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Beyond the Middle Class: Bernie Walks the Talk for Working Class People Like Me


Beyond the Middle Class: Bernie Walks the Talk for Working Class People Like Me

Donna Smith

Bernie Sanders is an American hero. For me and millions of other people, Bernie stands his ground—our ground—at moments when it really matters. This campaign for president of these United States is a natural and fitting progression for Bernie and for working class people like me.


Me, too! Go Bernie and go Donna! :O)


The voters in South Carolina need to hear messages like this one rather than the canned "Clinton cares about Black citizens" canard.


I want to vote for a woman,
to be president of the USA,
but, I want to shake up Washington,
so the people can have a say.

I want to vote for integrity,
I want wealth to be shared,
I'm ready for Medicare for all,
I want our environment to be spared.

We need to elect a President,
who's reluctant about more war,
and I want to use my vote,
to economically lift the poor.

Education makes better citizens.
I think college should be free
I want to end white privilege,
less inequality is the key.

I want my vote to break up banks,
the ones to big to fail,
and in cases of financial fraud,
rich crooks should go to jail.

If Bernie was a woman,
all my wishes could come true,
but, the best candidate's a man,
so, I'll vote for the wise old new.


Nothing is as it seems and everything we've been taught about our past is a lie. The world is upside down, backwards, and inside out. People are purposely kept in a state of fear while mindless women who know NOTHING about the demonic CIA, DHS, NSA, Zionist and Luciferian globalists, who have illegally hijacked the United States Government, vote for Hillary because she's a women. Meanwhile, other mindless punks, college students, liberals and queers want to vote for Bernie because he's promising them all free stuff. First and foremost, don't be so naive! NOTHING IS FREE! They also have no idea how Socialism works. Socialism is not the American way. If you want Socialism move to Europe. Regarding Hillary, during a street poll, 9 out of 10 women interviewed were voting for Hillary simply because she is a women. The other 1 was simply misinformed, uneducated with the truth and a complete follower of the Zionist controlled mainstream media. This is what got us in this mess in the first place with people all over the country saying "Praise Jesus, Praise the Lord for giving us a black president." Black people are impossible to wake up. Not only is he only half black he was groomed by the CIA at a very young age to be president. His real name isn't even Barack Obama. They chose his name to trick people into researching and discovering his name means that he's the Anti-Christ. He is not. It was a diversion. His real name is "Barry Soetoro". Also, had Americans done their research on George Bush Sr. and the Bush crime family or the Clinton murderers and cocaine traffickers, we would not be in the position we are in today. Don't get me wrong, these Zionist and Luciferian globalists that run our country from behind the scenes will never give up. All we can really do is slow them down and hope that this or the next generation can squeeze by and enjoy a life of freedom as it was meant to be, in accordance with Natural Law and the truth. This country will NEVER be restored without Donald Trump as president. Every single candidate who has a chance, other than Donald Trump, is going to be very bad for "The People". If you don't know what I mean, I am "urging you!" to watch videos at "stoptheglobalists" There is a conspiracy that is so monstrous, most unawakened people are unable to discern the truth, and either quickly dismiss it or viciously deny it, as good obedient mind-controlled order followers do. even with tons of proof! It is completely bizarre.


Agreed that nothing is free.

After three or more decades of Democrats promising little and delivering less, Bernie is applying basic negotiation skills whereby if you demand a dollar, you will get a quarter. Although Bernie (or anybody else) will never make education and health care free, the Washington DC agenda has swung so far in the other direction that unless you demand free you will keep getting more expensive.

The too-big-to-fail banks that Bill Clinton enabled to exist controlled 25% of US bank assets when they caused the 2008 meltdown and Congress promptly put US taxpayers on the hook for $16 trillion in bailouts. By the time Obama leaves the white house next year, those 5 banks will control more than half of US bank assets. Any idea how much taxpayers will shell out to them when the next meltdown hits ? Way more than $16 trillion.

Guess how much the first decade of Bernie's single payer medical insurance will cost ? $16 trillion.

Are you connecting the dots yet, B_T_D ?

More dots:

Since September 12, 2001 fewer than 100 Murkins have been killed by terrorism while the 2008 meltdown negatively impacted the lives of 300 million Murkins and resulted in tens of thousands of suicides.

Bernie's proposal to break up the banks will solve a problem that negatively impacts 300 million Murkins and kills tens of thousands, delivering affordable education and medical care as a bonus.

Trump's crusade against Moslems and Mexicans purports to go after the terrorists but is a red herring and won't address the deaths of the fewer than 100 Murkins who have been killed by terrorists.
Trump is very entertaining but offers no solutions.


I'm glad to see this and sick of hearing about the "middle class." The actual middle class is management. Most of us are (or were) workers and yes, Sanders is the first Presidential candidate in many decades ( since Henry Wallace) to speak for us. Clinton like her husband and like Trump represents the corporatocracy. You either vote for a candidate that represents us -- the vast majority of working people, or a candidate that supports them -- the blood-sucking, earth destroying, money-grubbing ruling class.

Which side are you on?


Before Bernie entered the race, I had the pleasure of listening to him on Thom Hartmann's Friday morning radio program. At the beginning of each show Bernie would spend a few minutes talking about what was on his mind in the context of unfolding events, and then he would spend the rest of the hour answering wide-ranging questions from a diverse listening audience. He was consistently considered, respectful and direct. He intended to be open and helpful. He was. Never a doubt whose side he's on...

I have been looking at Bernie in the context of Americal exceptionalism, which is announced in "The Declaration of Indepence". Based on my reading, the Declaration amounts to a progressive manifeston, a vision of and the guiding principles for achieving, in the course of time, a true democracy, where social and economic justice are dominant, which is the promise of that beacon of light illuminating the city on the hill.

How curious, from this reading of history: Denmark becomes an expression or example of the exceptionalism aimed at by America's founding fathers, who were, of course, disciples of the Enlightenment.

So here we are, as Bernie suggests: a re-surging progressive movement looking to reoccupy the Democratic Party...


Donna too is a genuine and worthwhile human being such as we hear so little about in reading news of the USA. I am far away, but see the harm done by so many previous Presidents, and hope Bernie can persuade working class people whose interests he has at heart, especially African Americans who have been fooled by the Clintons in the past, to give him the chance to change the USA for the better.


I so enjoy hearing from people "far away." Most of us here do not want the things this government does in our name.

thanks for your support.