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Bezos Decision to Shift More Health Insurance Costs onto Washington Post Staffers Cited as Another Reason 'We Need Medicare for All'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/23/bezos-decision-shift-more-health-insurance-costs-washington-post-staffers-cited

It is childish and unworthy of me but I sincerely hope this little smarmy smug bastard gets the worst kind of cancer or neurological disease that all his money cannot cure and that he lingers for months lying in his own waste in unrelievable agony…


Wait…first he gives employees $15.00 an hour and now he removes health insurance for the Washington Post folks and gives Bernie & others the PERFECT argument for “Medicare For All”.

Of course it is hard for me to have much compassion for the Washington Post or NY Times folks since they continually bash Bernie …especially Jennifer Rubin the conservative right winger…former American Enterprise.


Considering that the Post has been one of the most ardent and dishonest opponents of Medicare, this should come as no surprise.


The overwhelming majority of the employees of the Washington Post do not bash Bernie - their bosses do. Get it?


Jennifer Rubin now has the chance to live the true consequences of her ideological actions. She gets to compete in the free market of high deducible health insurance with all the other serfs. And she thought she was special and would never be thrown overboard. Guess again, genius.

Bernie 2020, accept no substitute.


Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority: still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority.
John Dalberg-Acton


Workers bashed at one of the most anti-Sanders, anti-M4A mainstream media outfits around.

WP has a paywall - wondering how it covered Bezos’ cutting health benefits for part-time workers at Whole Foods after buying it; and how it’ll now spin this latest, which impacts its own workers?


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S-T-R-I-K-E. I can spell it–now can the Washington Post workers do it?


So employees don’t have options of where they work?

In an industry that continues to shrink, print media workers probably don’t have much choice of where they work and Bezos knows that.

My employer sponsored insurance increased 39% between 2018 and 2019 and I am dreading next month’s announcement of the 2020 increase.


People wonder what M4A would be like. In 1980 I had Travelers Heath Insurance through the company I worked for. No pay roll deduction and no premium and no co-pay. Just a card and everything was paid for. The birth of my daughter cost me Zero. I had a heath issue of an extreme nature, 2 years after the company closed it’s doors it still covered the costs related to that previous emergency. I had to have a surgery to remove a joint in a finger from a cat bite. It had given me a form of plague and I was ill for years.

Bezos is EVIL!!!


You are damned good at sticking up for “them” lately. What turned you over the years?

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I ordered a t-shirt online which shows little European flags on the front…France, Germany, Belgium etc etc. I ask people what these countries have in common. People just shake their heads like they don’t know. I say “Medicare For All” If they say anything like “Who is going to pay for it in the US?” I hand them page one of a list of 60 countries out of 560. The 60 companies listed did not pay one penny of federal income tax in 2018 on billions of US income:

  1. Amazon, 2) Delta Airlines 3) Chevron 4) General Motors and on and on.

As a PS I wear my “Medicare For All” everywhere and continually have people come up to me and say they like my M4A button!!


The problem is systemic. The system is capitalism…


Because Jeff Bezos just doesn’t have enough. Richest man on earth but it’s just not enough.

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Such a charming company


I hope he dies alone in an alley coughing up blood


Did you mean “great” men or “rich” men?

Jeff Bezos is a prick; the richest one. But there are tens of thousands of pricks who are nowhere as rich, but just as callous, thoughtless, and sheltered in their own little worlds. Many of us work for them.