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Beyond Wetiko Agriculture: Saving Ourselves from the Soil Up


Beyond Wetiko Agriculture: Saving Ourselves from the Soil Up

Tom Newmark, Steven Farrell

How much longer do you hope to live? How long do you hope your children or grandchildren will live? Do you think you or your loved ones will live 60 more years? If so, you’ll be around to witness the end of food production on the planet. Unless, that is, we become conscious of the crisis and evolve.


"(Change) can only happen once we see the forces of wetiko at work and dismantle its root cause in our culture, in our communities, in our governments, in our corporations, in our relationship to the Earth, and of course, in ourselves."

Yes, Newmark & Farrell, but how does any of this dismantling make money? You must realize that you can't do anything these days that doesn't make money. Capitalism? Is that the root cause? You talking about dismantling capitalism? Is that wetiko's vehicle? I'll get right on it, right after I get caught up on some bills.

p.s. I would like to believe change is possible, but I'm feeling like capitalism has evolved into a type of singularity . . . that it has become our master and taken on a life of its own, that the Frankenstein monster has loosed his chains.

Our land is dying, our oceans are dying, our bees are dying, we are dying, and soon all that will be left on this sweet Earth is capitalism's Cheshire cat smile.


Yes, I more than agree that Capitalism is destroying this Planets Lands, Oceans and Atmosphere and all that dwell and live within it-
Tom Newmark and Steven Farrell are showing us this in spades- Now, how many will listen?
I truly wish I had the solution but it is bigger than me.....
These huge, money hungry corporations are overdue for A reckoning!
(One excellent persuasive and graphic article!}


Yes, I agree this is a very important article. To reinforce your point about 'how many will listen?' Its been on this website since yesterday and had only 69 views and 3 comments. In contrast, CD will publish a story about Trump--any story, they're all the same story retold--and 50 people will comment before the pixels are dry.

I read just this morning that two-thirds of the Great Barrier Reef is dead or dying. That's 900 out of its 1,400 miles. How can there be any more important story than this? The chronicle of the end of life on Earth?

Wetiko is a powerful word. I first heard of it as something that Columbus brought to the New World, a kind of psychological disorder that spreads silently and makes people inhuman in their destruction.

Wetiko in connection to capitalism makes me think of the story in Hindu mythology about the demon that was destroying the Earth. Durga tried to kill the demon, but every drop of blood she spilled became another demon, until the world became overrun with demons. This so enraged Durga that she transformed herself into the fierce Kali who drank the demons' blood as she slew them.

I think we need to go all Kali on capitalism. Naming it the demon Wetiko is a good start.


I agree, people (posters) often miss the real and important articles- And I kind of have A pet peeve about posters not hitting the "Like" button below each exceptional article- Ralph Nader wrote A very good piece the other day and I believe that I was the only one that hit that button- Are these the same folks that didn't vote for this GREAT man in those elections? He is the only person in this country that deserves to hold that title of "President" in my book...He has done so much for us as A Nation-
"Wetiko" is new to me, but I remember the term "Wendigo" from early childhood on- There was even A Twilight Zone episode about the Wendigo if my memory serves me well...I remember it to be A Native American belief in some flying, birdlike creature....The Hindu Mythology you shared with me is more than appropriate though...

You know, when it gets right down to it, realistically, we have A choice between Capitalism and Gaia- It didn't have to come down to this, regulations put in place may have worked, but with the mentality and modus operandi of one Donald Trump, the question is no longer A question- This man is like the anti-Christ to all living things and humanity is in dire straits because of his rise to power...
Why is GREED so important to people that they will make war on innocents and shit in their own nest? It doesn't have to be this way- Maybe giving it A name like "Wetiko" is A good start!


I am in NE, and this not sound barbaric at all. Great post. Also, how about dementia testing for anybody in congress and the WH who believe in profits over their home, earth.


Per Lord Aragorn, as mis-quoted previously: "Global Warming is upon you, whether you would have it or not." And it's not just the agricultural industry that's sick.  Per WikiPedia, "In some Indigenous communities, environmental destruction and insatiable greed are also seen as a manifestation of Wendigo Psycho-sis.[4]"   It was the indigenous peoples of the northeast who recognized this, and what could be more north- east or more insatiably greedy than the banks of Wall Street and the other Multi-NaZional Korporations head- quartered in New York.