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Beyond Morally Right, Sanders Says, Fighting Global Oligarchy a "Strategic Geopolitical Imperative"


Beyond Morally Right, Sanders Says, Fighting Global Oligarchy a "Strategic Geopolitical Imperative"

Jon Queally, staff writer

"Taking on the greed of Wall Street, the power of gigantic multinational corporations and the influence of the global billionaire class is not only the moral thing to do—it is a strategic geopolitical imperative."


Cutting the $824.6 billion defense budget would be a good place to start. A significant portion of these funds are NOT in support of our national interests, they are in support of the profitability, CEO compensation and shareholder returns of Lockheed Martin, Boeing, BAE Systems, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Northrup Grumman, etc.


Sanders is exactly right on this. The stakes could not be higher. Are we as a country up to the task? No, I don’t think so. I would love to be proven wrong on this, but I don’t see any real opposition to the fascists at all. We are so divided and pulling in so many directions, and they are so firmly in control…I just don’t see any daylight or way to even get traction on this. America prove me wrong…please.


Bernie’s quoted text:
"In a nod towards how President Donald Trump has found audience and seized political power in such a moment, Sanders says the rise of economic inequality explains much about the billionaire’s 2016 victory. “The world,” he writes, “is witnessing an alarming rise in authoritarianism and rightwing extremism – which feeds off, exploits and amplifies the resentments of those left behind, and fans the flames of ethnic and racial hatred.”

This is the fear I have. The global rise in hate and the decline of commonality. Is this hate rooted in self-hate? Is this hate being exploited by alienation due to the advent of the internet? Isolation instead of inclusion? We have become a nation of strangers. We fear the unknown instead of fearing the fear.


Dan…I firmly believe we all need to rally around the Second Bill of Rights as proposed by FDR in 1944. I have contacted Sanders, Warren and others that the country needs to grasp onto a life-raft of the common good. The proposed Bill provides a grounding force against fascism and that is of course FDR’s purpose in proposing them. We are just a little distracted, we need focus and it does that.


History says they will do it for us due to their over-reach and destruction with wars. Sheeple are disposable but the power-drunk Senate is the same as Rome ignoring what is happening outside and not caring about living things.


Mostly agreed, but I would argue that Sanders is the second-most popular US politician; None Of The Above is currently, and for the foreseeable future, #1.

First step in snatching back our democracy must be restoration of the estate tax, since, given SCOTUS decisions such as Buckley v. Valeo and Citizens United, inherited wealth now equals inherited political power (regardless of aptitude or merit).


I’m heartened to see that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schummer co-authored the article. Well OK, it’s just a “Common Dream”.


I wouldn’t trust Chuck or Nancy’s words on ANYTHING…PERIOD!!! Just like I never trusted Oliar. Pretty words without heart are worse than no words in today’s nightmare of a country.


Unfortunately, Bernie ruins his credibility by “bird dogging” for the establishment Party, trying to herd progressives into staying with the establishment with empty promises of “our revolution”, and “Justice Democrats”. It’s all an act, they are not the least bit progressive. They are just trying to hang on and kill the momentum of moving away from the Democratic Party for a new, more progressive one.


Those who are pushing instant run-off voting and calling it ranked choice voting are attempting to eliminate a modern nuanced ranking of choices that includes None of the Above.

If None of the Above were on the ballot, then half the people who are bored by contests between the likes of the dems and repubs would become enthusiastic for real democracy and vote.

There is a way to vote in Nunuv. The trick is to find the will and actually do it.


I vote Green. It’s both because I approve of the Green platform and its candidates, and because it’s the only legal way in my state to vote NOTA and still be counted (boycotting elections is what the 1% want us to do).


All politicians must be given a choice.

Fight Fascism and Tax Wall Street and Corporations to the hilt, or get the Fuck outta Washington DC either voluntarily or be removed permanently by others.


Representative US democracy has killed more than 20 million completely innocent human beings since 1945 and is about to make most life on Earth extinct. The evidence of atrocities committed by US representative democracy is held in front of us by reality.

I voted Green until this year when they began pushing IRV and calling it preferential ranking of choices (Greens know if they call IRV what it is using plain english then nobody will vote for it).

There is no theory that says democratic process used by government are actually democracy. Autonomous democracy may be established outside of government.


Bernie is right that this is a worldwide takeover by the 1% billionaires of the world. I had in my head that Bernie was to old to run for President in 2020 but I do not believe that any longer.

Run Bernie run and all you young folks run, run, run. We do need new blood in the halls of congress but BERNIE is the leader that could get us there.

I felt snookered by Obama even though he was the lesser of two evils like most democrats are and proven to be.

There is still too many of us living in lala land who think religion and politics shouldn’t be discussed. They are comfortable and getting by okay and cannot see the forest thru the entertainment and sports industries. They won’t wake up until it is too late, they’ve propagandized to not discuss these issues and too busy in front of their TV’s and Glamour books.


I don’t believe that for a moment. He’s been around for how long? 40 years and really got no attention as an independent. He knows the system and working it well.

In 2004 I started listening to Thom Hartmann radio show and Brunch with Bernie was a regular weekly conversation. I learned a lot from the two of them and I believe in Bernie being truthful and working in the interest of we the people.

Go Bernie 2020.


As a Green for 2 decades who occasionally switches to Democrat solely for the purpose of “helping” them pick progressive candidates, I think Bernie has chosen the only potentially viable way of changing this country in a positive way. A third party may be feasible some day but not in my lifetime; there are too many purposefully built obstacles ,e.g. no IRV, no debate justice, etc. I identify with Green Party because of its values but think they have no electoral promise in the foreseeable future.

Racism, gender issues, and many others are very important. But they are all dependent on economic justice which is the key to solving all other problems. Bernie would be sliced and diced if he were to come out overtly against capitalism so we need to cut him some slack. He says this more effectively by praising the Northern European countries.

Pelosi, Schumer, and the many other establishment/Wall Street Dems are liberals and I would like many of them to be replaced. Bernie is indeed a progressive and our only chance unless a new progressive charismatic, younger face appears and it would have to be soon.


I listened to Hartmann for a lot of years, even met him in person a couple of times. I started listening to him long enough ago that I saw the first interview he did with Bernie on C-SPAN in '03. However, while he talks a good progressive game, at least in the primaries, he ALWAYS ends up vociferously supporting the Democratic establishment in general elections, even over the idea of a third-party run by his long-time ally Bernie Sanders. On his forums, he also discourages talk of supporting the Greens or any other third-party insurgency. He too bird dogs for the Democratic establishment, and I gave up on him after the 2016 Primaries. If you want to see someone who has finally had enough and realizes what is really going on with the Democratic Party, then watch Jimmy Dore, part of The Young Turks who also has his own show. He has been blistering in his criticism of the party, even Bernie, and openly calls for a truly progressive third party to take down the Democrats


“This is what we can do if we have the courage to stand together and take on the powerful special interests who simply want more and more for themselves,”

If we stand together… if we hold their feet to the fire … if we stand up and be heard … if we speak out … if we demand, better … if we demand, more … if we have the courage to do what’s right … if …if

I think I’ll start a collection of these political platitudes and cheers. Nothing like rousing the congregation, but without backing it up with something of substance and providing a realistic vehicle to channel that energy, it remains just what it is, namely, talk … unless it’s Sanders talking.

Then it’s a thinly disguised invitation to take a ride with Pelosi, Shumer, Feinstein, Manchin, the Clintons, Obama and the rest. They’ll talk your ears, off, as you ride happily along, then when they’ve used you, they’ll dump you off with all the other progressives at the graveyard of social justice movements, giving you the one finger wave in the rearview mirror as they drive away. If Sanders is going to ride with these “morally right” friends of his, he can do it without me.


History describes wars which toppled empires and empires which toppled themselves through over-reach & greed, in both cases destroying many thousands of lives. The current Empire of Multi-NaZional Korporations will eventually destroy itself — and most of humanity — by both exhaustion of resources and floods & famine resulting from global warming / climate change.   If it doesn’t first destroy all life through nuclear war, that is.

IIRC, the Roman Senate once elected a horse to a position of authority.   The sheeple of the United States
have elected a Horse’s Ass to a position of authority, and our spineless Senate (which includes the House
of Representatives) aids him in spreading destruction and sowing the seeds of war.