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Beyond Outrage: How an American Trophy Hunter Killed the 'Wild Soul of Africa'


Beyond Outrage: How an American Trophy Hunter Killed the 'Wild Soul of Africa'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Reports that a Minnesota dentist paid $50,000 to shoot, stalk, kill, and skin a beloved African lion have led to renewed calls for a ban on the import of lions killed in trophy hunting.


There are petitions online to have this monster prosecuted.


I hope that Palmer is hounded out of his comfortable life in a very public manner to demonstrate that moral people are beyond such selfish acts of barbarity in the name of testosterone. (I’ve consulted my hound and she is quite willing to offer her services.)


None of you outraged meat eaters have the moral authority to condemn this animal killer. 10 billion “food” animals are slaughtered in the U.S. every year and you don’t give a damn about those animals so stop calling this jerk a monster and pretending to be morally superior to him.


i’m not a meat eater and i’m outraged by how animals and every living thing are considered ‘other’. But your attack style is offensive and it enlightens no-one.

Trpohy hunting is obscene. Meat eating is a different issue.


Ignorance and entitlement aren’t an American monopoly. Many of our fellow Canadians hunt grizzles, moose and lottsa other innocents as a trophy our bison are just as dead as their US cousins. The problem is between our species ears not between borders.


Chill the hell out, “Zen”. Everyone is at a different stage in this life. Please practice what your screen name implies.


I fully intend to be offensive because I find meat eaters to be offensive people. It is impossible to enlighten them so I make no effort to. They do not listen to reason and they lack empathy for all living things and they mock vegetarians so why be nice to them as if you approve of their life style? You think you can enlighten them? Do it! And the callous killing of lions and so-called food animals are not two separate issues. Both actions are unkind and stupid and indefensible.


That jerk should never have a day of peace the rest of his life for this crime. Hopefully all of his current dental patients and any potential ones will find out and abandon this depraved human. Could you imagine trusting this dickhead to do dental work?

Edit…this comment was meant to be a reply to the article, not to zen Sorry for the cornfusion.


Zen practice does not imply remaining silent by “chilling out.” Silence is consent and collaboration. I will speak out when someone needs to speak out and I will not be intimidated into silence. My Zen practice is limited to not killing animals and spending an hour a day in meditation after performing 108 prostrations. I am not a monk.


Did you mock vegetarians before you came one? Or were you one of the tiny minority of people on this planet that were conditioned as kids to not eat meat by vegetarian parents?

I’ve been around many vegetarians in my life discussing their transition from eating meat and the benefits they have gained. Not once have I ever heard an mockery from either side. Surely such mockery happens but your assertion that such behavior is an absolute among meat eaters toward vegetarians is frankly bullshit. Your arguments make a mockery of how most vegetarians and meat eaters relate to each other. Millions of years of humans eating animals and animals eating humans.

Slowly killing an animal for sport, by someone going on vacation to do so is the epitome of cruelty and should be damned by vegetarians and meat eaters alike.


This hideous serial killer says he “loves to hunt” and does so legally. What he “loves” is to cause animals pain and suffering and kill them without the least empathy - how many other killings by this POS were “canned hunts” like Cecil’s? Cecil the Lion was wounded suffering in pain for 40 hours before finally being killed. Palmer plead guilty in 2008 to making false statements about a black bear he killed in Wisconsin. Palmer had a permit but shot the bear outside the authorized zone in 2006, then tried to pass it off as being killed elsewhere" - so much for “hunting legally”, he is also a confirmed liar! I don’t think this depraved ego-killer has the slightest inkling what “love” is. I can only hope he is prosecuted to the fullest, goes to prison for a very long time and at some point in his life experiences the same pain and suffering he inflicted on numerous innocent animals, killed for the sake of a “trophy” - a truly despicable human!


Thank you for humbly sharing your zen practice with us. You are a shining example of enlightenment that perhaps us mere mortals can ascend to in some distant lifetime. You are a joy to behold, truly.


You clearly have learned nothing - certainly not how to get a point across and change peoples ideas without alienating them - that failure will change no minds or hearts.

"Take care of your thoughts because they become words.

Take care of your words because they will become actions

Take care of your actions because they will become habits

Take care of your habits because they will form your character

Take care of your character because it will form your destiny, and your destiny will be your life.

There is no higher religion than the truth."

His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama


His Holiness. I do not believe in holiness; there is no border that separates the sacred and the profane because they are the same thing. You have no idea what I have learned and you are a fool to announce that I have learned nothing. I have not seen your postings in this forum but in those postings you have apparently persuaded meat eaters to change their ways with wise words that did not offend them. Congratulations on your achievement! You are so superior to me and I envy your skills!


Actually, my dream would be that this hunter be shown shown how backward it is to value already dissociative 17th century practices for demented egos in the anthropocene. The difference today might best be that he lose his right to practice (perhaps more accurately defined as ‘doing business’) and spend 10 years in a zen retreat to explore the vast world of wisdom that has apparently been reduced to notions of a type of tooth that represents a chunk of $ in dental office extraction procedures.


So you are saying that sacred vegetarianism and profane meat eating is the same according to your zen practiced awareness?


I’m just remembering the crimes of the dog killer and torturer, ex-quarterback Vick, and the sadness/empathy I felt for his innocent and defenseless victims - for the terror and pain they felt as they were slaughtered for some depraved notion of fulfillment, ego or ordinary sadism. I feel the same contempt for Cecil’s depraved killer and same sadness for Cecil’s terror and eventual death - how many other innocent beings just trying to live felt the same terror and pain at the hands of Cecil’s “hunter”?


I hope so! Christ, this guy belongs in jail!


Thank you, mr_mud! Way to go! That’s telling him/her!