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Beyond the Post-Truth Society


Beyond the Post-Truth Society

Randall Amster

There’s been a lot of virtual ink spent recently on the various implications of presidential politics in the hypermedia age. It’s not a secret that the system is dysfunctional, and that having more outlets doesn’t mean greater veracity in the public discourse. Yet things have escalated beyond all of this in the electoral aftermath, and not simply due to the implausible result.


Americans just "elected" an out-n-out fascist for president. Yes, the election was rigged. There is just no way that the exit polls in the battleground states like Wisconsin (off by 4.8 percent) could be so wrong. Only in third world countries do we find such discrepancies. But, the holiday season is coming up. Be hopeful and be thankful for moments of moral clarity like this one. We know what to do now. Organize locally, take care of each other, reform our lives, be ready for refugees from the ongoing wars and the impending climate catastrophe that is bearing down on us. No more ambiguity, no more hand-wringing, get on with it.


"His voters likely knew much of it was untrue, yet didn’t seem to care anyway."

Trump possesses the same ability to bamboozle a large percentage of the population as Reagan did.

That is, a manner of speaking that, regardless of what is said, makes people feel that this is a friend who is on their side and is giving them sound advice and promises.

It is the unusual tone and soothing or exciting quality of their speech that instills confidence and a total disregard of the real meaning and implications of what is said.

That the speaker has always favored the wealthy over the poor is unknown or forgotten. His ability to mesmerize carries the day.

Lies are readily accepted because a good ole boy, not one of the usual crooked politicians, has said them.


"Objective facts" ?

What other kind of facts are there ?


I agree, and really like you practical post. Not just organizing, but giving and giving back to others right within our communties volunteer if you can, take care of those around you, and stop buying in the big box stores that take away from the "little guy." Support small businesses if you need to do so. Thank you for your insight.


Amster conveniently jumps from Bush-Cheney to Trump as if we weren't given oceans of falsehoods during Obama's eight years.

"Now, no evidence is necessary, and even when all of it points the other way, an untruth can still operate with impunity," he writes.

Like when Obama says at the UN, in front of the whole world, that "Assad gassed his own people," when two high-profile investigations, one from MIT and the other from the UN War Crimes commission said there was no evidence of this, and that the evidence in fact pointed to the crime having been committed by the "Syrian rebels."

Or like when the president, the press, and everyone else repeatedly, a la Goebbels, kept telling us that "Putin invaded Crimea" and so on.

Make no mistake: the Trump presidency will surely be a disaster. But let's stop pretending that this is not the same old, same old.


"Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." - John Adams

"Facts are stupid things." - Ronnie Raygun


You give us 2 examples of "oceans of falsehoods during Obama's eight years." Yet, Putin DID invade Crimea and most say Assad did gas his own people. One instance is from Patrick Cockburn in the Independent from Aug. 2013. Comparing Obama's truthfulness to Trump is about as INSANE an opinion as I have seen in quite a while.


Thank you for that. My reply would have gotten me booted from the site. I wasn't aware the rebels flew the helicopters that dropped the chlorine gas on the people, let alone that they even had helicopters. Clovis should have referred to the "You can keep your own Doctor." and let it be.


"Putin" did not invade Crimea. The Russian military had been based there for generations, and the Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia after the US-sponsored UkroNazi coup brought to power a regime hostile to their majority interests, so there was simply no need for "invasion." As for Assad and the poison gas, I guess your ignorant (but MSM-approved) opinion outweighs the findings of the MIT experts and the UN War Crimes commission. But since it's long been clear you take falsehoods to be true, you have no opinion on this or any other matter. Don't let reality hit you too hard when it comes crashing down on your head. The newspaper won't provide much cushion, either.


"There is no truth, only perspectives." Is that true or merely a perspective?


The biggest untruth is that there is a god, or gods. That some Numero Uno #1 ( the biggest other ) somehow hears our pleas for " peace, love and understanding " in an lopsided world. And, kindly, wisely, reflecting deeply, puts a spin on things; remarkably correctly the wobble of the lopsided world. Or not, too, depending on deep reflection. What gibberish to run the affairs of possible planetary extinction or to even purchase a hat, upon. The oldest ongoing lies keep the world lopsided to the greatest degree, for the most part. It is only when " the tilt " light comes on that the world realizes they've pushed to hard in one direction. Unfortunately, that light comes on after the game is over. Increasingly, the lopsided untruth or post truth is threatening to cause extinction, for the many believers who really have complete faith the gods are on their side. Or the gods, upon deep reflection, give a shit.