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'Beyond Shameful': Democrats Warner, Heitkamp, and Nelson Announce Support for Torturer Gina Haspel


'Beyond Shameful': Democrats Warner, Heitkamp, and Nelson Announce Support for Torturer Gina Haspel

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Less than 24 hours after The Intercept reported that Sen.


why anyone expects anything different from these slime bags in either party is beyond me. We live in ugly times getting uglier by the moment as money and greed rule. Morals??? out the window many moons ago folks, how about when the first white foot stepped foot on indigines soil anywhere on the planet.


Not surprised. Remember there isn’t a single Democrat in the Senate who has voted against all of Trump’s nominations. Not even faux-progressives like Warren. The Dems will always find a way to piss of their base more and more and yet continue to blame Russia and others for why they can’t seem to win.


The problem isn’t their base, but the voters. Fact is, a lot of people don’t feel like you and I do about waterboarding:

It’s disgusting, but the problem goes well beyond these Senators and the immoral and disgusting choice they are making. Think about it: our president ran openly and won on torturing brown people. He nominated a torturer. We have to be real about this, that a lot of people support torture. How do we turn them?


Mark my words. Come January of next year the GOP will have a 58-42 advantage in the senate, and may just keep a majority in the House. The democrats will lose another 2 governorships. There will then be a call for a constitutional convention by the Koch political network. Medicaid will be unfunded at the federal level. Medicare will be block granted and privatized. SSI will become a 401k. The depts of education, energy, interior, the CDC, and the EPA will be disbanded. NASA and much of the miltary that isn’t already, will be privatized. The corporate income tax will be eliminated. Abortion will be illegal. The borders will be closed to all but white peoples of European descent.
And it will be the democrats fault. After all, they have moved so far to the right as to be nearly indistinguishable from conservatives in many key social and fiscal policy areas.


Those people will change only when it comes to their front door.


We support hell on earth does that make America the anti-Christ


“We will remember who stood strong against torture in November,” ACLU concluded, “and so will his constituents.”

Bloody hell they will. November? Most of the few people who even know now will have forgotten by June.

Add to Trevor Timm’s “Running tally of the major initiatives some Senate Democrats have agreed to help the GOP pass recently”;

7 Dems voted yes on Secretary of State Michael Pompeo–climate denier, religious zealot, bigot, misogynist, torturer, proponent of violence as a first resort and diplomacy never.
Corporate Democrats have voted to:
Abandon Dreamers
Weaked Disability Rights
As far as I can remember, every single nominee by Der Gropenführer’s administration had Dem votes.

For decades corporate Dems have collaborated in virtually every program the far right has undertaken–war, spying, destruction of unions and the safety net, and on and on.

Timm’s list from the article:

  1. More surveillance powers for Trump
  2. Killing debate on US support for the appalling war in Yemen
  3. Deregulating banks
  4. Installing a torturer as head of the CIA


Think about it. President Obama blocked prosecution of torturers, and those who systematically destroyed evidence of torture, AND prosecuted the whistle blower.

Imagine how different everything could have turned out.

That polling question is so skewed for that result it is ridiculous. Embedded is the premise that torture is effective in the first place, and that a torture suspect is holding information on terrorism to be coerced.

It’s called push polling, and is a really bad thing to be referencing.


Thanks Obama, Feinstein, Pelosi and the rest of you schmucks. And let’s make sure to get more “moderate” Democrats that can’t bring themselves to stand up to torture elected in the midterms.

I mean, heck, these “moderate” Democrats will save us from a right wing Supreme Court judge I tell ya.


That was Obama’s biggest mistake, moving on. I think a lot of people, myself included, are getting a good lesson in relying on the reasonableness of others. We elected Trump knowing he advocated torturing brown people. Such was the peace candidate of 2016.

As to the polls, the sampling I looked at suggests that Americans are divided on it, at best. Say what you will, it’s obvious that many Americans are not opposed to it the way I’d like them to be.


Scahill has it sussed.

“Credulous” people don’t engage in coverups.

These creeps are colluders, pure and simple.


If these Democrats vote for this perverse nominee then, we will all know they are of like mind with her and her monstrous actions. They don’t deserve to be returned to the Senate in any future election. I sure wouldn’t vote for them.


Perhaps these Senators are Neo Progressives like you’re labeling many of us here.


While I don’t expect it to be this dismal, at least I hope not, I do expect there will be mixed results that will more or less leave the republican/democrat divide in the Senate and House will stay around the same. But who knows, it seems that at every turn that we don’t believe the worst situation will happen not only does it happen but it is likely even worse.


“Beyond shameful”. How about “beyond comprehension”?


Nah, I can perfectly comprehend the Democrats doing this and if there are anyone who can’t comprehend it aren’t paying enough attention.


They are mainly “centrists” in red states, or those with large conservative constituencies. Warner sucks either way and I hope to see him primaried.


Damn, Senator Bill Nelson, what is wrong with you?!?..Oh yeah, you’re in one of the two MIC-loving parties, that’s what. sigh…


Deep in hell
The demons feast
On earth the spies lie
And folks thinks it’s cool
The suburban wife brings the pain
Torture, coffee, and donuts
CIA propaganda live at 6
Gina smiles air head celeberties
pimp credit cards and super heroes
Deep in hell
The clowns prepare a
Chemical feast for humanity.