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'Beyond Incomprehensible': Bipartisan Covid Relief Package Would Let Paid Sick and Family Leave Expire

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/09/beyond-incomprehensible-bipartisan-covid-relief-package-would-let-paid-sick-and

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Wonder what Pelosi’s excuses will be THIS time?



Greatest country on earth, right. I’ve never seen so many homeless in my downtown. Normally, they would be shooed away by business owners or police acting on their part in order to keep business thriving, but there is not much business to be had now. Street corners are filled with those pleading for money to find a warm place to stay for the night. The workers are damned glad to have jobs now and show it through their smiles and extraordinary service. In the trenches, the People are trying to make things work as best they can. In DC–horseshit gridlock. The recalcitrant congress critters should be shackled to the lampposts of DC, hosed down, and left to fend off the cold for the night with a pot of hot coffee just out of reach.


This is the best that the two corporate controlled political parties that have been in power for over 200 years can propose.

Bipartisan cooperation is a lie.


What was it I said a few weeks ago?  Something along the lines of not voting for Sleepy / Creepy Joe Biden 'cause
I expected him to be little more than a tourniquet to stop the very worst of the carnage left behind by Tweetle-Dumb?
The current bullshit being fomented by BOTH parties just proves that the 'Poop-Lickans and the DimWit-Rats remain nothing more than the right wing and the soiled tail-feathers, respectively, of the same duopoly bird.  And just in case you haven’t noticed, it’s not just a dirty bird — it’s flightless too . . .

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I guess the Preamble is finished, we are no longer the People of the United States----The Statue of Liberty spoke of the wretched refuse of those coming to these shores for a new life---- I wonder what Emma Lazarus, the poems writer, would think today, to see citizens of all nations and all ages being turned into serfs , white starving to death as they are thrown out of their rentals…
I guess we all should have seen it coming eventually . I mean there was that funny but scary movie called----NETWORK. Somehow , with Donald Trump, it seems like we are living in that movie, but now it’s been combined with SOYLENT GREEN, and soon, we’ll be reduced to eating other people as the planet is dying anyway. I wonder what Mitch, and Barr and Trump and Pompeo will taste like------probably CHICKENS----because that is what we have-------- a government full of people who are afraid to act. : (


So Q-Anon isn’t that far off (except it wasn’t just Bill Clinton & Prince Charles at Epstein’s parties, but Trump & McConnell were there too), and rumors that Rudy Ghouli-Loony is working on incorporation papers for the Koch Industries / Kushner Enterprises partnership to build a new dog-food plant in Texas – SoyLent Brown – are true?

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HI UncleFester:
Oh it’s worse than that . Rudy F’****d up and I don’t think he’s ever coming back from his Covid trip!

Not if you are financially tied to Big Business and Banks.

Actually, they ARE cooperating …
… or colluding, if you prefer.


— WE won’t be eating THEM. They’ll likely be eating US.
They’ll hire Proud Boys to prepare US for their dinners.

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I propose a law that the swearing in ceremony to Congress includes a forehead tatoo that reads, “I don’t give a f**k about you.”

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If Joe Manchin is speaking for the Democratic Party while Mittens looks on, you can be sure “we the people” are getting screwed.

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Manchin is, and has been a sellout. A righty from a right-wing state.
I’m not sure what the problem is with democrarts here on CD. Is there something they want that is wrong headed?
Holding out to prevent business interests from escaping charges of abuse and negligence seems reasonable.

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