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Beyond Ironic, Obama's Pending Arctic Visit Invites Charges of Hypocrisy


Beyond Ironic, Obama's Pending Arctic Visit Invites Charges of Hypocrisy

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

"Alaskans are on the front lines of one of the greatest challenges we face this century: climate change," President Barack Obama said in a video posted on the White House website Thursday, in which he announced an upcoming trip to the state to highlight the crisis of global warming. "Climate change once seemed like a problem for future generations. But for most Americans, it’s already a reality."


After Obama announced his so-called Climate Plan, pretending to cut power plant emissions, Naomi Klein said he's "beginning to sound like a climate leader." But Obama's been using green mouthwash for quite awhile. This is what he said in a 2008 speech accepting the nomination:

if we are willing to work for it, and fight for it, and believe in it, then I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children... this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal

The same guy who said this went on to sabotage the 2009 Copenhagen climate talks, facilitate BP's ecocidal outrage in the Gulf, launch the fracking boom, and open up the Arctic for drilling. "Hypocrisy" is too kind a word for Obama's insultingly blatant greenwash opportunism.

Republican troglodyte denialists are regularly skewered in CD comments. But our US duopoly offers us the choice between blissfully ignorant assholes and slick hypocrites. I find the hypocrites more odious, myself.


Hypocrisy? No, obscenity! Prez "change we can believe-in" pushes feel-good baby steps on a few issues to distract us, while with his other hand gifts corporations, financial/banker/Wall St parasites and the uber-wealthy the real power and obscene profits. a charade of for-profit insurance scam health-care "reform", Oil drilling in the arctic (after his first Interior sec, the odious Ken salazar, allowed the political/regulatory climate for the Deep water Horizon Gulf catastrophe (no mandate for sonic switches) and the non-clean-up/dispersant scam that followed, TPP. TTIP and "fast-track" for global corporate domination (read fascism), a disgrace of a "Justice" Department and pathetic AG Holder (being put out to (very) green corporate pastures) after never prosecuting any actual person for the robbery of millions, environmental/animal rights/habitat protection record as weak and ignorant (too little, too late) as any fool, committing our own and coddling/defending/financing Israeli crimes against humanity/war crimes and racism.....man, the list of betrayals is long indeed and the few sops to progressive issues, justice and equality, financial reforms are pathetically few and weak. With friends like that who needs Republicans......


Dear President Obama: You must come clean with yourself! The majority of money that you and your dem corporate cohorts receive, comes from the extractive & polluting corporations that are killing Mother Earth - THIS DOES NOT COMPUTE! Come back to us working People out here in America's Heartland. We are the source of the honorably sourced money that can save us all from "The Forces of Greed" - that you are now representing. (Thank you Kevin Zeese & Dr. Margaret Flowers!)


Do pay attention. The MIC in coalition with Wall Street has already won the next election.


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I didn't mean to sound as cheeky as my post sounds when I re-read it (sorry) but I was relying to:
In order really go all out to avoid a climate catastrophe it is absolutely imperative that that either Bernie Sanders or Martin O'Malley become the next US president.
Do you really think anyone in that role is going to make much difference to anything at all? They are as powerless as the Queen in the UK, except that they actually con far more people into thinking they have real power.


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Feel the Bern! Bernie Sanders for President. I never trusted Obama because he was supported by They The Corporations. He has shown his true allegiances when he said no to single payer universal health care and now when he allows Shell to drill in the Arctic.


We're on quite different wavelengths here. I think the idea that a President gets to make real decisions is a delusion. It's a delusion that they maybe even believe themselves - and promote heavily in their campaigns, but a delusion just the same. I think Obama is actually on record for answering critics who said he should have done more, with a comment along the lines of look what happened to Kennedy.
Sorry, but I think politics is the pantomime that keeps people believing that the overall world order - however corrupt and sick it gets - is still somehow worthy of saving.


I was going to comment, but you covered it nicely. Yes--calling it "hypocrisy" is quite the understatement.


Perfection will be when our elected Representatives really represent us by voting as we the people direct them instead of doing the bidding of their corporate 'donors'. We all know these 'donations' are really BRIBES and with that wide spread corruption means corpocracy has replaced our democracy--some call that fascism. We can fix that by demanding that our Senators and our Representative votes as we, the people, instruct them to vote. With the technology of today that would be easy. Our elected officials can set up a web site to tell us what bills are coming up for a vote and inform us about the bills and give us statements both for and against the proposed new law. We the people can make a decision on what advice they want to get their representative. On a secure web site registered voters who live in the district may inform their representative how they want that representative to vote. A time period is given for this political activity and we can see how the vote is going over that time period. Only living breathing people may participate. The tally is made and the elected servant of the people will follow the directions of the constituents. That is direct democracy and can make drastic changes in the course of our nation. People will vote to use our tax funds meeting the needs of our people and to protect our environment.

Under this proposed system arctic drilling and fracking would never be legal activities. I don't think anyone would approve of us invading yet another Middle Eastern nation. I don't think anyone would vote to attack Russia or to allow the CIA to fund any military forces to kill people and blow up bridges, schools, hospitals, wedding parties or market places.

INSIST that our 'representatives vote as directed by the people and we could move in to a time of peace and prosperity all over the world. We could close all those hundreds of military bases in foreign lands. Bring our troops home to work repairing our infrastructure.

None of this will happen if we do not insist that our Representatives really represent US---the sovereign people of the United States. SOVEREIGN means the people rule!!! not the corporations.


Of course, Obama is giving his Big Oil supporters their quid pro quo.

Trump says he is not beholden to big money because he doesn't need their money. That also applies to Bernie Sanders. But although Trump may be able to get his agenda through, Bernie will have to take on the Republican Congress and SCOTUS.

Nader was right when he wrote "Only the Superrich Can Help US".

But does a superrich progressive exist?


The oligarchy that funds climate denying politicians have rigged the representative system so that instead of blaming the oligarchy itself, we waste our time blaming the politicians that depend on its largesse to survive.

The answer is direct, decentralized electronic democracy.


Perhaps an opportunity...to Feed Him... to the Wolves , Walruses and Bears


it's like killing villagers of My Lai to save them.
America is a zombie.


The mass murderer in chief is as disgusting as it gets! Throw in the deluded obomberbots and the dark humor reaches new lows.


I had expected so much from this administration that disappointed doesn't begin to cover it. From all I have read of late Dimocrats are cut from the same cloth as Republican'ts. They both continue their candidate even if he or she kicks you in the nuts because to keep promises could be inconvenient.
Vote Bernie at least he is not a slave of Wall Street and the carbon cartel.


The answer is to make private campaign bribes a class A felony.


Obama leads if his admin drastically changes its energy policy, acknowledge's the United States historic role in pumping greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, and accordingly commits to making deep cuts in current and future emission.,