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'Beyond Disturbing': Trump Says He's Working on Plans to Deploy Troops Along US-Mexico Border


'Beyond Disturbing': Trump Says He's Working on Plans to Deploy Troops Along US-Mexico Border

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After days of ranting and raving on Twitter about the "caravans" of migrants currently making their way toward the United States—"caravans" that are made up largely of Honduran asylum-seekers looking to call attention to their plight—President Donald Trump on Tuesday said that he has begun working with Defense Secretary James Mattis to deploy the military to "guard" the U.S.-Mexico border until his proposed wall is constructed.


What is worse, discrimination or overpopulation?


This is basically BS and simply a message to his base that he is their asshole.


It goes beyond disturbing. Because it is really about this:


The border is adequately protected. There is no need for the wall and certainly no need for the military. This show being put on by Trump which is unconnected with reality fits in with the white nationalist movement which also is unconnected with reality. The white nationalists are not only at the gates they are in the White House. The only question is whether there will be a complete takeover of the US or will the people supporting democracy and the Constitution be able to stop it.


Hey he is the President. If he wants troops on the border, then he gets troops on the border. I think it is stupid and a waste of time, but I can think of worse things to be ordering the soldiers to do.


This caravan really stirred up the white nationalists and anti-immigrants.


I suppose this malignant move is patterned after netanyahoo and the IDF confronting/killing Palestinians along the Gaza border protesting the Israeli racist occupation - in Israel it is to serve the racism inherent in zionism and the “settlements”, and with trump used to placate his most racist neonazi admirers… and his own pathology; a very ugly caricature of the “Ugly American”… .

The subversion of many things American by Israel has been the MO over the last decades - two racists patting each other on the back for contemptible, corrupt and sociopathic behaviors; US sovereignty subverted by Israel and their lobby (read foreign agents) for those decades and our foreign policy decisions turned upside-down in the treasonous subversion of America.


Humans have always been afraid of the other not like them, regardless of population.




Exactly. The U.S./Mexican border is already heavily militarized with ICE, contractors, U.S. drones, etc. Also it is populated with privately-owned concentration camps to warehouse people without papers that were built during the Obama years when his administration was deporting more immigrants than any administration in U.S. history. Trump is an anti-immigrant piker by Obama standards and this is more ‘fake news’ that fits right into the Trumpian narrative. Nice going CD.


Trump. The president of the poor white trash.


A scapegoat distraction is worse than both.


Why do you say poor?
Plenty of wealthy whites support the ogre.


Absolutely correct and if he does move troops to the border it would be against military and civilian law and grounds for impeachment. This is terrorism.


The Honduran asylum-seekers are a product of and legacy of US meddling in Central and South America. The coup against Democratically elected Honduran president Zelaya - a pattern of destabilization and supporting right-wig regimes, long a US policy.

“Ever since the June 28, 2009, coup that deposed Honduras’s democratically elected president, José Manuel Zelaya, the country has been descending deeper into a human rights and security abyss. That abyss is in good part the State Department’s making.”

That right-wing coup is the genesis of many of the current asylum-seekers that has turned Honduras into a violence-prone gang-ridden nation, and now trump in his ignorance and arrogance targets those victims - truly a stupid person, absent even ordinary decency!.


Such as having them even more involved in the US fraudulently justified criminal wars of terror/aggression in the Middle East and Africa, or any that our bosses in the Zionist terrorist foreign lobby AIPAC directs?


No argument here. Thank you for your post. It helps in educating the US population (the ones that bother to read) that we are not the good guys that we profess so blatantly. Yeah, I’m an American, but I’m not a hypocrite nor do I support many things the government has done…especially when it comes to humanitarian concerns resulting from the decisions the country has made to exploit the natural resources of other nations, or overlook humanitarian transgressions of people of other nationalities when we ‘want’ something from that country. I wish the US was truly moral. I wish the US didn’t wage wars of aggression against countries who have resources it covets and/or have never attacked us. I wish the US really stood for human rights and that power and greed weren’t the driving forces behind its international behavior. P.S. I also wish our present president had an IQ of over 80 and a heart for humanity instead of personal wealth.


P.S. You’re spot in regarding AIPAC.


Lousy choice. That said, I would choose overpopulation over discrimination. It’s not inconceivable that at some point Americans will be discriminated against…not because we are necessarily vile…but because our government is.