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Beyond Mizzou: Fight for Racial Justice Spreads to Campuses Nationwide



If they have a big football program and they get the players to walk, the monetary losses will bring about change, sad it has to be tied to the money and not just the right thing to do.


OK, Crimson Tide black superstars, time to boycott the games unless the State of Alabama reopens the voting places that were closed in majority black districts. Jesse Jackson, where are you.? Would Dr. King accept the restrictions on black voters ? The entire state of Alabama lives for the football program. Missouri football has shown the way.


Black athletes have enormous political power, hopefully this is a beginning.


Some graffiti? You do a disservice to the artist of that fecal sculpture. You sound like a fan of the milieu, ever created any pieces yourself? It can be a tough medium to work with depending on the consistency, but you would know more about that than a layman such as myself. Do you display yours around the house?


Does this mean we can look forward to more professors, calling for "muscle" to shut down student reporting.

Sounds like utopia!

Oh wait...


And the graffiti may not even have existed there are no photos of it. The only photos shown have been proven to be a year old, and thus not tied to this incident.


Brings back memories of 2010 at UCSD when a fraternity was advertising a Compton cookout party where watermelon and fried chicken was gonna be served. After the usual outrage, marches etc, turned out that was stunt by a black rapper adverting his new CD His image was featured on the flyers.

In a second incident a noose was left hanging in the Geisel library. Again, after the usual, protests, marches, sit-ins and teach-ins, a "minority student" came forward and claimed she had forgotten it there after playing with it while studying. The "minority student" was expelled, but remained anonymous.


It might not be readily available online, or immediately so. I would be cautious about dismissing it just because you yourself have not found anything in your own searches.


A report on NPR stated that the protesters would not allow Caucasian reporters near the scene nor could they photograph those marching. It's an interesting development: the mistrust of the news media has become so pernicious that a relative news black out has been created. I didn't mean to make that a play on words, sorry.


Try using the term "media whiteout" (as in "whitewash" used to obscure).


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Well college and university football players across the nation should demand total social change. They could tell congress to raise the minimum wage across the board, get single payer healthcare passed pronto etc. or they will strike and not play football at all.


Yes they have a huge economic power that could be used for all kinds of leverage.


I agree - this movement appears to be a show widely promoted by established media. If a student movement arose demanding the abolition of the grossly commercialized college sports industry, then I might take it seriously.