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Beyond Orwell: Trump's Alt Universe


Beyond Orwell: Trump's Alt Universe

While social media and wiseacres everywhere have a fine old time with DerGropenFuhrer's newly created "Alternative Facts" - Yoko Ono broke up the Monkees, Trump is America's first black astronaut, zillions attended the Inauguration wearing invisibility cloaks - the press may actually, albeit woefully belatedly, be starting to do their job. In these dystopian times, says Dan Rather, "We can all step up and say simply and without equivocation. 'A lie, is a lie, is a lie.'"


Alternative facts...like ketchup is a vegetable? What's new?


I needed some upbeat nudges today and the bit about people in Hogwarts's invisibility cloaks at the inauguration was a start. Then of course, the Bernie Sanders is the real president of the United States poster.

In my alternative universe, I'll take those two, a glass of wine and too many chocolate sandwich cookies and move on.


Read the article: "D.T. is 'gaslighting' all of us" by Frida Ghitis/CNN. Mental health professionals identify this technique of creating false realities as being commonly used by narcissists, abusive spouses and dictators. Perhaps someone should file a lawsuit questioning the mental health and competency of D.T. to serve as President. Would not mental illness be grounds for impeachment? Bernie, I hope you are listening. I feel you are one of our only hopes.


And that article you are steering us toward is a perfect example of "gas lighting" neoliberal style. Thanks CNN, but no thanks. Nice try. People are catching on. Better up your game.


Never forget the purpose of all of the alternative facts incidents.
Trump knows it is hogwash and that no one believes them.
But it is all we talk about which allows him to dominate the news cycle with fluff while the real skullduggery goes on without notice.
The whole purpose is to distract us with outrageous nonsense and hide all of the important things that are really happening.


Since the article citation is not an active link, your reply is difficult to interpret. Do you have the active link?


Um, people? Did you see Trump's tweet about Chicago? Martial law, anyone?

When an autoritarian says something, take it seriously. What we see going on here, the executive actions, the rush on confirmations, the clamping down on federal agencies, it's a shock and awe campaign to make us chase out own tails, and it's working. One outrage after another.

Russia is still the real story here. (I know, a lot of you choose to believe otherwise, but do the research for yourself. The connections are too many to ignore.) But it's the Russia connections that could take this guy out of office.


Yes...for example, Sen. Jeff Flake of AZ has introduced a repeal of an 80 year old law requiring federally contracted workers to be paid the prevailing market wage for infrastructure projects. His proposed law wording attacks unions viciously and overtly.


You are spot on. We need to channel and organize our battles carefully. Can't ignore any "front", however. This s a multifarious front war. And I'm with you on the Russian front. He's a traitor and all who abed his treachery are as well. That is the whole Republican team. We need a Progressive Joe McCarthy.


This is only Day 5. Can you imagine Day 500? I can't.

Four more journalists have been charged with rioting for covering the inauguration day protests. Trump just praised Fox News in a tweet, while attacking CNN (this is a common authoritarian ploy). He proposed that we might invade Iraq and take their oil. They're an ally now. Does he know that?

You know how you can tell things are really, really bad? When John McCain starts sounding rational. When John McCain and Lindsey Graham look like the best hope for the nation.

That's where I am, five days in. I think I need to stop reading news for a while.


Dan Rather warns that "the press has never seen anything like this before,"

Wrong. Germany, 1930s. Adolf Hitler.

And now, Donald Twittler.


How does one prepare for maniacally ignorant governance? I knew the seeds of this travesty had been sown. I didn't know how much I might sooner or later fear the likes of a Kristalnacht in the US. Honestly, until the idiocy of our reaction to 9/11 played out into perpetual war and rumors of war constantly, I didn't believe our fascist tendencies could manifest. Now I can't let myself believe we aren't capable of getting the evil genie back in the bottle.....that America is better than this. Yes...Graham and McCain
as our remaining saviors..........Whatever works.....


I believe this is the same Dan Rather who said." DAN RATHER (on LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN, 9/17/01): George Bush is the President, he makes the decisions and you know, as just one American wherever he wants me to line up, just tell me where."

Dan Rather can go to hell. Or better yet, how about moving to Bagdad? Trump has just declared his intention to rip up NAFTA. As I recall this is what the Zapatistas were hoping for in their rebellion way back when. Back then the American left was supposedly in Solidarity with the people of Mexico and the Zapatistas. That all appeared to go out the window and flipped to "emigrant rights"

Right now there is carnage in Mexico and the US, the globalists are screwing with everyone. Trump is making some bold moves. I have heard that drone strikes continue in Yemen. But I also recall that the neo-con forces in the ME may be going rogue against Washington, for Israel? (See the American bombing of a known Syrian position, after Kerry had supposedly made a deal).


What I am much more worried about are Republicans, the so very happy MAJORITY!


How do I get to the Alternate Universe where Bernie Sanders is President?

I'm sure I just barely missed it. If only the leaked Clinton DNC emails had come out before the Primaries?

Na. Trump and Robert Mercer (cousin of Bush), who hacked the stock market, funded Trump at the last second and "fixed" his little electoral shortfalls in all the swing states. So even if Bernie had won the primary, we'd still have Trump.

God, I hate this planet.


Successful impeachment would give us even more-wacko President Pence. You know, the guy who passed laws that gays must be jailed and "retrained" to act normal, before the state supreme court knocked it down? The guy who tried to outlaw social security and medicare?

A very scary dude indeed. A certified end-times Fundy from hell. Let's keep Trump, O.K.?


I'd rather have Trump than Pence. Pence wanted to outlaw all social programs. You know, like Social Security and Medicare.

Egads, what is it with you and the Russians? Are you Syrian or something?


Good One, George!


What is a temporary antidote to this dystopian presidential train-wreck? another kind of Trainwreck. (Only available in some free states of the USA)

"Trainwreck begins its speedy hurtle through the mind with a surge of euphoria, awakening creativity and happiness. Migraines, pain, and arthritis are mowed down by Trainwreck’s high THC content, and many patients also use it for relief of anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD (Post Trump Stress Disorder)."

Look for it at your local dispensary. Cheers.