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'Beyond Shameful': Lawmakers Join Communities in Denouncing Deportation Sweep


'Beyond Shameful': Lawmakers Join Communities in Denouncing Deportation Sweep

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

President Barack Obama's "holiday raids" targeting refugees from predominantly Central American countries have provoked outrage—and terror—among asylum-seekers and their loved ones, as well as condemnation from a handful of lawmakers.

Critics note that the harsh actions of the president, referred to by many as the "Deporter-In-Chief," come amidst hate speech prevalent in the 2016 election cycle.


The contrast between obama shedding tears for the child victims of a mentally deranged child and deporting families, mothers with children fleeing violence in Latin America does not compute for me....there is a screw loose in the displayed empathy for some and utter lack of empathy for others! The asylum process for these refugees by the Obama administration was not compassionate or fair or just, and treatment by the ICE goons was not what I would consider what America claims to represent.....that has become the norm in so many areas of policy under the Obama admn. - I do not mean to imply in any way the R/Cons would be any better, quite clearly, given their racist rhetoric, they would have acted with even greater disregard for the lives of at risk people and families.


Although this is just a single issue, it is refreshing to see, that some Dem. members of Congress have the gumption to stand up against the draconic (rightist) measures of their supposedly Democrat President. It leaves me with the hope, that there will be a cadre of support for President Sanders.


It was an easy "victory" over the defenseless, designed to score points with the right wing. ...But for what purpose?


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