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'Beyond Outrageous' That Trump Administration Ignored Health Worker Safety Concerns During Pandemic, Says Sanders

I’m not so sure. Biden and VP will most likely not change things for the better for the people who need it most. While walking for Bernie in a less well-off part of town there were so many people who were so fed up that they weren’t going to vote. Disappointment after disappointment, so unless Biden does something totally uncharacteristic, his VP will not be president. It’ll go back to the Republicans, maybe somebody even worse than Trump, as hard as that is to imagine. No, I’m scared.

Hey Bernard was it outrageous when you caved to the pathetic CARES act that barely gave crumbs to the people and TRILLIONS to the rich? Was it outrageous that you are supporting a candidate who vehemently opposes Medicare4All and has said “nothing will fundamentally change”?


America is a failed fascist nation.

awesome–he is calling for the Trump administration to be held to account–I’m underwhelmed–where is the universal health care?–the UBI for all those forced out of work? -plans for providing computers so our children can continue to learn while sheltering at home?–how about homes for the homeless?-how about taking the crisis seriously and force the morons to wear masks as a matter of public safety? (not wearing a mask is the same as yelling fire in a theater–people die from this act-not wearing a mask is murder-and these morons are criminally liable for the deaths)-how about making sure our citizens have enough to eat? --are not kicked out of their homes?–and on and on with the NOTHING he is doing–oh excuse me --he did vote to bail out the corporations to the tune of trillions and is supporting the Democratic establishment and their gas lighting inaction as they gave away their leverage --IMMEDIATELY-for the corporations – and left the public twisting in the wind for the second time in little over a decade while doubling down on our illegal and very wasteful, expensive wars–using money they COULD have spent on providing relief to the American people–note–they do this for the money they get from the corporations calling the tune–would be pathetic if it wasn’t so tragic

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We can all bet on that and be prepared to rid ourselves of them all.

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Hillary Clinton, of course.

Yeah, it sure feels like that’s where Biden is at alright.
Really, why educate when you can hand someone a cheat sheet and let them go at it.

No, you don’t understand.

They just wont be needed.
They’re too expensive compared to almost-free labor.

So they will be free to go.

As Wisconsin poet Ed Werstein writes in the Blue Collar Review;

Dying for Capitalism

Not as in, I miss you and I’m dying
to see you again soon.
Which is something
I’ve said to my grandchildren each day
since their school closed in this pandemic.

My children don’t want me to visit
because they love me, and because
I’m among the aging and vulnerable.
Trump’s death cult means it literally,
dying for capitalism.

“Useless eaters” they call us, the retired
and unemployed. In the view of the elites
loyalty to country should lead the elderly
to sacrifice what’s left of their short lives
for the sake of the economy.

Capitalism has been killing us,
for hundreds of years. I’m thinking,
it’s about time capitalism died for us.

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This is what Americans want. They rejected Sanders twice now. They want this.

Its predictable just as its predictable that soon their likely response to illness and lack of funds will become euthanasia. This is the price of the failure we’ve been led into. So long Mom and Dad, Husband or wife, children, friends.

A tiny group of people make huge profits and other people are forced into dying ahead of their time, because of total capture of politics and the resultant insanely overpriced drugs and services.

Meanwhile the connection companies had to society, the provision of jobs will be severed. Jobs will go to others, even if they have to import them and put them up.

America will be open for business, but without Americans.

They want people who will work 60 hour weeks for years, no work life balance or any of that stuff.

Who dont have student loans to pay back so can work for almost nothing. Thats the big corporations for you. Always looking for bargains. Trump uses guest workers extensively.


It would be nice if firms who only hire one nationality said Americans need not apply, but unfortunately they must document how they were not able to find any of us so they advertise the jobs, just dont ever hire the people who might have spent their last money to go to those interviews.

Hi zed:
Maybe the oligarchs you grew up with should read up on how 1789 came to be. At a certain point, as history shows----sometimes those who think they are outsmarting the system—end up being the next stage of the dispossessed. I think Roppespierre would have a bit to say about trying to control! CHANGE. History is fuff of amazing results. Who would have ever thought that Napoleon would be finished off by the arsenic in his green wa!!paper whi!e imprisoned on St He!ena? : )

Its pretty clear that the milliopns of people who are about to get evicted will be the next round of the disposessed. Nomatter what happens in politics (probably a huge swing to the right due to no more homes no more voters)

This is of course what our corporate leadership want. To break up the voting blocs in cities and send as many poor people as possible to prisons. So the bad shit that happens to them then becomes okay, since they are the fuck ups, forever. Nobody has to feel bad about ripping them all off for everything they worked their lives for even if they planned to do it all along, noone will ever notice. Poor being the new black.

Yes, Bernie lied.

Hi zed,
and the oligarchs you grew up with gave you evidence that Bernie !ied?---- Hmmm, so what did Bernie !ie about?

G as in General
A as in ‘agreement’ on
T as in “trade” in
S as in Services

And now you will vanish and stop engaging me, (I dont want you to but long experience has taught me that something is blocking any conversation)
maybe its AI thats cutting us off.
If anybody reads this, this is a major crime, because this THING has stolen our democracy

And yes, bernie lied, they are all lying. And its a huge thing. Its killed a million of our poor people who died because they got sick while poor. Which should not be a capital crime.

But because its been rigged that means it cant be fixed by voting so its not just a failure to get enough votes, its murder.

Hi zed:
You are so invested in GATS, that I will be looking into that for sure. : )