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'Beyond Spin Control': Anti-Busing Past Not Going Away as Biden and Staff Dig Themselves Deeper

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/28/beyond-spin-control-anti-busing-past-not-going-away-biden-and-staff-dig-themselves

Background checks for top security clearances “shouldn’t be about the past,” he said, unconvincingly.

Jesus effing Christ on a Popsicle stick Joe! You’re interviewing for a job here! IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PAST!


(Sarcasm alert) Biden, didn’t say he opposes all bussing, he just said the federal government shouldn’t get involved, it should be up to States to decide. Kind of like things he said, in the past, about abortion.

I’m waiting for Biden to quote Reagan and say that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are : “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”

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Hell Corporate State Democrats are openly assisting a fascist Administration do its thing. As long as they get a 24 hour notice when a kid dies in a cage, it’s all good.


I didn’t think so at the time, but busing wasn’t the solution. All it did was load insecure little kids on a bus haul them miles away from their culture, home and buddies. All nice for well intended idiots like me, but it only exasperated the problem of American ed, encouraged suburban colonization and led to extreme tribalism. The underlying problem with American is that it assumes all children are “TRAINABLE” like Pavlovian dogs. Fund schools equally, make them 21st century viable. Educate children as humans. Study human characteristics of learning and preferences. Check out the
The Nueva School

Children don’t have to be robots to function as humans, they don’t have to be jerked out of their neighborhoods to learn. Busing was and is stupid

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I’ve referred to him as “Joe Dough”

But perhaps “Joe Crow” more closely captures his essence.

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I hope that these issues coming out about Biden will get older Black voters to take a second look at the their support for Biden. They connect Biden with Obama, who’s presidency rightly had important symbolic value to them, but when you look at the record had a fairly weak 8 years in office. Need to overcome the nostalgia for a fictitious past and think about how we address the significant issues we have now and into the future. Biden is a man of the past, not the present and future.

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Hmmm, I have been getting emails from Justice Democrats, and I wasn’t quite sure who or what they were.
Thanks for the twitter piece in the story— now I know that you are you a Joe group, pretending to be something else! HA! Caught you and you will never catch me reading your stuff ever again!
Your actions are very UN JUST! Just like Joe.

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I’m 65, I’m black, I watched the the way Biden handled Anita Hill. I also was bused as a child and not to friendly, progressive Berkley schools as was Kamala Harris. Neither of them get it. There’s been a war on public schools since Brown v Board of Education. Name another crucial national responsibility dependent on the home values in the respective neighborhood. I have always held the position that until the crackhead’s kid has the same opportunity for quality education we continue to fail in investing in our future.


If “busing” is a stumble, then tRump might be more difficult.

Is this the DNC’s job, backing losers?

one smarmey mf
welcome to 2019

some more speed licking

I really wonder how much Joe had to pay Anita Hill to say he was an “alright guy” a couple weeks back?

Rayguns was a fool on this one. Speaking only to rich and the corporatist elite.

“Busing was and is stupid.”
I agree.
As I’ve said before, leaving fifty kids together unsupervised is unthinkable, right? Except that what happens to kids in buses at the beginning and end of every day.
Kids bussed out of the neighborhood also lose a chunk of time out of there day… Parents are less likely to have contact with a faraway school…

Whatever may or may not be the utility of “busing,” I am all for criticism of Biden’s sophistic defense of his position. I do wish that more attention were being given to his helping bring on the war crimes in Iraq and his statement to “wealthy donors” that if they he were elected to the presidency they would not need to worry: “Nothing would change.”

He is quoted as saying the latter. Perhaps he did not say it. If he did not say it I would expect much news of his denial. If he did say it, why should anyone vote for him? If you are opposed to the way things are, why vote for someone who says that nothing will change? If you support the way things are, why throw out the man who’s actually made them that way and take a chance on Biden’s actually keeping them that way?

We cannot elect a Senile old man who has a history of Bigotry and Warmongering.

In my mind his support for the Iraq War automatically disqualifies Killer Joe.

I like that moniker, from now on Joe Biden will be known as Joe Crow, Jim Crow’s illegitimate son!

What’s that other word for “illegitimate son”?

On the tip on my tongue …