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'Beyond Irregular': GOP Intel Chair Under Fire for Bizarre Trump Briefing


'Beyond Irregular': GOP Intel Chair Under Fire for Bizarre Trump Briefing

Jon Queally, staff writer

The ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday said the "beyond irregular" behavior of the committee's Republican chairman has "underscored the imperative of an independent investigation" into Russian interference in last year's election—comments that capped off a series of explosive Capitol Hill developments surrounding a controversy that refuses to die.


Daily I sit here wondering at just how legitimate was this election? One can hardly expect that Trump and his Republican cronies played according to the rules. I fear that the Repubs and Trump will institute draconian changes to our democracy and then smugly turn to us all and say "Yes but that has all been made legal now. You are too late. Better take it to the courts. Oops excuse me for laughing. But seriously... take it to the courts!"


It's entirely plausible that Nunes finds himself, as a former advisor to the Trump Transition Team, ensnared in the same investigation that his committee is supposed to be investigating.

Combine all of this Russia influence with the influence of dark/laundered foreign money (from Russia, China, India) in American politics and we likely have reached a corruption tipping point.

If I was a Trump campaign link to the Russian state with direct knowledge of collusion agreements reached, I'd be having someone check my tea for Polonium 210 and wouldn't wander too far from an ER.

Not to put too fine a point on it but what if Nunes and others (Trump included) had their elections supported through super pacs funded by Russian dark money.


And when ya think it cannot get any worse...a disaster with the dawning of every single day while the deranged demagogue is at the controls. Nunes is quaking in his boots and messing his diaper. T-dump is clueless and none of his flying monkeys dare tell him the truth about what's going down. But they, too will soon be scurrying like rats under the klieg lights.


Where are the Mad Hatter and the Hookah Smoking Caterpillar?


They're dining with The Joker at Mar-a-Lago?


Nixon resigned before he could be impeached and he had no accountability, Reagan colluded with Iran before an election? Reagan and Nicaragua and rebels and money laundering and arms and no accountability. GWB lying us into war, torture et al and no accountability for that team of killers.

No accountability for politicans but maybe a few of their minions doing as they were told.

What is wrong with this picture and it just keeps getting worse. Why not there is no accountability.
Not what I was taught as a kid nor my kid.


Comey was clearly supporting Trump when he quickly responded to Chaffetz to make sure the US knew the FBI was investigating the Clinton e-mails piled on top of the massive attacks on Clinton from the GOP and their propaganda fake new sites. Clinton still got 56% of the vote despite the Russians and decades of GOP attacks. Bottom line is if Comey allows the information the dark-side security agencies have recorded on the Trumpers and Russia to go into a 3rd party investigation with some honesty the Trumpers will be convicted of treason. Putin openly kills someone every day who may have been connected to his coup on the US. Is Tillerson visiting Russia to arrange to stay there? All the top level GOP know this. They are pushing hard to get what they need for their 1% sponsors including trying to restore the GOP SCOTUS that managed to damage democracy for them in the name of "justice". They babble because of being in a place where Trump promises to kill them if he dislikes them. Trump is no Putin despite his power over the GOP.


"...taking newly-obtained information straight to Trump..." Of course he would. How else would this work?


'"I was concerned that other surveillance activities were used against President Trump and his associates."' Now only if people accused of crimes outside the White House had their s same benefit. Now the Prez can say whatever he wants and need no evidence to back up his claims. But, we already knew that.


"Beyond irregular" is a good description of the GOP.


Nunes' briefing Trump is was obviously a heads up to Trump.

It is called engaging in a coverup.

Also, typical Pelosi, characterizing this as a "cry for help" by Nunes (not kidding), and she timidly suggests a "non-partisan commission", but of course doesn't call for a special prosecutor.

She's a real go-getter that Nancy!


To be honest, there's so much unprecedented stuff happening, so much to scream about, I think it's almost tough to develop a coherent strategy. We've never really seen anything quite like this, at least as I've experienced. We've got a president doing things and saying things that would have entailed a crisis in the past. So, I guess, as things continue to get crazier, as the GOP looks more disheveled, there is some merit to being calm and rational too, even though my instinct is to yell.


What Nunes did is rational grounds for calling for a special prosecutor.

Pelosi is offering excuses for Nunes, and paving the way politically to just sweep everything under the rug just as she did with the Bush Administration.

Emotions are beside the point in this regard. It is pattern recognition, and just more evidence that the corporate servicing power center of the Democratic Party is joined at the hip with Republicans. (I would say corporate servicing Republicans but that would be redundant)


Don't get your feathers too ruffled. I learned from the chief of staff of my last real representative, a Republican, about the practicalities of getting things done in Congress (and this was during the WJC years). There were certain things where her heart was with the left, but she had to keep her trap shut to get support of her party's powers for make/break issues for our district (a water bill, for one). I'll wager Pelosi's in some of the same positions here, and there are conversations behind what's said for publication that make a bigger difference for her than what you think. It's what they call "politics," and it isn't always, or maybe even often, consistent over time around Party positions.


I get your point, but the catch is it's going to be a neoconfederate AG who will be appointing the special prosecutor. There is absolutely no reason to trust this AG right now. As it is, it's clear there are multiple investigations occurring, especially if we take Nunes at his word about the legal intercepts occurring on an investigation unrelated to Russian election interference. If the AG moves to quash these investigations, then I think the grounds are unequivocal, let alone if the FBI recommends charges and the DOJ ignores it. The AG will have a rebellion in the ranks at that point, making a independent special prosecutor unavoidable. I just note this because I wouldn't put too much stock into what Pelosi is saying at the moment.

There's always the possibility, however unlikely, that the investigations turn up nothing too. Pelosi may just, rightly or wrongly, be operating out of caution for that reason.

Oh, might I mention, I've never thought Pelosi had a good tv presence. She'd be better off, in my opinion, having someone else do the talking, like Tom Delay used to do.


Well for pity's sake!

All that holding Pelosi accountable for her "playing politics" has gotten you all in a huff! Damn!

I will never forgive her for protecting the Bush Administration from a criminal investigation into heinous crimes such as intentionally leading a nation to war based on lies.

I will never forgive her for protecting the Bush Administration from engaging in heinous acts of torture, nor will I ever forgive Obama for his roll in protecting the Bush Administration from those crimes either.

The fact that this apparently doesn't really bother you doesn't surprise me one bit.

I mean, principles be damned. Let's be prudent! Let's consider the politics!

I mean, what? We should expect public servants sworn to an oath to protect the US Constitution to actually do that?

Oh for pity's sake!


Fact remains she has shown ZERO intention of holding officials of any stripe accountable for crimes. ZERO.

I couldn't care less about how she presents herself in front of a camera. I mean she somehow managed to say, in front of cameras and microphones the day she became Speaker of the House during the Bush Administration, with a Democratic held Senate, that impeachment was "off the table".

But, hey, she's just trying to consider Nunes' feelings. I mean, it could be a "cry for help".



I never remotely suggested that Pelosi's performance "doesn't really bother" me. I simply said she's a professional party leader, not first and foremost a representative of a district in California.

For pity's sake, indeed, can we get back to what Nunez did? Isn't that enough?


Nunes is more concerned about running interference for Trump than he is in investigating any wrongdoing.
GOP = priorities run amok.