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Beyond PETA : SeaWorld Spy Also Attended 2014 Orca Conference


Beyond PETA : SeaWorld Spy Also Attended 2014 Orca Conference

Adam Federman

The covert work of a SeaWorld employee accused of infiltrating the animal rights group PETA extended far beyond his involvement with any single organization. Former SeaWorld orca trainers have confirmed that Thomas Jones, whose real identity and name, Paul McComb, were revealed by PETA last week, attended last year’s Superpod event, an annual gathering of orca enthusiasts, researchers, and activists in Washington State.


The problem of infiltration, Agent Provocateurs, and spying is not limited to Sea World. It’s a good thing that this encroachment against both free speech and an informed citizenry has been exposed. Unfortunately, thousands of people are now employed by both private companies and adjuncts to the MIC for the same purposes.

The Control State wishes to keep the appearance of all of the benefits of an open, Democratic society while tightening its clamps every which way. How better to thwart dissent along with any organized, effective, or meaningful attempts aimed at altering the pro-corporate status quo.


It’s amazing what some of the 99% will do for money to subvert other of the 99% and themselves. These people must be extremely ignorant, and/or desperate and/or something that I do not understand.