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Beyond Resistance: The Story of 2016


Beyond Resistance: The Story of 2016

Richard Eskow

This is the time of year when people try to make sense of the preceding twelve months. It’s a fool’s errand, in one sense. A year is an arbitrary division of time. We decide what it means in retrospect, and we never get it exactly right. But the meaning we give it will guide our actions in the future, in thousands of conscious and unconscious ways.

We tell ourselves stories, and before we know it our stories are telling us.


The story of 2016 is that the white majority asserted itself. I would be a big mistake to think that answer has to be mainly in terms of economics. This anger of white people over the increasing influence of minorities and growing number of minorities has been building for years. The election of a black president was in effect the final straw. I think Trump felt this anger in himself and seized on it in 2012 when he suddenly became the leader of the birther movement. He immediately shot up to the top of the polls for Republican presidential candidates. I think Democrats never understood the power of the birther movement and that so many people resented having a black president. There has been a deep belief among Democrats that Americans would never elect a racist for president. But they did. This whole situation has to be re-evaluated. The answer to what to do now is unclear.


The Tide is Turning.


There is a revolution brewing, no doubt. It's been going on for the last years as more and more protesters have had enough and hit the streets.
Mr. Eskow is correct. Bernie became so popular because he has a vision of the future and presented it in a positive way. Without tricks, gimmicks, name calling and underhanded campaigning. He came with integrity and a serious vision, very attractive and certainly more productive than the theater that went on between Trump and Clinton.
The DAPL fight is meaningful because they have handled it with the same integrity, nonviolence and meaningful dialogue it takes to get people to stand with you. We are inundated with negative speech and actions, positive visions will carry much more weight.


Perhaps, but if you'll pardon my pessimism, what is it turning into? Undertow? Rip Tide? Tsunami? Deep flooding?


All us People know, or are finding out, that we've been had, on both sides of the aisle, and now, something's got to give.
Can't not happen.
What will it turn into?
Good question.


"Trump is the symptom, not the disease." — but "the expense-account insurrectionists don’t get it."

Basically good orientation, ... BUT ... without recognition, acknowledgement, or even mention of 3rd parties, this is likely just PART of a pipedream.

Example: Greens do NOT need to read this article to KNOW: "Trump is the symptom, not the disease."

And tha is why people working with THEM are needed to find our way out. It is past time to RECONIZE this!



This was NOT a victory of a white majority.

Actually, 2016 showed the LARGEST Progressive force the nation has seen in generations!

BUT ... oligarchic forces leading the DEMS, "bet the farm" on quashing Bernie & his Supporters ... by any means necessary.

They SUCCEEDED! Just not the way they had wished. THEY ... gave us Trump and his prejudiced ... minority!

THANKS, Dems, for undermining democracy!