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'Beyond the Pale': Outcry as Trump Administration Considers Separating Immigrant Families at Border


'Beyond the Pale': Outcry as Trump Administration Considers Separating Immigrant Families at Border

Julia Conley, staff writer

"Cruelty as official government policy."


The “Krystian Country” strikes again! Heartlessness is the bottom line to a country where you are still programmed to believe in its “freedoms” and “compassion”.
Makes me want to fucking PUKE!


This is what the Nazi did in ww2…get used to it. We are Mordor now, not your amurikin dream.


This sounds more like a plan to make women and children more
vulnerable to sexual abuse.

We have to stop simply pointing fingers at the millions of things
wrong with the policies and decisions that have been made by
the US government over the last 50 years.
Nothing will stop these people. We’re living the Fourth Reich dream.


This outrage is typical and representative of the man and his R’Con supported regime! Like his calling the KKK/white supremacists of Charlottesville, “fine people” and defending their racist hatred, trump himself is also a loathsome creature. The ginger pig knows no human empathy, nor does the ICE goons hired to fulfill his odious border polices and/or enforce the racist inhumane and destructive to all agenda…the most depraved, ignorant, and evil human to ever occupy the WH…what we scrape off our shoes…


Totally barbaric - what it reminiscent of was the long-ago condemned practice in the US, Canada and Australia (NZ too?) of forcibly taking indigenous children from their parents to be put in prison-boarding schools to be “civilized”.


It should be remembered that the Obama administration deported more immigrants and imprisoned more immigrants than any other administration in history, breaking up tens of thousands of families. It should also be remember that Obama Sec. of State called for deporting of children.

This is simply and extension of those xenophobic policies and practices, not a departure. The good news is that for all the tweeting, huffing and puffing, the Rethug wing of the Duopoly is seldom able to actually carry this crap out.


Yes, and in keeping with the “spirit of the Season” it reminds me of a line from my favorite Christmas movie, A Christmas Carol. So to quote Dickens (or rather, the spirit of Christmas present: “…are there no prisons?..are there no workhouses?..”

Dystopia, Trump-style, with a splash of holiday Egg-nog. How fitting for this bastard.


Geez, Tom, I thought Oliar was a saint.


Dear Santa,

all I want for Christmas is a few guillotines with extra sharp blades. Me and my friends like that kind of stuff.



Orcs rule.


The most disgusting aspect, for me, is that there are plenty of minions ready and willing to carry out these inhumane directions, with zero conscience and zero moral compass. Without his supporters, Hitler would have just been a loud mouthed jackass with some really idiotic ideas based on ignorance and bigotry. With the frenzied support of his minions, he terrorized the Eurasian continent. Here in the US, we will do anything for those almighty dollars.


Strider is somewhere, to be sure. I hope to see him soon.


Yes, Tom this has been going on for a long time. Many Native Americans had their children taken from them and put in boarding schools, taught English and forbidden to speak their native language.


This describes our idiotic “leader of the free world?” and his followers who were mostly uneducated thugs caused by the terms of the Armistice of WW1. What is Rumps followers excuse?

Yes :progress made their skills obsolete but the political, corporate, financial, military complex didn’t want to give education enough $ to retrain them. Or they were too lazy and disgruntled to be trained. Hence, we have Rumpians!

The whole US system or lack of one that has humane priorities sucks. Without consumers corporations will fail and our shrinking middle class are or were the consumers. If we buy local and non corporate it will speed the corporate failure.


Hmm, I don’t remember families sneaking into Germany during WWII.
Perhaps you have some examples?


What deadbeat loser nazi border cop would implement this? Dunno what else to say… OMG


FTP…were you in Germany to witness migrations in and out of Germany that you “remember?”


“Considers separating…families.” Ugh, un-effing-believable. Is there no end to his brutality, cruelty, and destruction? THESE ARE FEELING, CARING, LIVING/BREATHING HUMAN BEINGS with wants/needs/desires like any other living being (except DJT and his coterie of criminals, thieves, and malcontents) that deserve our compassion, respect, and protection. They are not throw-aways to be punished at the whim of a demented dictatorial despot who cares ONLY about himself…he is incapable of any real love for ANY human or living being, his devil spawn and wives included. No more brutal beast has our nation had to suffer through since our inception and it has been less than a year…one damn horrendous one at that.

My heart goes out to these families and I send them my love and support (for whatever that is worth) just as I gave to the migrant workers and their families in the 60’s and 70’s.


It’s a simple strategy. By “Pre-Sorting” the families, they can more “Efficiently” move everyone to the places staffed by Abusers whose preferred victims they happen to be.

Women, to the Rape Jail,
Men to the “Fight Club”.
Children to the “Kiddie Pool” …

It will make the staff at all those places so much happier to have the same type of victims together.