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Biden Already Facing Pressure to Tackle Backlog of 'Unfunded' Toxic Waste Sites Threatened by Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/28/biden-already-facing-pressure-tackle-backlog-unfunded-toxic-waste-sites-threatened

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These sites are a Clear And Present Danger to the Nation. Just take the money out of the War Budget. There is plenty in there


Environmental cleanup likely involves a global tender since that’s exactly the kind of jobs we’re quite possibly supposed to award to the lowest bidders SINCE WE’RE SO RICH,

and our system is jussst PERFECT.




i have seen the open pit copper mine in Butte, Montana in the picture above this article and it is one of the most hideous environmental disasters one could imagine!



Yes but how when both parties belong to the endless wars party?


All this optimism for “Hope and Change, The Sequel” is direly indicative of a honeymoon mentality

That will quickly prove divorced from reality.


Start taxing the corporations for toxic waste. Put it in a trust fund NOT to be touched by any other bureau, use it for clean-up when the company goes belly up. Tax accordingly. More toxins, more tax. Drive the really bad ones out of business before they begin producing toxins. The taxpayers, the lower 80%, pay for shit they never get any return for anyway.

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There are thousands of such places all over Earth. Look at Canada where tar-sands extraction have laid waste to areas bigger than Vermont state.


Yes and those plants started up around 1967. They did not really take off until the 1980s. Under the law they are supposed to “reclaim” the land returning it as close as possible to its original condition. Since that time , a period of over 50 years only 1 percent of the land is deemed “reclaimed”.

Here is the thing. Just as in the States and in places across the world the Corporations responsible for the toxic dumps rarely pay for the costs of cleanup. They need simply declare bankruptcy and evade all liability. meanwhile the shareholders received and more in returns on their investment.

Since they are “limited liability Corporations” the individual prospering off these dumps never sees the money they made on it touched.

This is how Capitalism operates by design. It can only work when they externalize costs. Virtually every Corporation on the Globe would be non profitable (particularly resource extraction companies) if they had to pay the full costs of their operations. This is why that thing they call “The Free market” an absolute crock.

Now when I first moved to Ft MacMurray as a teenager there was one Plant there. I used to go up to that site time to time and these tailing ponds were all over the place. Since that time the regions stripped and destroyed has increased by a factor of over 100. These tailings ponds are all over the place and are toxic and poison to the extreme. This landscape was described by Alexander McKenzie as some of the most beautiful land he had ever seen when he first encountered it while searching for the a passage to the Pacific.


While tapping into the war budget would be a start they also should go after the Corporations responsible and if those have all declared bankruptcy or have evaded paying for these cleanups through other such chicanery they should track back every individual who ever held shares in these firms and profited off the same and levy a tax against those individuals and or their estates.


All Corporations that run operations that can pose a risk to the Environment should have a special tax levied on them of 15 percent of profits per year. This is kept in a fund until that operation ceases to exist. Monies in this fund should then be used to clean the sites up first.


Corporations creating such sites should be brought to zero assets before a public dime is spent, and this should not delay the cleanup for a minute.


Because we let them do it.
We had a multi- year fight to deny a copper mine in Wisconsin. Grit isn’t enough though, it takes money to hire lawyers and such.

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True that
Just a suggestion

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Close all nuclear power plants operating on ocean front land. The oceans are rising and the storms are becoming more violent.


This was what 2016 was about: use of Trump to distract the top 10% of their pyramid? The Atlantic, MSNBC, CNN, NYT… WaPo declared all TRUTH to be Russian agitprop; as Bezos & friends bypassed FDR & went straight at Teddy Roosevelt as they monopolized Capitalism along with privatization of Murika®, cheered on by media & their fawning DNC™ LLC.

Obama’s election silenced: “minorities,” all women, liberals, youth, lefties, whistleblowers, journalists… but: FIRE, MIC, Oil & Gas, Agribusiness… Oligarchy just put their foot down?

Now, Biden/ Harris has to bail-out Frackistan and populate Cancer Valley with powerless victims? Global Warming favors Russia as well as Canada? Oligarchy is about to hit the kill switch on this, the last information source (as we’d experienced in 2016) as lefty blogs joined the blob, or were disappeared, black-listed, defamed or bought up whole?






Close nuclear power-stations that haven’t had a scheduled outage and INDEPENDENT 3rd party inspection, or are GE reactors, like those performing so poorly in Japan, or are in current tidal-surge threatened estuaries or simply upwind of cities, impossible to evacuate prior to detrimental exposure; sitting atop fracked or injection wells, likely fire-storm areas or affecting irrigation and potable water. Now, add ALL side-drilled, slick-water fracking, CLEAN coal… Basically: all the bullshit, green-washed oligarch owned boondoggles Biden/ Harris will now gavage us, to further enrich themselves and their sneering yuppie louts, as their complicit media and kleptocrats tell us, it’s all too late; only Gates, Bezos, Musk, Bloomberg’s Geo-engineering, GE monoculture, silly carbon sequestration scams can save us? Bail-out in 5… 4… 3…

First I’d heard of Hillary Rodham, was 1991, (TDI) a Swiss owned OH toxic waste incinerator I’d gotten OR’d at, with a celebrity in The West Wing. Her law firm pressing charges.

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IIRC from way back in my law firm days (secretary, not lawyer), corporate execs routinely had “hold harmless” indemnity clauses written into their employment/golden parachute contracts. LLCs, LLPs, literal licenses for corruption/predation/theft…

Joe -+his party need to act like it is a crisis, an unfolding catastrophe, that is happening, for that’s how it is, if one sees what the climate-science is saying.
Of course, undoing every one of what the Empty and Sociopathic waste-of-space Trump did is paramount - every one - and more!