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'Beyond Shameful': Democrats Warner, Heitkamp, and Nelson Announce Support for Torturer Gina Haspel




it does seem to be engineered to be going in this direction. The Dems knowingly ignoring the right thing to do and losing once again (as per plan) and then bringing about the Constitutional Convention scare me the most. Seems like the only thing that can deviate us from this path is an environmental crisis, health crisis, economic crisis, war, or all four of the above. But I don’t blame the people, they have been (mis)lead to this state of affairs. Propaganda does work - for a while.


Torture knows no political bounds…


Sieg heil.

I guess murkuns don’t have a point beyond which they can’t be pushed.

Well, the dumb asses deserve what they get…but some of us here don’t.

Sieg heil.


No, mch, I can’t comprehend it. “It” means people either don’t know any f’n world history, are closet Nazis themselves, are immeasurably stoopid, or all of the above.

Any decent god would be crying in his/her/its beer and putting lots of lightning bolts in his/her/its quiver.


KC, are you sending these details to the dem asshats who have no spine or morals? (Don’t infer that I think other Dems or ANY repukes have morals.)


They also support that other torturer/mass murderer : Israel.


As a resident of Virginia, I can attest that Sen Warner is a paragon of everything that is objectionable about corporate DC democrats. He is, for all intent, a moderate republican. I wish we could get a progressive to run against him with PCCC or Sanders support.


This case is a perfect demonstration of how there is no meaningful difference between the Donkeys and the Elephants. Third party affiliation is the only way to keep a clear conscience. The two party system is morally and intellectually bankrupt.


Earner is a moderate Republican?
There is nothing moderate about torture.


It would not surprise me to find out that Warner, Heitkamp, Donnelly, Manchin, and Nelson think torture is a good thing to use.


The Democrats = Fake Opposition.


Remember also that along with the “Republican/Democrat divide,” there are six to twelve Democrats who can always be relied on to vote with Republicans on major policy issues, or cabinet and court appointments. The Republican majority is larger than it appears due to the Republicans who call themselves Democrats to get elected in borderline districts. Those who will vote for anyone with a “D” because they are “not Republicans,” are worse than naive. They guarantee that the fascist element will prevail.

We are now officially a country that endorses torture and war crimes as legitimate, and in our national interests. Some day, I have no idea how long it will take, the world will unite against the U.S. as it has in the past against other criminal nations.


Agreed though with the additional strategy that we should support progressive candidates in primaries if possible.


It is inevitable that the world will one day turn against the U.S. though the rise of other demagogues in European countries might be delaying that inevitability. What my biggest fear should that day come is that the U.S. will be perfectly willing to burn the world in nuclear fire if it can’t control the world.


Who are these Dem freaks? Let me answer: “Its”! Things. Corporate “Citizen United-ors”. Fakes. Sneaking in as members of the “Party of the People” - as “they” will in 2018 - unless Rev. Dr. Barber and We the Poor build a gigantic TRUTH SHEILD before the November elections. The repubs are bullies and violent types who think only about money and how too cheat their way into office. While the fake “progressives” (actually corporate plants) of the Dem party will watch with glee as their Dem colleagues (Berners, real progressives) win primaries in various state races. These sleazy Dem corporate-types, “its”, are already slinking into their election-day slynesses, you can bet on it! Counting-on getting their third, forth and fifth houses, getting a bigger yacht and Lear and perhaps a couple of trophy sex-slaves on the side, lol!

Yes, these corporate “its” will attempt to sneak in with the “populace tide” as We the People WON’T hear about these “its” from the MSM, NO! MSNBC and CNN and others will just use the term “Democratic Party or Democrats”. And voila! We get another corporate-run government by the congressional military surveillance state - not We the People! Goodbye Planet Earth wilderness, clean water, cool days and nights and breathable air. I say, maybe, not this time. I say We the Poor People Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival will win the day. A thousand of us arrested, last Monday - across the country in 40 state capitol cities and Washington, D.C. Next week the numbers of marchers and witnesses and arrestees will increase and eventually double, then triple. As the 5-more Mondays roll by, We the Poor and our allies meet-up in Washington, D.C. Organizing like hell for the next phase - changing the hearts and minds of every efin’; body over the next years leading up to the 2020 November presidential election cycle!

Week 1 (May 14)
Women, Youth, the Disabled and Children in Poverty and the Right to Education

Week 2 (May 21)
Connecting Systemic Racism and Economic Justice - Voting Rights and Just Immigration

Week 3 (May 28)
Veterans, Our War Economy and Militarism

Week 4 (June 4) The right to health - Ecology, Justice and Health - Water, Extreme Extraction, Climate Change, Health Care

Week 5 (June 11) Everybody’s Got a Right to Live - Living Wages, Guaranteed Income, Housing and Social Services

Week 6 (June 18) A New and Unsettling Force challenging Our Nation’s Distorted Moral Narrative - a Fusion Movement Rising Up

June 23 Global Day of Solidarity and Sending Forth Call to Action Mass Rally in Washington, D.C.


You left out, “ethically.”


For a long time, some people have argued that labels like “left” and “right” are meaningless; however I have found them somewhat useful in describing the politics of individuals and parties.

On the other hand, the term “centrist” is in fact a lie, as it typically refers only to Democrats, and only to those Democrats who are so far to the right that they should be Republicans. But since Democrats continue to push the myth that they are the “left,” anyone who is not a socialist must necessarily be in the center politically, otherwise the lie that Democrats are a progressive party is immediately exposed.

When fascism is the norm, what once passed for far-right is now the center, and social policies championed by the likes of LBJ and FDR, both textbook capitalists, become socialism.

This cannot end well.


Also likely are restrictions on capital flight and taking minor children out of country. Get out now while you still can.


I don’t necessarily disagree, it’s just a colloquial use of the term.