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Beyond Clinton vs. Trump, Green Party Convention Kicks Off


Beyond Clinton vs. Trump, Green Party Convention Kicks Off

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Green Party kicked off its national convention in Houston, Texas on Thursday, where presumptive nominee Jill Stein will present a third-party challenge to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The convention will run from August 4-7. The proceedings are expected to include keynote speeches from scholar and activist Dr. Cornel West, who endorsed Stein over Clinton after Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race, and Philadelphia-based activist YahNé Ndgo. Local Green Party candidates for office will also appear.


Although I ignored most of TRUMPFEST in Cleveland and CINTONCON in Philly, paying attention only to reports from non MSM sources, i will more closely follow the Green convention, seeing how their candidate will be one that I will vote FOR, rather than marking a box to vote against a Dimcritter or GOP corporate operative.


The best way for the Green Party to get to 5% is if the race between Clinton and Trump is a foregone conclusion. If Clinton is ahead enough in my state, then I would happily vote for Stein.


Kudos to Common Dreams for running an article about the Green Party Convention. The Mighty Wurlitzer (controlled corporate media) chose to ignore it of course. After blasting both corporatist parties' conventions at us for weeks it's clear who they are rooting for, and clear how they will be framing the November election.


Yep, all Hillary has to run on is the other guy is worse than me..


My understanding is that Ralph Nader's impact on the Gore/Bush election was almost non existent.Republicans and Democrats alike voted for Nader. So if Republicans vote for the Libertarian candidate and Jill Stein and former Dems vote for Jill Stein it should all even out.


Thanks for listening to us CD. Hopefully this article on Jill Stein and the Green party will be the first of many.

Don't pick your poison, pick your cure -> Jill Stein 2016


5% huh?

Latest from that poll in New Jersey, with 218,449 votes cast, the results look somewhat different:

Jill Stein - 64.58% (141,075 votes)
Donald Trump - 15.19% (33,188 votes)
Hillary Clinton - 12.55% (27,411 votes)
Gary Johnson - 3.36% (7,332 votes)


HRC? We DO not trust her in a house, we DO not trust her with a mouse, We do not trust her. here or there, we do not trust her anywhere,


Finally, an article on Jill. Thank you CD. Now it would be nice to mention some of the green party platform and ideology which is so far apart from Trump or Clinton.


If you think going Green is the antidote to Bernie, first watch this video of Bernie on the idea of third parties: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snaOD_XIHQg
Further, I love Cornel West, but he’s an ideologue, and functions in rarified academic environments; yes, ideologues have a place in politics, but they are not leaders. And that's the problem with the Green Party, it's over-run with ideologues, so they have a hard time producing viable candidates (Jill Stein is a case in point). The Greens would do well to learn from the current situation and get their heads out of the clouds and focus on nominating viable candidates in the future, e.g. people with actual experience in public service. They need to run candidates who have not just ideas, but experience to backup those ideas. I get that a lot of us are loathe to vote for Clinto or Trump; but going Green as runner-up doesn't send a pro-Bernie message. I live in a red state that counts write-in votes, so for me it's easy -- just write-in Bernie Sanders; it's a tougher call for those in swing states; but 43 states count write-in candidates - with varying degrees of rules. In my opinion, if you really do support Sanders, why not vote for the candidate you really support, it also sends a message that the Sanders revolution is alive and well.


So the two monolith parties each get taxpayer money; all the others don't. (That's what I read yesterday...not sure where.)

And you must get 15% in corporate polls in order to participate in corporate debates broadcast mostly on corporate networks.

And the Green Party candidate gets almost zero corporate media coverage, just like corporate media did to Bernie Sanders.

And that's where I part company with this wonderfully rigged system we've got. It took decades for me to realize just how corrupt our parties, our elections, our government really is.

I'm voting only for the people who represent my belief that the little people matter the most, not the least.


Thanks for this article and the info on the convention and the CNN appearance.
I love hearing Dr. Stein speak, she is graceful, knowledgeable, and she doesn't evade questions. She is the type of female I wish would be the first female president, a roll model.
So happy they are running a candidate for Senate here in Colorado. Michael Bennet has sold us out to the oil and gas companies and other right leaning positions. He's got to go.


Regarding those write-in options:



We don't need "candidates who have ideas." We know exactly what we want and need. This is for you, bodhileroc.

You're welcome!


The world will end with Clinton, too. She's gung-ho to use those nukes and start WWIII. Killing people amuses her -- watch the videos when she laughs and smiles after talking (1) that girl that was raped (2) people who were tortured and then killed. She's not better than Trump -- she's just a different kind of evil.


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Hardly a Clinton strategem, I plan to write-in Sanders, and anyone who truly believes in the revolution will so the same.


Stein's experience = 0; Sanders = 30 years. I have actively worked for Sanders and continue to with his new efforts. I plan to write-in his name on my ballot in November.