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Beyond Winning and Losing


Beyond Winning and Losing

Robert C. Koehler

It’s the smallest thing in the world. Does the tennis ball land inside the line or outside? But somehow, as I watched this 60-second YouTube clip of an Australian tennis match last January, and heard an explosion of joyous approval surge from the crowd, I could feel the planet shift.

Or at least it seemed that way for an instant.


As long as the 99% are pacified (by whatever means), the 1% wins.


This is why I love Jill Stein. Win or lose, she’s actually doing something about the miserable state of ‘win at all costs’ politics in America today. She understands, like Bernie, that it’s not necessarily about winning, it’s about building momentum for change that carries over from election cycle to election cycle until it ‘prevails.’ And she’s doing it the hard way–by keeping her ‘integrity’ in tact.


Good point by Koehler. If you look at any war in the history of this country, you will see the press/media pushing it. War sells, peace does not. Media warmongers are never held accountable for their claims and call for blood. If there was any justice in this world, they and the government officials that give the order to spill the blood would be brought to trial.


Thank you, and the

continual global prowl for enemies

unfortunately isn’t all directed internationally. I can’t figure where the culture of enmity came from, perhaps from our freedom from wars on US soil. But it’s evident in our political stories; every preliminary poll is reported as if it’s the election itself. Who “won” the debate? Who will get to appoint the “tiebreaker” on the Supreme Court? And of course, as we learned in 2000, the real election will happen in the Electoral College.

Meanwhile, we focus on medal counts at the Olympics, barely pausing to be touched by gestures of compassion and honesty. Triumphant swimmers lie about their post-performance antics. We file lawsuits at the drop of a hat. And Internet fora like this one are awash with the most petty behavior toward each other, writers of original articles, and the public figures we discuss. Competition is everything, and competition without victory is nothing.

Please, let’s find a way beyond winning and losing, because winning is killing us.


i selected a couple of quotes from this article and emboldened the words i especially wish to discuss.

And here, perhaps, is the place where any vision of peace has to start. What’s sacred is all human and planetary life, not merely a selective portion of it (Brussels, say, but not Aleppo).

how often do we hear the phrase, “every human life is sacred.”? isn’t that rather a self-centered, self-glamorizing statement? if we humans cannot learn the simple lesson of “the ancient mariner,” the respect for “all things great and small,” we very well may doom our small planet to the scrap pile of failed experiments. and will the universe miss our fine sacred selves? nah, the good news is that Nature is very resilient. life will go on with or without us.

science fiction writers create a most horrid monster called the death-eater. this monster thrives, growing ever stronger only in the midst of death. he not only feasts on the deaths of slaughtered enemies, but his own fallen warriors as well. gee, doesn’t that describe the empire? or we might call him the mic, raytheon, exxon mobil or a thousand other names, but these are but the various faces the death-eater presents.

As a journalist, I put much of the onus on the media, which so often seems clueless about how to report the sort of news that’s larger than superficial victory or defeat. It’s far more able to report who won the tennis match than to analyze and celebrate a triumphant act of sportsmanship. It’s far more able to report the pending invasion of Iraq — a quick win for America’s coming up, folks — than to see the obvious: Everyone is about to lose.

sad to say, robert, but i don’t think the media is clueless. the major networks serve as the mouthpiece, the snake oil salesmen of the death-eater. the one name that includes all components of the monster destroying life might be simply capitalism for this greed-ridden monster sees not the beauty of Nature, but as a dangerous enemy to be exploited until there’s nothing left to exploit. for this is not a friendly competition where we can shake hands, put away the toys and play another day. perhaps, when we call “game over!” no one will be left to put away the toys. the empire exists in a decaying state of entropy. Nature is the antidote to revitalize, but will enough catch on in time to see that “Everyone is about to lose


The modern political arena (particularly inside the U.S.) is crafted after the Sporting Arena.

In order to get the fans to purchase tickets (or pay for the event), an invigorating game promising a winning team is offered.

And while the media pundits frame foreign wars along the same lines, these planned, ongoing conflicts’ real purpose is to fatten the coffers of the weapons producers, 4 star generals now serving as CEOS of Defense Firms, and the gargantuan consortium composed of war profiteers.

It helps when fans “buy” the Official Story and think the problem is about terrorism and stay focused on this idea of someone winning the conflict du jour. But these are the superficial constructs used to HIDE the real motives, motivations, and spoils of war.

Too many writers and pundits analyze this most superficial level of the onion and fail to peel back the substantial skins.


Part of the problem with “winning” and “losing” is the very events people base their memories on were fabricated and manipulated.

That tearing down of the statue in Iraq did not happen as implied. It was not a spontaneous reaction by peoples being “liberated”. It was an orchestrated event as later evidence showed. The persons flooding the square were small in number with a close up photo making the group look larger. Further this group “celebrating” were not locals. They were a group of exiles flown in by the USA and who were going location to location to stage a photo-op.

Later photos released of that “statue being torn down” showed US Tanks closing off all access to the square. It showed the group in the square proper clustered around that statue . The very same faces had appeared in other images of “spontaneous” celebrations. Added to that a US soldier later admitted it his idea to drape a US flag over the statue and those people rounded up to make it an "event’.

Now I am not going to back to find all of those articles detailing such as I posted the same when these events occurred and many have since been “disappeared”. I am pointing out that our memories of events are being manipulated at all times and we must be cognizant of that.

Nothing was ever “won” for the peoples of Iraq or for the peoples of the USA and nations which participated in that illegal war. The only “winners” were the 1 percent and the deep state and they are continuing to “win”.


Great insights.