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'Beyond Comprehension': Since 2015, Half of All Corals in 'Forever Damaged' Great Barrier Reef Have Died

'Beyond Comprehension': Since 2015, Half of All Corals in 'Forever Damaged' Great Barrier Reef Have Died

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest coral system, has been "forever damaged" by anthropogenic global warming, according to a new study published Wednesday by Nature.

"Beyond comprehension: In the summer of 2015, more than 2 billion corals lived in the Great Barrier Reef. Half of them are now dead."
The Atlantic


This World needs a working Environmental Protection Agency now more than ever.


My disgust with humankind knows no bounds. And yes, I lump myself in.


The corals seems to be the canary in the coal mine when it comes to global warming. The effects of global warming in a few decades could be in the category of “unthinkable” which makes it hard to convince people this is an emergency situation. Under a worst case scenario the global warming could reach 4C in about 30-40 years. That would be three times the increase in global warming that we have already experienced. And even in the more likely event that the worst case scenario does not occur it only postpones what will happen a few decades. Progress to address climate change has been very slow in every sector. Renewable energy still accounts for only a small percentage of electricity. The vast majority of vehicles still have gasoline-powered engines. Most heating is still done by combustion of fossil fuels. Eating meat is still as common as ever and probably even more so. Deforestation has not been halted. Not a single developed country is on track to meet it Paris Climate Agreement pledges and as anticipated emissions are still increasing almost all developing countries. Global carbon dioxide emissions have not yet begun to decline at all and are believed to have even increased by about 2% last year. The future for coral reefs looks bleak and so does future for human civilization.


And president Donald Trump couldn’t care less as long as corporations get richer. This is a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. Of the rich, by the rich and for the rich.


What is even more beyond comprehension is that we find ourselves born into cultures where $$$$$ is all that matters, ruled by those ensuring $$$$ continues its reign to the detriment of our world and all life upon it.
What would be fully comprehensible is a new culture that benefits us all and our world.
Don’t buy the lies, corruption and fear. We can make $$$$ work for us all.


Too true a metaphor. Canaries dropping off are the first sign that nothing can live down there. That’s the signal from the greatest coral reef, and from all coral reefs: nothing can live down there in the global ocean. That’s a signal of end-Permian level extinction.


Another negative impact that is outside of the market economy.

last night we watched nova’s “Decoding the Weather Machine” as meteorologists examine the causes and effects of global warming and climate change. the scientist conclude that co2 greenhouse gases have spiked and continue on an upward trajectory since the beginning of the industrial revolution. fossil fuel burning is the major culprit. the major sponsor of nova is the koch brothers’ foundation,

however, scientists wonder that the amount of co 2s humans add to the atmosphere somehow disappear. the earth should be warming even faster? so, who’s taking up the slack? of course, the forest inhale a lot of the greenhouse gases, but with deforestation along with major fires dead and decaying trees emit more co2 gas. the ocean absorbs most of our mess, but even with that the warming trend continues to rise. all ocean life including the beautiful coral reefs are now at risk. why, we must ask do the koch brothers sponsor this proof of anthropocentric global warming? well, i haven’t watched the entire expose’ but i’m sure we’ll see the “deus ex technolica” as the answer. (we do plan to watch the rest of the story.)

at the conclusion of part one the scientists and engineers agreed fixing the problem will be very expensive as if little green pieces of paper with president’s pictures on them can combat global warming. actually, we need to dramatically change our life style. our problems caused by technology cannot be solve by technology. self-aggrandizing human hubris leads us to believe our little selves to be in charge of the cosmos. we are not! we are a part of a universal symbiotic living construct. of course the koch brothers and such only want to keep the money drifting up into their hands. life is for living. money only confuses the issue.


Sooooo true! One has to wonder what it will take to convince people of the devastating and future consequences of global warming.

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We’ve crossed the Rubicon now, there’s no turning back.


Another casualty from the Faustian bargain the majority has accepted. Voters have no excuse for not being aware of where candidates stand on global warming. If GW was a prime mover in voting outcomes, we’d have a much different set of politicians.

Here are a few categories they fall into:

The Uncle Milty free market warriors. Governments shouldn’t meddle in the affairs of free people. If you believe GW is caused by fossil fuel use, stop using it. But don’t intrude on my choice, especially with the ‘science’ you trust being so uncertain. The sickest part of this argument is that some actually believe it. You can understand management at oil companies or their big investors shilling this con. It’s the average citizen standing on their ‘don’t tread on me, damn the consequences’ soapbox who are really scary.

The second category contains, imo, the majority. They believe - probably - that accelerated burning of stored energy produced over eons causes or contributes to GW. They haven’t experienced enough deleterious effects in their daily lives to alter behavior or have government do it for them. They’ve been brainwashed to believe, that, in doing so, their standard of living will take a hit. Unlike the group listed above, whose hair would have to catch on fire when going outside before believing, this group is open to persuasion.

The last and smallest group sees GW as an imminent threat to human existence. Included in this group is over 95% of climate scientists. Whether it’s 50 years or 500, the time is infinitesimal on a geologic, even human scale. Their information campaign is no match for the denialists in both dollars and political power.

One of Fox News’ favorite tactics is to take of grain of truth in their argument, acquire trust in the viewer, and then bake the rest into loaf of steaming bullshit. So too for the deniers. C. Hitchens proved that one could find fault in even the most seemingly inviolate when he wrote a disparaging piece on MOTHER THERESA (check it out. He’s got facts to back claims of some hideous behavior). The point is that deniers pose legit questions. But when backdropped against all the accumulated data over thousands of years (ice cores), these doubts pale.

A favorite question asked by those over at Heartland Institute and other business/libertarian sites is, “Are you willing to gamble a trillion dollar economy on projections and guesses?” Of course they never mention all the new technology and job producers a green economy would yield. For the purists, that protects their FREEDOM!! from gubmint interference while keeping the oil folks filthy rich. A moral argument re the rights of future generations never enters the equation.

Another tactic is to inundate the casual observer with an avalanche of arcane stats, graphs and ‘scholarship’ which they know most won’t have the time or expertise to digest, much less refute. Like lawyers, they don’t have to win the argument. Just muck it up enough to sow doubt, and prevent government action. These think tanks are supported by an inexhaustible supply of money from wealth and corporations. The imbalance of income (power) distorts and twists private - as well as public - discourse.


Yeah, the money we spend on all that phony research really keeps me up at night. If I want phony research, I’ll go to the source, and get some good, wholesome corporate funding.

Obviously, you’re a bot, so I won’t waste my afternoon working you over, but maybe you should consider a forum where people will take you seriously. I hear the cartoon network has a great site, and since you’re a big fan of basic science, I think you’ll really enjoy the Road Runner vs Coyote episodes.

What f’ing moron… Jesus H… This is how the world ends-- stupidly.


BS Bob! Denial of MMGW are tales (corporate-political propaganda) told by idiots and cheap shills that have (1) zero comprehension or understanding of scientific evidence, (2) zero integrity, respect for truth or Mother Earth, (3) a mind-numbing ignorance/blindness for what is happening all around us., “No evidence”, “no real proof”?? Only a moron, fossil-fuel corporate whore, R’Con/Faux news idiot and fool fool believes the science behind MMGW is not real! Out damned spot!

The evidence is overwhelming. Record-breaking temperatures, humidity, and sea level rise, along with many other indicators, show that the Earth is warming fast, and that all the heat-trapping emissions we release into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels is changing our climate.”



I know where I live and perhaps where you live nobody seems to be paying the least bit of attention to the deniers. It is as if there are no deniers. But in certain parts of the US their message is very powerful. I think the view of the Koch brothers borders on the insane. To them, government regulations would be a worse outcome than the effects of climate change. So how do you argue against that? How could a rational person not conclude that their view is crazy? Basically they are so obsessed with any role of the government to help society as a whole (in their view there is no common good) that are willing to take everything down to prevent government regulations. This is what happens when you take the libertarian view to the extreme. Absolutely nothing matters but national defense and the ability to accumulate wealth without any interference by the government (they call it liberty).

Completely comprehensible also predictable and predicted. more to follow.

“as if little green pieces of paper with president’s pictures on them can combat global warming”

Well said.


There has been a carefully crafted narrative developed by the financial elite ~ since JFK - and certainly following the Powell memo - to alter the electorate’s view of government. With the rise of unions and the middle class, race and gender empowerment and, shockingly, the first time in U.S. history its people were protesting a war, the ruling class had to act. And, as Powell implored, they must do something the rich ain’t too good at - work together for a common cause. So they pooled their resources and bought up media, created think tanks and infiltrated lefty colleges with endowments. When K Street was built and bought D.C. the coup was complete. They wisely understood that whoever controlled your sources of information would influence your opinions.

Reagan was the first blatant gambit. Before him, who would even think to say the government is your enemy? The only thing standing between you and complete corporate/wealth control is government. But if you’re constantly bombarded with thieving congressmen, welfare cheats, $500 toilet seats, illegal aliens, endless war, tax cuts which pay for themselves, etc. etc. - who could blame them. Their message is louder than the progressives because rich people own most of big media and the airwaves, and now the government. They have no interest in fairness doctrines, regulations or (god forbid) taxing wealth as we did from the mid 30’s until 1980.

So the wealthy, for now, have won the propaganda war which includes the ‘debate’ over GW. With the Supreme Court ruling money is speech, it’s hard to see how this trend can be reversed in the short run. Hopefully, kindling such as Commondreams will somehow catch a favorable breeze and one day whoosh into a bonfire.

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We have lost forever so very much - as horrendous and disturbing a loss as can possibly be - countless creatures forever extinct, and I can barely tolerate the knowledge of that obscene reality, especially when so few really know the truth and how our “leaders” are so…depraved, they just do not care… I know your dedication, concern, and respect for our Mother and Her creatures Steven, I read it in your comments, and I applaud and respect your advocacy…thanks for all you do.

As a total aside: there is a “show preview” and “Hide preview” adjustment in the lower right comment box when composing a comment. When in “hide” mode the images from a linked article will be small - unless you edit the comment, then they will revert to the humongous images that i found just too much, too distracting…you might as well. Peace

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thanks, but i heard that line somewhere. i think it was from the drama,“Longmire”