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'Beyond Outrageous' That Trump Administration Ignored Health Worker Safety Concerns During Pandemic, Says Sanders

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/30/beyond-outrageous-trump-administration-ignored-health-worker-safety-concerns-during


Yes, it IS very far “beyond outrageous” that the Trump administration is “ignoring” safety complaints from health workers risking their lives to combat the crisis.", ignores the sixth mass extinction and our planet in great peril all are ignored, and all are criminal in the extreme!

The trump regime is still endangering millions daily especially heath-care workers, while he lies about most everything regarding the pandemic and plays golf.
The inability of candidate Biden to attack trumps inhumanity and utter lack of responsibility in this deadly and critical time, is a huge problem. The trump madness and malignant ego must be challenged at every utterance of astonishing ignorance, criminal contempt for people’s lives, and role of science in his rambling blather; sorry, Joe just doesn’t have the ability.
The end of this tragedy and crimes by trump & Co against millions and the planet must be ended in November/January and then the accountability begin - and it must! ,Again Biden does not have the intent or Moxie, and it’s unlikely his Cabinet choices will have the force and vigor to do what needs doing.
Bernie is articulating the needs and outrages as Biden is not, but the DINO DP/DNC and entrenched craven sellouts are not listening, and care even less.

All of that is also “beyond outrageous”!


We all need to go and camp out on the wh lawn in protest. Except we live in a police state and will be shot dead if we so much as go near the place.
I do have a new pitch fork though.


At any time its not beyond the realm of imagination that a bad egg can phenagle their way into the presidency and commit outrageous acts, what is beyond imagination is a government of some 535 people in congress and another 9 in the courts who are willing to look the other way and whistle a tune while he commits them as if in complete agreement. There are no checks and balances in this failed state.-.


Scalia living up to the family name by showing complete indifference to the struggles of everyday working people. His pops is smiling somewhere in the depths of Hell !


I must digress and beg forgiveness.

Sometimes when we are filled with emotion of one form or another by events we cannot control, all we can do is feel, and heal as much as possible, or just a little, catharsis and healing are embodied in great music and song.

I listened to an old favorite from Emmylou, and found a commentary on lyrics and meaning that made great sense about transcending - transmuting - any religious core or meaning of a song to a secular understanding. Here are some passages excerpted from that essay by Andrew Brown from 2011.

"- the paradox of Emmylou Harris’s Christian music -
these songs, performed by her with Spyboy are not in the least complacent or preachy. They are full of anguish and unbridled joy.
-the secular aesthete can think of the musicians and composer as being inspired by something they do not believe. At the very least, we would say that the music transcends theology.
“It is not that they convey, or fail to convey the meaning of the words. It is that the meaning lies almost entirely in the performance -they are catching something of the essence of religious language. It isn’t meaningless: you can’t listen to those performances and say they are meaningless. But it has no literal meaning - much more like theatre than art music. Done right it doesn’t promise enlightenment or even truth, only catharsis” - Andrew Brown.

This is the case in point and very powerful for me, especially today.





We should keep in mind that when Biden won hugely in the south, Bernies funding diminished greatly.
Did he have enough financial support to keep on going.

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Read this article and ask yourself, who will win this case?

It all seems so innocuous.


BTW this is really about quotas. We agreed to lose an unlimited number of what they claim are overpaid jobs. India is also helping us get rid of Social Security.

Why educate, when you can rent?


The people who think Biden loves them, Biden is just keeping an eye on them.

Meanwhile he’s planning to write them out of the American drama.

They’re too expensive. It kills profits.

“India is helping us get rid of Social Security” ?

In view of the serial efforts of the GOP and the Dimcritter Party enablers to dismantle Social Security during the past four decades, no help is needed.


How about five or six bad apples in a row?

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The only way to get Trump or Biden to respect the lives of workers is to pay them more and Trump or Biden less.

Hi zed:
Hmm usually you are s0 thoughtful----Bernie didn’t bow out but he did suspend his campaign. He was and is on the ballot of a lot of states—but again, electors steal things all the time so who knows the real story. : ( The fraud? That all belongs to trump…

I believe we’re being set up in a huge scheme to stop having to pay American decent wages. I grew up with oligarchs so I know they are obsessed about certain things that most of us dont realize they think about. One of them is they dont like paying higher wages here than they would in a Third World country. They feel its unfair to them.


So they set up a deal to trade jobs away -since they have the right to write trade deals they wrote one that does it. Read this article, see where it says “unlimited”?


The deal was still in negotiations and they needed healthcare to be a crisis that only their medicine solves so they left it unsolved for 25 years while tens of thousands of people died each year. People think its just we cant agree on anything but its actually rigged. Imagine that!

Its a cruel and illegal medical experiment against human subjects without informed consent.

Thats a crime against humanity!

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There’s a pressing worker health and safety issue in my part of the world right now, which also fits the “beyond outrageous” bill: the all-but deliberately inflicted COVID-19 outbreak in San Quentin prison, an architecturally beautiful structure just across the Bay (a hop via the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge) from where I write. We haven’t had and probably will never have any transparency on who in California’s penal bureaucracy decided to inflict this horror on Marin County. (Our long-time dentist is just over that bridge. Now we can’t see her for awhile.)

Gavin Newsom returns to schoolmarmish lectures about how we haven’t been following common sense precautions, while taking no questions about why he doesn’t seem to care about second or third-class Californians like the workers and detainees of our nursing homes and prisons. Beyond outrageous, it’s demonstrably suicidal to not care much about the virulent sharpening of that microbe in a playground like San Quentin. As if the microbe’s newfound virulence could stay inside those prison walls.

Gavin Newsom is a self-loathing war-criminal in the war against humanity. What’s happening today inside San Quentin is genocide by pandemic proxy.


So if we send healthcare workers out without adequate protection and the pandemic keeps rising, what do we do when there’s no one left to care for those who are sick?

I’m grateful that Bernie continues to speak out about issues affecting the ordinary people – an effort which shows more courage than most current office holders exhibit.


I think that TPTB are excited about the possibility of importing more medical workers, perhaps too excited, to the point where they almost wish ours would die off faster so they could import “GATS Mode Four” workers faster. Horrible as that sounds, narcissists are like that, and we havfe a government, both parties, seem to be controlled by narcissists.


All of the tweets in the world by Bernie Sanders will never even begin to address the lethal consequences of his monumental betrayal of his own movement (and the country and the world). At least for me, he cannot redeem himself with tweets.

“Tweets for the tweet.”


I feel that it will be most conclusive of which way the Dem’s are heading when Biden reveals Vice Presidential pick. He ain’t gonna make two terms so that is THE most important issue. She will be President one day soon!

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