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Biden Accuses Warren of 'Elitism' While Wooing Rich Donors at Big-Money Fundraiser

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/06/biden-accuses-warren-elitism-while-wooing-rich-donors-big-money-fundraiser

From the article:

“‘These kinds of attacks are a serious problem,’ Biden writes. ‘It’s condescending to the millions of Democrats who have a different view.’”

If Sen. Warren’s comments are to be considered “condescending,” what to say about the D leadership’s continued denial that Bernie Sanders is “electable?”


Biden calling Warren an elitist? That’s rich.


. . . and Hillarrogance-level hypocrisy.

The really sad thing is that he is no worse than anyone else in the inner circles of the Damnocratic Party.  I wonder what he’ll be saying about Clinton when she enters stage right to “rescue” the DNC from his and Buddy-Geek’s failing candidacies?  I mean, if Liz is an “elitist” then what the HELL is HILLIARY??


ByeDone continues to tumble in early state primary polling.
So, he might want to stay away from highlighting his ability to get things done, especially things like:

bankruptcy bill
tough on crack, easy on powder coke sentencing
creating the prison industrial complex and stocking it up
ending Glass-Steagel
welfare reform

Because let’s face it, Liz has a point about Uncle Joe running in the wrong primary.


I thought the same thing. When politicians like Joe “get things done”, it’s shit that none of us want.


Here’s another guy who’s earned little more than to be laughed off the next stage on which he should appear. O, wait! Sorry, wrong planet.


Joe, just STFU and go away.
You should have been permanently exiled from politics for helping Clarence Thomas get on SCOTUS.


Did you see Biden’s speech at the Iowa forum? He wandered around the stage babbling for 20 minutes with his back turned to the camera. Looked like Grandpa McCain.


Biden is so obviously full of cognitive dissonance. He was Obama’s VP and says he can get things done when that duo made no substantive changes in america during their 8 years in office. He might as well switch parties.


But it IS shit his donors want. And that’s a problem too


Freekin GOD of course!

They’re both elites, how that can be denied is beyond me. But, Joe Biden is uniquely vile and his record is absolutely atrocious. He sold out decades ago, and wants to prop up a deadly, corrupt and inequitable system. So, while I have no dog in this fight, I think Biden can shut the fuck up. If he cared about the country he wouldn’t run for president, if he had a soul he wouldn’t use his dead son to prop up a healthcare system that kills tens of thousands a year. But he lacks a soul, and anyone in his party that votes for him is just as bad as your average Trump supporter.


Remember when Ol’ Joe wanted Stacey Abrams as VP and to declare a pre-fusion primary ticket, of sorts? Team Biden/Abrams would roll through the Democratic primary. Yeah, right.** The woman was smart enough to say, " thanks, but no thanks. "
** In Abrams mind’s eye she must of conjured up the vision of being another smart young black woman. Pushing an old, fog-headed white guy around in a wheelchair, through the dark wooded halls in a big old white colonial-style house. OMG, the nightmares she’d be having right about now.
If Tennessee Williams, and Ava Du Vernay teamed up to make this movie, they’d have to call it something like A Streetcar Becomes A Train Wreck or The Middle of Nowhere, Again.


Yeah, that was weird, and it was good Abrams steered clear of it. Frankly, Biden feels like a time capsule to another time. I thought (hoped) he would have stumbled out of the race by now.


LOL Biden is such an elitist himself. Always looking down on anything that helps the regular people. Somehow all the wishes of his rich donors can be done easily. Lots of pull yourself up by the boot strap talk. Getting his son cushy jobs. Making excuses why nothing the Progressives want can be done. Deals across the isle with Republican racists of which he is so proud. I can not remember him calling any of his buddies in the Republican party elitist.

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One word: hypocrite.

Yea - he wears his family tragedies on his sleeve for everyone to see.

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