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Beyond Redemptive Violence


Beyond Redemptive Violence

Robert C. Koehler

Sometimes our tame and compliant media upchucks a piece of truth. For instance:

“American officials had predicted that the missile strike would result in a major shift in Assad’s calculus, but the U.S. attack appeared to be symbolic in reality. Within 24 hours of the strike, monitoring groups reported that warplanes were again taking off from the bombed Shayrat air base, this time to attack Islamic State positions.”


Thanks for reminding me of Wink's coinage of the "myth of redemptive violence" and for lifting up Nonviolent Peaceforce (though I was hoping for a direct link). I also feel, as a Christian writing during Easter week, that I should acknowledge the historic role of the churches in adopting that myth and spreading it under guise of the story of Jesus' execution by empire. When we chant "Jesus died for our sins," we are giving empire that power, and whistling in the dark with our hopes that that will be enough.


This is a brilliant piece. Thank you, Robert Koehler.


Beautiful. Well written. Inspiring.


"According to the UN site, the total estimated cost of violence globally for the year 2015 was $13.6 trillion, or “more than US $1,800 per person on the planet.”

This should give any sane man pause and reflection as to just what these evil masters of war have accomplished- War is nothing but A RACKET!
As always, one excellent, thought provoking essay Mr. Koehler!