory democracy. Unfortunately, existing tools and resources must be utilized while we're building new and better ones. The trick is to try to understand the master strategy and co-opt those tools when applicable for the benefit of the movement. A true lefty party will manifest itself in the process of movement building, if the Resistance can stand strong against both the fascist agenda and the Democratic Party's attempts to co-opt it.

We the People are beaten down. For the most part, we've collectively been led down a primrose path, and are very far removed from the spirit of the revolutionary fighters who shed blood to create this nation and its promise of democracy. Generally speaking, we want to believe we can vote ourselves out of this mess (we cannot). Understanding that without a shared vision in which most people in all communities can share, the left especially, but the entire nation as a whole will remain fractured.

Check out the Democracy Convention coming up in Minneapolis in early August. Their tagline: Universalizing resistance, Democratizing power. Nine conferences under one umbrella diving into human rights, racial, economic & environmental justice, elections, the Constitution... Resisting is a must do, and so is building. The best defense is a good offense. I'm going to help build the vision for the future, instead of only pursuing an electoral/legislative strategy for incremental change (crumbs).


Use reality as evidence. Alternating dems and repubs have produced world-wide US war against democracy, humanity and Earth.


Yes the democratic party has proved itself a loser. And a new story will create a new reality when it is accepted across society.

Talent pool speakers on stage, subgroups and report backs have not so far produced anything even remotely resembling a new story.

Get busy all you unaccepted and unknown writers. Get to work. Give us new stories.


A thousand times: YES.