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Bibi Embraces Trump at UN as Iran Warns Against Nuke Deal Sabotage


Bibi Embraces Trump at UN as Iran Warns Against Nuke Deal Sabotage

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just ahead of U.S. President Donald Trump's announcement Monday that he will come to a decision on the fate of the Iran nuclear deal "very soon," Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned in an interview on CNN that "[e]xiting such an agreement would carry a high cost for the United States of America."


Most of the evil in this world is by the hand of the USA and Israel.


Ah, look at the lovebirds…vultures…birds of a feather…carrion creaters and feasters.


Two of the most evil and depraved delusional creatures on earth…an axis of evil all by themselves…and those who sail in them…


Can you imagine what vile creatures brought Netanyahu onto this earth?
Peace is not enough it seems.
Here, America have a look and don’t ever deny who or what is behind the terroist groups, instability and injustices in many parts of the world. Undeniably, so much is Netanyahu and his supporters and their idea of what Israel should be.
Who or what is the imperative to provoke and instigate problems with Iran?
It seems to resurface, and the false concerns renewed whenever the likes of the most corrupt and fanatical politicians like Netanyahu and his stooge Donald Trump get together with the U.S. to coerce us into being allied to the worst countries and ideologies. Wake up America. Their actions on behalf of you are devoid of morality.
If ever there is war and destruction wrought in Israel, or a war with Iran which will never leave Israelis unscathed (to put it mildly) you know where all of the blame and responsibility goes. Not on a country with a peace deal and happily to engage the rest of the world in fair business and exchange. Let it stand to be known. Don’t confuse Iran’s internal political developmental challenges with the external belligerence, mass murderers like Netanyahu, and fanatical religions that are deluded, extreme, and hardly practical. Let the civilized prevail.


Trump and his lapdog. Sometimes it seems like things are switched around though.


that’s a good statement. i hope you run it in other venues so that it’s not just we-the-choir who read it.


“In a statement signed by 76 former political, diplomatic, and military leaders on Monday, the European Leadership Network, a non-profit based in London…”

this ELN is a non-entity, invisible to dump. even if he saw the statement, it’d be greek to him. he needs to be confronted in person with people who can talk to him at a second-grade level and see if he can be made to understand the concepts…much less the dangers in the world he and his ilk are cementing.

there is no friggin’ dearth to the protest marches that need to be ongoing every damn day in this country…if america is to rise up against amerika, how is that going to happen? i think people are getting tired because protesting what’s going on across the globe, politically, environmentally, xenophobically (including anti-certain-religions), financially, et al. is a full-time job. who can sustain that energy and time commitment?


And neither Neti nor DJT are among the “civilized” and thus we can hope that they and their cruel, criminal, and corrupt “policies” (such as they are) DO NOT PREVAIL!


Lapdog: and a vicious, snarling, nasty orange mongrel is allowed to roam twitter land (DJTroll).


Who can deny nukes prevent attacks from nuke powers?


Pure Iranian propaganda. Remember that the Iranians have said they won’t allow UN inspections at military sites so in fact there is no way of knowing if they are keeping to their part of the deal. Of course the Iranians want to displace attention onto Israel on this and leftist Israel haters seem happy to go along.


100% hokum. Keep vomiting up the lies, Mr. Zionist. Fewer and fewer people are buying your BS, which is why Bibi and the Zionists are getting so worked up over things like the BDS Movement. The bullshit and lies just aren’t cutting it anymore.
But kudos for the effort :wink:


And what was untrue about what I wrote? You substitute invective for argument which doesn’t speak well for your position–or intelligence


It is well-established fact - and confirmed by all 14 US intelligence agencies - that the Iranians ceased their nuclear weapons program back in 2001. The IAEA has confirmed that the Iranians are 100% in compliance with the agreement. Your claim - echoing Trump’s and the other Israel First Zionist war mongering war-heads who have never met a country you didn’t want to bomb back to the stone age - is, as I said, 100% hokum.

Iran has not invaded nor attacked another nation in centuries. How many nations has the U.S. invaded and attacked just in the last 20 years alone, let alone since its founding 230 years ago? How many nations have actually used nuclear weapons against another country? (Hint: it isn’t Iran)

The U.S. is the one that needs to be under a UN inspection regime and forced to give up its nuclear ambitions, not Iran.

Keep pounding those war drums, warmonger. The chickens have a way of coming home to roost eventually.


The creatures who spawned Bibi are the same who spawned Grendel.


It is wrong to say, “Their actions on behalf of you are devoid of morality”. Their
acts are not in any way for us, Netanyahu is the boss and Trump, and our Congress follows the orders of the Israelis. We, the American people, get nothing but cuts in our domestic programs to pay for Israel killing the Palestinians and stealing their land. The United Nations had NO RIGHT
to give the Jews any of Palestine.


Like it or not that is exactly the lesson North Korea has taken and Iran might soon learn. If you want to see what happens to a leader who willingly gives up their nukes per the request of the U.S. just look at Gaddafi.


Nonsense. The IAEA has ducked its responsibility–it confirmed that Iran is in compliance without actually examining some key sites belonging to the Iranian military and the Iranian regime has said openly that the IAEA will not be allowed to inspect such sites. The decision to declare Iran in compliance under these circumstances can’t be taken seriously.

As for Iran being so peaceful, that is bullshit. Iranians were involved in bombing the Jewish center in Argentina–and it was a Jewish community center, not an Israeli government center so the action can only be understood as Antisemitic, The Iranians have provided weapons, training, volunteers (Republican Guard troops and officers), and massive subvention to Hezbollah for sending troops – all in support of the Assad dictatorship in Syria. Then we can talk about Iran’s “peaceful” engagement in Yemen.

Out of a legitimate concern for a threatened US war against Iran a lot of good people have been spreading pro-Iranian propaganda and simple falsehoods. Then anyone who criticizes this crap is labeled a Zionist war monger in order to divert from the facts.


I noticed that in the bit of his UN rant dealing with Iran, and only in that bit, the Don used the sort of language and argument you’d expect to hear from an Israeli speaker . He spoke of a conflict between the “righteous” against men of “evil”.
Which is an ancient Zoroastrian belief - i.e. of Persian/Iranian origin.
Which is a bit ironic! Especially from a reality show-biz person with a very dubious - disgusting - personal record on matters of morality!
It’s been said that, to understand the view this Prez takes, all you need to know is who’s he just been talking to. And on Monday, just the day before his big speech at the UN, he spent some time with the Israelis. No doubt they briefed him well, and his UN speech then echoed their arguments and rhetoric.
And in the audience, it was only Bibi who showed real appreciation for the Don’s speech.
Ironically the Don has made a big issue of going after terrorists. Has no-one had the nerve to tell him about the bloody and, yes, terrorist struggle which brought Israel into existence in the late 1940s?
Bibi is the heir and sole beneficiary of a terrorist movement! Fact!
And the consequence of this historic conflict is the huge injustice experienced by generations of Palestinians, especially nowadays those unfortunates cooped up in Gaza - an injustice condoned and even encouraged by the US and its allies, but deeply resented by many Middle East and other Muslims.