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'Beyond Disturbing': Right-Wing Bolsonaro Government Charges US Journalist Glenn Greenwald With Cybercrimes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/21/beyond-disturbing-right-wing-bolsonaro-government-charges-us-journalist-glenn


American-style tyranny spreads…


Mr. Greenwald is the enemy of the Bolsonaro, Regime, stay safe Glenn.


The criminal operation that is Bolsonaro and his cronies can only do what they know : criminalize and delude themselves into believing that the cocks they keep displaying flapping on their foreheads are actually some kind of organ engaged with reality driving their violence and violations. The bubble will burst but in the meantime it is a truly dangerously mean time.

Might be worth revisiting CDĹ› posting by Pedro Telles: Whose Democracy in Brazil?


Time to relocate to better digs Glen.

Where’s that?

I wish I knew.


Most of his readers will not find this move by the lawless Bolsonaro surprising. I’ve feared even worse for him for some time.

Will the Brazilian populace sufficiently wake up and rise up? Or are they, too, mesmerized and stultified by the steady streams of propaganda like their US counterparts? We allow our best and bravest to be sacrificed to the gods of imperial commerce.


Bolsonaro is a right-wing, religious nutcase, biosphere-killing, Trumpsucking fascist.
I’m sure he’d have rather just had Glenn and his husband assassinated.
Glenn already caught Bolsonaro and his allies fabricating charges and imprisoning political rivals, so no charges against Glenn are at all valid.
Nor can we expect the US Embassy to help Glenn.
This is what Empires do to truth-tellers.


Kudos to the NYT for publishing the article. I wonder if any of its opinion editors will follow it up with the type of outcry included in this CD article. Then again, why should they- or any of the MSM speak out? They never spoke out for Assange, Snowden, or Manning- leaving all three to rot for their efforts to expose corruption. I won’t hold my breath.


If I were Glen and his husband I would have run for the border a long time ago. Their days are numbered in Brazil. Bolsonaro has had people killed for less. A lot less.


Seriously !! Where in the world of the International Security State can anyone be safe and secure ??


Nor will I. The New York Times is now just one of the major voices of empire that enables the perpetuation of evil. Perhaps it, and its sisters like the Washington Post, have always been this way and i just didn’t see it. Come to think of it, they were the papers of choice for the CIA’s “Operation Mockingbird”, so I suppose my awareness of their deviousness has just come later.

In any case, it’s hard when I can hardly bring myself to look at the copy that my favorite coffee-shops have sitting out for customers. I find I’m almost always enraged either at the spin of what they do write about, or by the fact that they completely ignore any violations of human rights or decency unless they’re about Trump.

They hardly ever mention the Biden connection to Ukrainegate, but when they do, they always do so dismissively as “conspiracy theories about Biden” - ignoring that the by-now well-documented facts disclosing very real corruption that is at least as bad as that for which Trump is now being impeached.

The NYT , WaPo, et al should be treated as the POS propaganda mills that they’ve chosen to become. I used to be an advocate for daily papers, and I suppose there are a few that still have some integrity, but the aforementioned deserve to go under for their duplicity.


Bolsonaro may be homophobic and climate-change-denying, but that’s not why he’s going after Glenn. It’s for the same reason the “authorities” in the US and UK, assisted by those in Ecuador and Australia, are going after Assange and Manning–because they revealed the crimes of the mafias running governments. Those mafias wish to establish that they are above the law, and that revealing their crimes to the public will get you killed.


It would be nice if journalists also stood up for Julian Assange (as Mr Greenwald did). Letting the Swedes, Brits and Americans (such great upholders of freedom of the press and supporters of the need to speak truth to power: not) imprison and torture him has opened the door to this kind of abuse all round the world.


The only way the MAFIA can exist anywhere, is by support and protection of Elites –
they only exist at their pleasure.

And this is because Elites have always required the assistance of MAFIA/criminals to do
their dirty work for them. But they are not the same people; though it is more and more
difficult to tell the difference between them.

This is also where you’ll find that CIA (which supports Elite interests across the board –
their need for intelligence and to protect “capitalism” around the world – and to cooperate
with their fellow Elites around the world with the intelligence services working together) –
working with the MAFIA, as they’ve long done – from Bay of Pigs to assassination of JFK
and other leaders - on and on.


There’s no one-upsmanship in the category of courage. Chelsea Manning could make her life a lot easier by just caving. Snowden’s right not to come home to a farcical legal system. Assange is virtually undone – apparently not much left of his tortured frame, or mind. What they have in common with Greenwald: loyalty to principles more important than mortality. Literally something to die for.

Absolutely extraordinary courage has marked the careers of Greenwald and his husband all their lives. With them on the ground, there’s a better chance of turning Brazil around.

As someone who cares deeply about Greenwald, I’d like to hear more about what to expect from here, in terms of procedings and possible imprisonment, if anyone has any reliable information about that.


Over at Josh Marshall’s Hillarybot ass-licking site the regulars are laughing at Greenwald and baying for his blood. The rest of the corporate media will do so too, though with more ambiguity and better writing than the fourth rate rag TPM.


Likewise this journalist:



WikiLeaks, Nozomi Hayase, has made it clear; they got away
with silencing Assange; now no authentic journalist is safe from
the CIA/MI6/Mossad arm of the military-industrial complex.


Intercept Brasil just released this statement (from Glenn’s twitter account, which I won’t link to since that function has been disabled at CD). Rough translation:

Intercept note on the complaint filed today by the Federal Public Ministry in the Federal District against journalist Glenn Greenwald [1/2]

  1. The dialogues used by the MPFna denounce are strictly the same ones that had been analyzed there by the Federal Police during the Spoofing operation, to which the PF did not attribute any criminal conduct to Glenn.

  2. The PF concluded: “It is not possible to identify the moral and material participation of journalist Glenn Greenwald in the investigated crimes.”

  3. The PF also highlights the “careful and distant attitude towards the execution of the invasions” by the co-founder journalist of Intercept. ”

  4. Glenn Greenwald was not even investigated by the PF, as there was no evidence of crimes committed against him.

  5. It is perplexing that the Federal Public Ministry is present with a clearly political role, in the contraction of the investigation of the Federal Police itself.

  6. At Intercept, we see in this action an attempt to criminalize not only our work, but all of Brazilian journalism. There is no democracy without critical and free journalism. Brazilian society cannot accept abuses of power like this.


You can include the billionaire owned Los Angeles times. Nothing but shills for the government and elites. Horrible newspaper. Nice post.

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