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Bibi-Boehner Fiasco Continues as Fallout Spreads


Bibi-Boehner Fiasco Continues as Fallout Spreads

The Bibi-Boehner fiasco appears to be the gift that keeps on giving. At least, it continues to buoy the hopes of those who want the P5+1 and Iranian negotiators to forge a framework accord by the notional deadline of March 24 to be followed by a comprehensive deal on Tehran’s nuclear program by July 1.


The compilation of comments above add to what I’ve come to think of as the bane of Boehner’s boners. This was rapidly followed up on his utube page with announcement that Pope Francis will, in September, be the first pope to
‘visit’ the US Congress.

I’m reminded of the apparently unintentional satirical character of simply posting what became known as the ‘rummyisms’ of D. Rumsfeld. Timeless sufi aphorisms were desiccated with revealingly regular disclaimers of his ignorance of the specifics of the matters at hand in which he used them to give the impression that he was being specific. http://com5.runboard.com/btheinnrock.f2.t187

I don’t know if I don’t know what I don’t know, but at least I do know that I don’t know if I don’t know what I don’t know.


Not since Charles de Gaulle’s 1967 “Vivre le Quebec Libre!” speech in Montreal has a head of one nation so insulted another, and in the doing disrespect the people of the United States of America. I think Mr. Obama is one of the nation’s worst presidents, however, this is not about Mr. Obama, it is about national sovereignty and whether the people govern this land or the PM of Israel. Mr. Obama should declare Bibi persona non grata.


So why don’t we make it true in fact that Bibi is the Senator from Israel and make this such an embarrassment for him that the Israeli’s send him packing in the upcoming election. THAT would be poetic justice for the creep that thinks he carries the USA around in his pocket.


Bibi and the Zionist majority in the US house of Representatives are creating, or rather have created a very poisonous position for world Jewry. Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe and as the Zionist have been full throated about conflating Zionism with Judaism, the criticisms of one has become the nightmare of others. This is a direct result of the marriage of Zionism and Neo-Conservatism. American Jews remain steadfastly liberal and Netanyahu has been unrelenting in his attacks on those American Jews. I would hope that before more damage is done, Americans will come to see that Neo-Conservatism is itself an active, perhaps dominant political party carrying out a very Anti-Democratic agenda. It in fact defines the actual opposition far better than democrat or republican.


Is it my imagination, or is there somthing about Bohner’s face in every photograph. It seems to be a thin mask which doesnt quite manage cover the evil.


The side bar to this story are the negotiations taking place with Iran about it’s nuclear program. #1 The last several National Intelligence Estimates going back to the Bush administration have all agreed that Iran has not had a working Nuclear weapons program since 2003 when they voluntarily shut it down. #2 What violations of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty has Iran committed? #3 Why is it that most of the countries that the US has a hard on for, usually have their own sovereign currencies, don’t want anything to do with the International Monetary Fund or the World Trade Organization, and don’t want to live with amerika’s boot on their throats? #4 Finally, why all the the amerikan batshit craziness over Iran getting “A” bomb, when Israel is suspected of being in possession of some two hundred nuclear weapons, is not a member of the Nonproliferation Treaty which means they never are required to open their nuclear program to international inspection?
Just a couple of questions the amerikan people should be asking themselves, the national media, their congresscritter, senators and the Secretary of State and the President! It is afterall the amerikan peoples responsibility to ask these questions. You are part of this government no matter how hard you try not to be. It is suppose to be a government of, by and for the people. Not the wealthiest 1000 families!


it is beyond ironic that Rep. Adam Schiff says…‘we shouldn’t meddle in Israeli politics’ in advance of their elections. Zionist meddling in American politics is all they do , through their various foreign agents, AIPAC,ADA,ZOA funding pro-zionists in congress via billionaires like Adelson,Henry Crown through his defense contractor, General Dynamics. The policies of the zionists are carried out by dutiful congress people who could never be re-elected if they uttered a whiff of criticism of Israel.


I’m waiting to see if my congressman is going to be in attendance at the “Bibi” speech. I would accept an “out of town” excuse. Beyond that, he loses my vote. If he attends, finds a front seat, and is filmed eating popcorn, he regains my vote.


I’ve see other drunks have a similar glaze and vacant countenance.


Yes, I think you have identified that which I did not. I dont know the facts, but just from his face, I am thinking he is probably a heavy drinker.