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Beyond Trump, Campaigners Demand G7 Leaders Commit to Climate Action


Beyond Trump, Campaigners Demand G7 Leaders Commit to Climate Action

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Global leaders taking part in the Group of Seven (G7) meeting this week are being called upon to brush aside the anti-science recalcitrance of the Trump administration and take the lead in addressing the crisis of climate change.


Lauren, here's some advice, ---- Take the 3500 who are supposed to be there protesting and just give them "Political Revolution against EMPIRE" signs and yell-out like they are trying to fire a loud, public, sustained, but non-violent "Shout heard round the world" --- "Trump is an effin Emperor" and 'Expose' America as the HQ of a global capitalist EMPIRE, and then this effin Global EMPIRE will collapse in a New York Empire State effin minute!!!

In other words, don't just be dopes building cute statues and thinking the effin EMPIRE is going to listen to you ----- you're got to rub the EMPIRE's nose in EMPIRE shit, just like you would house train a nasty puppy!


The enormous elephant never mentioned in the reduction of greenhouse emissions are the US military, by far the US's biggest contributor. Until this is addressed and dismantled reductions in other areas, even in drastic amounts, won't help too much if the military's of the world continue on their warring paths. Remember the US has multiple planes and drones in flight 24/7 in all theaters around the world. This must stop. The Paris accords need to be increased. The US capitalist empire has to end. Until then we are headed on a rapid road to extinction.


Can you provide a citation? The military is an enormous CO2 emitter on a per-soldier basis, but small compared to civilian electric generation and civilian automobiles, and civilian aviation. It is about 5% of the total US GHG emissions. That is still pretty big and it is a high-visibility contribution exudes a certain "we don't give a shit" message (about human lives too) to the world. But it is far from "by far the US's biggest contributor".


I'm sure that Amy doesn't mind - but Greenpeace blatantly lifted Democracy Now!'s logo in that clever piece of protest art. I hope that they at least asked DN's permission and sent a nice big contribution to DN Greenpeace is a pretty rich organization.


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